Quality Control

In the Sonic Hacking Contest we take quality control very seriously, but try to be inclusive enough to potential contest participants by not setting the bar too high.

For Contest entries the quality control is pretty strict, while for the Expo entries we are a bit more lenient. As a general rule of thumb, we use the following measurements to decide whether an entry is of sufficient quality for the Contest.

Retro & 2D PC Entries

Must have at least 3 of the following:

A. Palette changes, physics changes and other various minor modifications.
B. Art changes, layout changes and/or mapping changes.
C. Engine, sound driver and/or special stage functionality changes.
D. Music and sound effect modifications.

3D Entries

Simple texture only hacks.
Simple object layout modifications.
Model swaps of existing game models, unless the process is technical.
Collections of custom models, assets, objects.
Custom levels and/or playable stages of acceptable quality.
Custom game logic/code written in assembly or existing game logic hooked using arbitrary programming language (C/C++/C#/D etc.)
Modification(s) that change features in the playable game itself.

All Entries

Alternatively if your entry meets any of the following criteria (regardless of entry type), it is sufficient to enter the Contest.

Pick at least 1 of the following:

A. Complete change to the rules of a Sonic game. (Example(s): Sonic Bash v2, Boss Rush Hacks, Knuckles Emerald Hunt)
B. Overhaul into a whole new game. (Example(s): Sonic Scorched Quest, Sonic Virtual Adventure)
C. Technical feat(s). (MarkeyJester's Mode 7 Mega Drive experiments, Lantern Engine, Sonic 4 in 1, etc.)

Can't meet the criteria?

Take some time, look at what you are missing or need to work on and come back in next year with an even better hack than your current one.

Unsure if your entry meets the standards?

Ask a judge or a member of the Hacking Contest staff. If it happens to be the case you already have submitted your entry, do not be concerned. We will tell you if we believe the entry does meet the given standards.