For full details, please here to find out the winners of this year's Contest.

Congratulations to all our winners and participants of this year's Sonic Hacking Contest!

Courtesy of Danny Lee Dawber, we have a Media Panel playlist of the Contest Week's streams and uploaded content - please click here to access - please note this may not contain some Twitch VODs as they have not yet been uploaded to YouTube.

The Sonic Hacking Contest will return in 2023.

Until next time - Ready, Set, Procrastinate!!

Thank you for a great contest week so far!

By Spanner @ 2022-10-13 21:20:30

Here is a reminder that you must submit your Community Trophy voting by the end of Saturday 15th October - the results will be on Sunday 16th.

And please fill out our feedback form too.


By Cinossu @ 2022-10-10 01:05:45

Hey, guess what. SHC2022 is now live!

Go play. Go vote. Go nuts.

Reminder of the Expo Deadline

By Spanner @ 2022-09-24 08:43:50

A few days remain, here is your reminder to submit your Expo entry and mark it as COMPLETE if you want to showcase it to the biggest audience of the year for Sonic hacks and mods.

You have until the end of this Sunday 25th September to submit. Entries will be announced after the quality control has been completed.

Remember, Expo entries are NOT ELIGIBLE for trophies, either from Judged or Community.

Entries MAY be played by streamers, but there is NO GUARANTEE they can show EVERY SHC entry.

All hacks and mods that meet our Quality Control Criteria are eligible to submit. And don't forget about those trailer clips too!

Contest Deadline Expired

By Spanner @ 2022-09-05 05:57:39

The deadline has EXPIRED for Contest submissions. Updates to Contest submissions are being accepted until the end of Sunday 11th September.

You can still submit to the non-judged Expo on this website, along with trailer clips, until the end of Sunday 25th September.

Judges are checking entries for quality control purposes and entries that are Expo material, or unsuitable for either, will be emailed as to their status.

SHC2022 Updates and Changes

By Spanner @ 2022-08-12 19:32:09

We are now LIVE and ready to take your submissions to this year's Hacking Contest and Expo.

Please submit your entries on and refer to the rules on how to submit, the quality control and of course, how to submit to this year's trailer.

Anyone especially submitting 2DPC entries (+ S3 AIR), please check to see if your entry is eligible for the Contest or Expo.

On the website, we have added some highly requested features in the forms of One Click Installs for most mod loaders for quick and easy playing as well as multiple upload support which can also be limited to Media Panel and / or Judges to allow for exclusive uploads such as save files so your entry can be played to your requests.

This should address a few issues identified on previous contest weeks, however we hope to add a few more features as well to the site, which will be ready for the Contest Week, and much more.

The Splash Screens have also been updated for this year, although the RSDK screens are awaiting an update, so please bear with us whilst we implement this. We also have a Splash Screen ready for Sonic 3 A.I.R mods too.

EDIT: We have made an amendment to the rules regarding Copyright & Intellectual Property when it comes to requiring external assets from other games.

If anyone has any issue with trying to submit, or have any questions, do let us know by visiting the SHC Discord.

Welcome to the Sonic Hacking Contest 2022!

By Cinossu @ 2022-08-12 11:08:10

Welcome, one and all, to the Sonic Hacking Contest 2022!

So it's time for the Sonic Hacking Contest once again. Welcome!

I'll let Spanner say more, but for information on updates and changes since the last year please take a look around the various Information pages. They should have everything relevant, however as always you can contact any of the SHC staff on Discord for more help or information.

I look forward, as all years, to seeing just what everyone comes up with for both the Contest and Expo. Enjoy!