The website will be moved over to the 2021 format when time permits, along with 2020 entries being added to The Vault, but for the time being please access this page for all the information!

Statement regarding Evaluations made by OrdosAlpha

By Spanner @ 2020-11-12 11:53:05

We understand people are upset over what has been written by OrdosAlpha for this year's Sonic Hacking Contest entry evaluations. What was written is the opinion of Ordos alone, and is not the opinion of every other SHC judge, but in the end reflects on the rest of us and the SHC as a whole.

Expressing an opinion is one thing, but what was written is unacceptable behaviour. This was not "being blunt", but being derrogatory for no reason. As a result the rest of us are looking at just who will be kept next year and who will be dropped. Ordos will be one of those dropped.

We will also take the opportunity to look into bringing in new faces for the 3D and Mania judging duties to better help with those entries in the future. It has been made clear that there is a lack of knowledge in regards to these entries, and this needs rectifying in order to judge and evaluate effectively.

We have tried over the last few years, and especially so this year, to portray this contest in a less amateur way than previous. Earlier contests were held in a more amateur way to those of later years, with the current community mentality of the time being clearly expressed in this. At time has gone on the community has grown up, and the SHC has had to grow up with it. It seems that some are still stuck in the past.

A lot of the good will we have been building up with the community at large has taken a hit from this, and we can only express our apologies that it has happened, and do better in next year's contest and beyond. We still hope to see you all next year and look forward to seeing what you all submit.

In regards to what is happening at SSRG as a whole right now, while this may be a knock-on from what is going on here with the evaluations, in no way is the SHC involved or do we condone what has happened or is being said. We have literally no control over that, and is the actions of Ordos alone.

New Domain Name -

By Spanner @ 2020-10-28 19:08:25

As Twitter is having issues with once again (and especially during the Contest Week) we have quickly moved to doing something we were looking at doing next year.

Provided that the DNS has refreshed where you are, you can now access the site using - if you are linking to any entries on Twitter please use that domain!

Both domains will work and we intend on retaining to avoid people coming across old links to a broken domain or something else entirely.

We are half-way through the Contest Week, please continue to play the entries, vote for the Community Trophies, and give us your feedback!

Contest Week Feedback Form Now Available

By Spanner @ 2020-10-27 13:50:16

We hope people have been having a good Contest Week so far. It is good to see that so far, people have been able to download the entries this year without any site troubles.

There's still plenty of time to download the entries, watch the streams and take part in the Community Trophies, but we are also looking for feedback to see what we can improve for next year's Contest.

Please click on the Feedback button at the top of the site to fill out the form.

Do note that we will keep the form available for a week or two after the Contest Week, but please fill in as much as you can when you are in a position to fill it in.

In addition to the standard questions we have, we also have a few new questions we are interested in seeing people answer them, to provide their opinion on a few things.

We will take all feedback into consideration as part of next year's Contest and Expo.

Also note one question we are looking to see when people would be wanting the Contest Week to be, so we can find a suitable date that won't conflict with particular events or time zone clock changes, as seen this year, which affected some streams.

Aaaand we're live!

By Cinossu @ 2020-10-26 02:09:47

Hey, it's that time again. We're finally live, and the Contest Week begins! All entries that were completed are now available for your public viewing, as well as votes in the case of the Contest itself!

As always, enjoy!

SHC2020 Trailer and List of Entries

By Spanner @ 2020-10-17 11:34:47

redhotsonic has done it again! Here's his trailer for this year's Contest Week!

Now that the Trailer is out, we can also say that the Quality Control has been completed for Contest and Expo entries.

Any Contest entries that have been determined to be more appropriate for the Expo, and those that have been rejected altogether, have been emailed as to the reasons why.

All of these will be able to be played from Monday 26th October to Sunday 1st November, with the Contest Entries being eligible for Community Trophy voting too.

(Read More)

Expo Submissions Deadline: Monday 5th October

By AURORA☆FIELDS @ 2020-10-01 14:07:55

This is your friendly reminder to get your updates done for the Expo! The final deadline for Expo entries is end of Monday 5th October!

If you've submitted to the Contest, double check your email in case we've tried to contact you. It seems like some people have not been responding to their emails.

Any Contest entries are set in stone and can no longer be edited. Thank you for all participants and anyone else just following the contest, we hope you all have a fun one~

So we had some server issues over Saturday night and Sunday morning, and due to it being the Contest deadline we're extending it for 24 hours.

The end of Monday 21st September is the new deadline.

(For those looking for an accurate time, due to time zones and such that'll most likely be something like 6-7am BST on Tuesday 22nd, ie. when Cinossu wakes up.)

This is a reminder that you have until the END of THIS SUNDAY (20th September) to submit to this year's Contest.

We have announced this since March, and the website has been open for submissions since August.

If you have anything good, that can meet the Quality Control Criteria, you can still submit.

By the way the upload limit has been increased, so if you have a huge upload for your contest entry (think 1GB+) you can now do it.

Remember, you do get an updates period which lasts until the end of Sunday 26th September.

Just ensure you have a fully playable build by the end of this Sunday, to progress to the next stage.

If you can't meet the Contest deadline, the Expo will still be available for your entries.

Nearing Contest Submission Deadline

By Spanner @ 2020-09-13 16:00:12

Okay, the good news is that the Twitter issue has been fixed, so hopefully this stays put for the duration of the contest.

The bad news is that we are approaching the one week mark before the first Contest deadline, so if you are still planning on entering for judging, read the following:

If you want to enter to the Contest, you MUST make an entry on the website, and ensure you have a playable build by the end of Sunday 20th September.

Again, you have one week to refine your entry and fix any issues you find, and this has to be submitted by the end of Sunday 27th September.

Please use this time well, as we will not accept any updates following this deadline. Test your entry thoroughly and fix any game breaking bugs before the deadlines, as Judges are NOT your beta testers.

Obviously those not entering the Contest (or those whose entries get rejected for said Contest for not meeting the criteria) will have until the end of Sunday 4th October to submit to the Expo.

I would like to remind everyone to follow the Quality Control Criteria and Submission Guidelines for entering to either section, this is not a free for all, and Judges ARE going through entries carefully to access their suitability.

We have had a fair amount of entries so far but unfortunately there have been some submitted who did not read the rules and will end up being rejected. The SHC is all about QUALITY nowadays, not QUANTITY.

Just a reminder to let us know if you have any issues with the site, so we can look into them.

Alternatively, if you have Discord, join our server and report them in the dedicated channel.

Also check your spam folder for any emails as some providers like to put those in there.

Please ensure your entry fits the Quality Control Criteria, or your entry will either be moved to the Expo, or if not fit for the Expo, will be rejected following the exhaustion of all deadlines!

We have seen a fair amount of decent entries so far. But on the other hand, we have seen a small amount of entries that so far, are very likely to end up in the shredder.

A reminder of what we are NOT wanting this year:

❌ Simple texture only hacks.

❌ Simple object layout modifications.

❌ Model swaps of existing game models. (UNLESS process is technical - there will be no repeat of 2019 this year)

The Expo is NOT a free-for-all to show off whatever you've made. If you cannot meet the criteria in time for the deadlines, we advise waiting for next year's Contest and Expo.

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions, please put them in the thread, or contact us on the SHC Discord.

Welcome to the Sonic Hacking Contest 2020

By Cinossu @ 2020-08-24 12:29:45

Welcome, one and all, to the Sonic Hacking Contest 2020!

It's taken a little while to get back here this time due to some fun server and software issues but here we are now, ready for yet another year of the hacking contest. You all know the drill by now, so I won't bore you with tiresome details. All of your accounts from last time are still here so you should still all be able to log in without issue. If you're new here all you need to do is register for an account. It is currently still separate from your Sonic Retro or SSRG forum accounts, but we're working on that.

As before you can have as many entries into the Contest or the Expo as you want so go nuts! (While adhering to the rules and guidelines, of course!)

So.. yeah, that's it for this post. I'm sure Spanner will have more to say than me here, so I'll leave it at that. Once again, welcome!