Knuckles' Emerald Hunt Mania

By Bluestreak

Welcome to Knuckles Emerald Hunt Mania!

In this mod, you are going to have to explore the level to find 3 emeralds to finish the act.The timer is also disabled, so you don't have to worry about how long you take.You're also forced to play as Knuckles. No one else.

Pressing "P" on a keyboard or "SELECT" on a controller will teleport you back to the level start position.

Emerald placement uses seed-based randomization. Watch CodenameGamma's video on how it works to find out more. (

The original hack had music options, so three alternative music DLC packs are available!

If you don't understand how to play, please watch the demo video.

These acts can not be played due to technical reasons:






(PGZ1 will break everything because the "Emeralds" are actually Press Garden Door Triggers! MSZ1 won't work because you're on a plane. TMZ2 would be too long an confusing for an emerald hunt, and TMZ3 and ERZ are just bossfights so no.)

Have fun treasure hunting!

Remember to disable the codes this mod applies in the mod loader afterwards, otherwise you'll be stuck playing as Knuckles!

The original creator (@MainMemory_ on Twitter) of Knuckles Emerald Hunt approves of this mod.

Coding was done by CodenameGamma. (@Codenamegamma on Twitter)

GameBanana Page:

Sonic Fan Games HQ Page:


File Type: rom/zip

File Size: 168.84 MB

Eythan @ 2020-12-12 23:35:29

The mod crashes when start a level?! whats goin on..

TheNewGuyq @ 2021-04-23 10:44:44

Only mania plus

MilesWithTails @ 2023-10-22 10:12:32

So, is it working with online co-op mod(Multimania2)?