Sonic Visual Maze (Revised)

By Joshwoakes

Main Introduction:

Sonic Visual Maze (Originally named "Sonic 1: Tec Level") is a rom hack of sonic 1 that replaces the normal zones with a completely custom zone called "Tec Level". The new zone it's self is a maze based level that is inspired by Jester's Challenge and LSD Is Bad. To which is split across to 2 Acts which are referred to as Parts 1 and 2.

Additional Info:

Unlike with Jester's Challenge and LSD is bad, this hack uses a save feature (SRAM). This so you can save your progress at any given point by pausing the game and selecting the "SAVEPOINT" option on the pause menu. The game will also automatically save on special events and when you hit a check point. Please note: that if you see an "SRAM ERROR" message appearing in the top right corner of the screen, it means there is a problem with the save feature (SRAM). you can attempt to fix it by holding down "A" and "B" before the music select screen appears on load up to reset SRAM, you may also want to verify SRAM support is enabled/available (Please note: on BlastEm you will need to do this atleast once when you first load up the rom. Also please keep in mind that not all emulators have SRAM support). You can also change the music or disable it at any given point in the game while the game is paused by using the "MUSIC SELECT" option on the pause menu.

Please note: althrough it maybe possible to get this hack to run on real hardware, you may lose access to SRAM and If you do get it running on real hardware I strongly recommend using the "SMPS MUSIC" soundtrack option unless you don't mind broken or rough sounding PCM Audio.

Changes in this revised version are:

  1. Added a "warning screen" on load up (This was missing from the original release).
  2. Changed some of the visual effects.
  3. Altered level layouts, so that they are different from the original release.
  4. Made some changes to the "SMPS" Soundtrack and replaced one PCM track in the PCM Soundtrack. As well as improved quality of another one of the PCM tracks.
  5. Fixed various typos and a few other issues.
  6. Added "Revised" text to the title screen.
  7. Rings and Monitors now respawn.


Credit goes to the people who created the tools and the disassembly that was used to create this hack, as well any pre-made assets and/or music found and used in the hack. Also credit goes to people who made the guides on sonic retro that I used while creating this hack. Not to mention the obvious fact that credits also go to Sega and Sonic Team as they are the ones that created the original Sonic The Hedgehog game.


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File Size: 2.56 MB

Jdpense @ 2020-10-28 12:57:43

I love the presentation on this one with the PCM music and cycling palettes! Although, I was a bit confused with the existence of the checkpoints if the SRAM already saves where you are located.

Joshwoakes @ 2020-10-28 16:02:21

SRAM stores your location for when you reload the hack or when you want to continue on from you left off later. The checkpoints save your location in ram (like it normally does) and then saves it to sram. The "Savepoint" function does the same thing as well as it's basically a check point on domand.

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