Sonic 06 Legacy of Solaris

By JotaroPowered

Sonic 06 Legacy of Solaris is back once again for SHC. Last year I received very useful feedback, and with that knowledge I've improved this mod greatly! Sonic 06 Legacy of Solaris has recieved various updates to the custom set files, as set tools have improved greatly. This project is now a prime example of the flexiblity available when modding Sonic 06.


Sonic 06 Legacy of Solaris aims to make a more "complete" version of Sonic 06 as it were. There's not only additional content for the main 3 hedgehogs, additional stages and mini stories have been added for each of the 9 characters, and many of the existing layouts and stages have been improved in some way. Additionally, animations have been added for characters when interacting with objects they do not interact with under normal gameplay circumstances.The character attributes have been balanced based on the feedback I received during Last Year's SHC. The mod by default now enables the following patches in order to greatly improve the gameplay experience, Enable Homing Spam, Enable Homing Flips, Homing Recovery Control, Increased Chaos Blast Range, Controllable Spinkick and Restore Rotation Interpolation. Please make sure you have the latest patches downloaded for the Sonic 06 Mod Manager, otherwise the mod will produce an error message.


Two types of extra stages have been added for the main 3 hedgehogs in Sonic 06, depending on the stage there will either be a new goal ring for the player to get to, or the player will be required to get to the goal ring within a certain amount of time. Additionally, on top of already having stages added, some of the amigo characters have additional missions added. In the case of Knuckles and Rouge extra missions, they now have treasure hunting stages akin to SA1 and SA2.


The lighting for kingdom valley has been greatly improved since the last year's SHC, the cubemaps have been fixed resulting in the mach speed section of Kingdom Valley looking far closer to it's e3 version.The skybox has been changed to be more accurate to the e3 demo.


Information on how to install the mod can found here,, as well as all those who helped contribute to make this mod what it is today.


If you are unable to run Xenia with DX12, the Sonic 06 Mod Manager can enable the Vulkan API on Xenia and the destructive renderer. The destructive renderer can be enabled through the tweaks tab in the Sonic 06 Mod Manager, Vulkan can be enabled on Xenia in the Sonic 06 Mod Manager's Emulator Tab by selecting rendering API, than selecting Vulkan from the API list.


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mobius_hero @ 2020-11-10 18:06:35

This is a really cool idea. I never finished 06 because it was just soo damn buggy. I might actually give it another go with this mod. Hope you guys keep at it.