Labyrinth Zone EX

By TheInvisibleSun

"Welcome to Labyrinth Zone!"

"....wait, wait! Don't leave just yet! It's a bit different than you might be used to. Changing from the standard Labyrinth Zone you know and love hate, we've upgraded things here for a smoother aquatic experience! Feel free to look around and explore the underground caverns of South Island to your heart's content. Ignore any rumours you've heard about flooding, magic rings, weird floating water, caterkillers, etc., as we've since been using the latest Anti-Dick-Move Technology to bring you a safe, drown-free Labyrinth Zone. Please try not to get lost in the caves, and avoid pressing any random conspicuous buttons. Unless your name is Sonic the Hedgehog. You have been warned. Enjoy your stay at our new and improved Labyrinth Zone!"


Labyrinth Zone EX is a ROM hack of the original Sonic the Hedgehog that includes a variety of new ways to play Labyrinth Zone. It features all four stages, a new hub area to choose which variant you want to play, a secret zone, and an alternate mode to mix things up a bit.


This demo includes:

  • A new hub area
  • Four different water gameplay 'styles'
  • Two gameplay modes
  • A hidden zone to discover.
  • A new music track
  • Minor layout modifications
  • Some general quality of life improvements to the water physics, and bug fixes.

Planned Features:

  • Signage in the Hubs
  • More environmental effects and tweaked badniks
  • More and more water gimmick 'styles', and an expanded HUB area
  • More secret levels, bonuses
  • A relevant final boss
  • Random Mode

Thanks for Playing! And sorry in advance for developing a hack exclusively made of Sonic 1 water levels.


  • Gardeguey - The PalLoad_Loop routine
  • MarkeyJester - Deformation coding assistance
  • King of Harts - Sonic Triad
  • MainMemory - Inspiration, SonLVL
  • King Meteor/Monster Iestyn - TTGF midi
  • Oerg - That rather large instrument pack you released forever ago
  • Positive Josh and The Geek Critique
  • ValleyBell

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Jdpense @ 2020-10-26 19:01:46

I didn't really enjoy this that much to be honest with you. Playing through stock vanilla LZ with the changes either I didn't feel like they added too much substance, or I felt they made the level more frustrating to playthrough. Also I think the hub world can use some signs so then I know which mode I'm trying out. But I thought the LZ water flipped looked kinda cool.

TheInvisibleSun @ 2020-10-28 19:02:38

Thanks for the comment! I hope you tried all the variants; by their nature, some of them are meant to be a bit more 'frustrating' or 'odd', and that is kind of the point.

TheInvisibleSun @ 2020-10-28 19:02:47

In terms of lacking 'substance', some of them admittedly don't change the level very strongly, so I implemented the alternate mode to mix things up a bit, via switch. Regarding the signs in the hub, I wanted to add something like that, but as mentioned in the description, I ran out of time! Some of them were also meant to be a bit more 'extreme', but that is another feature to be added someday. Thanks for the feedback, and thanks again for playing!

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TheRockingBlurr @ 2020-10-29 08:08:56

I gotta say I love when hacks play around with gameplay mechanics like this! Makes ya wonder how many different gameplay styles you can make for a single level/zone. Looking forward to the planned features in eventual releases!