Sonic Mania: Boss Rush+

By Apollyon

Can't get enough of Sonic Mania's boss fights? Want an extra challenge to spice up your next playthrough? Introducing Boss Rush+, a new experience for Sonic Mania that focuses on one aspect: the bosses!

  • Fight the bosses back to back in the order of which they appear!
  • Act transitions have been removed to make things more streamlined. No more falling into pits randomly after clearing each level!
  • See your score and time at the end of the campaign to see how long it took you to get there. Go for a world record!
  • Introducing Maniac Mode! No more rings and no more checkpoints! Can you survive the grueling onslaught?
  • Compatible with Plus and Non-Plus versions of the game!


Q. I don't own Sonic Mania Plus. Can I still play this mod?

A. Seriously? Were you not paying attention just now? Like I said, the mod is fully playable regardless of whether or not you own the Plus DLC. You can access Normal and Maniac mode just fine.

Q. I bought the Origin version of the game. What about that?

A. That unfortunately is not compatible with Boss Rush+. That version runs off of a different update than the regular steam release.

Q. You fucked something up!/I'd like to report a bug!

A. Whoops! You can always report bugs to me in this thread or @Apollyon#1410 on Discord.


  • Codenamegamma: Disable Cutscenes.dll
  • Cinossu: Created the original tiles for Sonic @ Sage 2010 that I maniafied for this project.
  • BPM, Lazuli, Toyboy, and Ggyas: Playtesting
  • PlasticWizard: monky

File Type: 7z

File Size: 5.35 MB

TheRockingBlurr @ 2020-10-29 10:50:39

As a sucker for boss rushes this mod pleases me greatlyyy, the removal of most act/zone transitions and replacing most level-specific visual assets with virtual simulation-looking assets makes the whole run feel more streamlined and unified despite still being separate levels. Yay for not mandatorily falling to my death between acts!

EPICTAILS @ 2020-10-29 16:17:58

I love this mod!