Streaming for Entrants: Developer Streams

Our Media Panel, comprising of many names big and small, present the Hacking Contest in their own way during the week through streams and uploaded content.

However, in addition to this, this year we will be offering slots for entrants themselves to showcase their entries the way they want them shown off.

We know that on some occasions there have been issues with the Media Panel presentation regarding the set up of certain entries, and some things that were not shown that should've been. We will improve upon this this year, but we also want to give people another way of showing off their entries.

These Developer Stream slots will be on a first-come-first-serve basis and will be on a completely separate schedule to the Media Panel streams. The public can choose to watch a Developer stream or a Media Panel stream.

For anyone who misses a stream, should the entrant wish for it to be so, they will be archived on the site as well.

Developer Stream Code of Conduct

• Only the contest entrant can show off their own entry, unless they wish for someone else to do so in their place. The latter is primarily for issues such as a bad internet connection not being able to stream it themselves, but the entrant would still need to be on the stream in some capacity.

• Slots will generally only be an hour long, two at the most if the entrant has multiple entries. This should be more than enough time to show off an entry in the way you want to.

• There will be a booking form and you'll be able to choose your preferred day and time, however it is first-come-first-serve, and you will be offered an alternate if a slot is not available to you.

• There will be no overlapping of Developer streams, as they already overlap the main Media Panel streams. It will be up to the public on who they want to watch at which time, and we do not guarantee you will get as many viewers as you would prefer.

• Streams may only be presented on YouTube or Twitch, with details provided to the Sonic Hacking Contest staff so we can be host you on the site. This will be in the form of your video or channel URL depending.

• Following the stream you are welcome to provide a VOD link for archival purposes on the site.

• Streamers should only present the stream themselves or with other people who were involved in their entry. It is not a free-for-all just to have your friends on stream.

• Any possible participants in these streams must be stated in the booking form.

• We reserve the right to not allow certain participants on streams if they have caused previous issues with SHC content before, or are known to do so.

• It is the responsibility of the stream host to inform us if they cannot make the stream on that day or if they cannot make the booked stream. If there is space to offer an alternate slot this may be offered, but it not guaranteed.

• Streamers should test out their stream setup prior to booking a stream slot, and their entry must be prepared to show beforehand and not during the stream. This is to avoid wasting time as the slots has a limited time capacity.

• Only the SHC-submitted entry build should be shown on the stream. Whatever you have submitted to the site, for exposure of the public, is what you should show. Do not show off further updated content, as this could lead to disqualification of your entry.

• The stream slot is not a platform to discuss or disparage other entries or participants.

• The streams may not be used to influence any trophy voting or results.

• Any abuse of the streams will result in not being allowed to have one again next year, or potentially having your entry disqualified or being able to participate at all in the future.

• We are trying out Developer streams this year, however whether or not it returns next year will depend on the success of it during this contest.

Developer Stream booking will be available from the beginning of September