Nozomi Mania

By YumeGipsu

A character mod for Sonic Mania (Plus) that adds Smol Nozomi to the game! (Replaces Tails).

Grand Dad's trusty sidekick has taken a break from idol activities to put a stop to Dr. Robotnik's evil plot. Use her twintails to fly through the air!

In addition to the playable character, several UI elements and sound efffects have been modified to fit the Smol Nozomi Theme, among other small tweaks.

Smol Nozomi character is by Triple-Q, based on Nozomi Toujou from the Love Live! series.

Original Nozomi sprites are by Dead Line (@DeddoRain). 3D Model in the special stages was done by Vince94 (@vince94_1). Several animations have been improvised with what was available (With contributions from Dead Line and Cameron (@RukaSupremacy)). Enjoy!


File Type: 7z

File Size: 2.44 MB

YumeGipsu @ 2020-10-26 17:35:43

Since it wasn't entirely clear by the media notes, I recommend playing the Metal Sonic fight in SS2 with Smol Nozomi. It has a complete sprite swap.