Unoriginal Flappy Bird Clone


Unoriginal Flappy Bird Clone.

By the name alone you probably know what to expect already but I'm gonna give it a quick rundown and some details on the technical aspects of the mod.

UFBC is a Sonic Mania mod I've made for the lolz but ended up working more and more on it to experiment with modding.

  • The gameplay is exactly what it sounds like, a Flappy Bird clone.
  • The mod is a complete overhaul of Sonic Mania, pretty much nothing is kept other than the "UIPicture" objects and the way Mania works for changing animations/sprites/scenes/functions.
  • The collision system is custom made (using a wrapper made by SuperSonic16).
  • While playing, the game cycles through 4 tracks (once one is over it goes to another one, sometimes you may have the same twice in a row tho).
  • I originally thought having the same BG all the time would be boring but couldn't do too much about it (parallax and all), so I decided to implement a "day & night cycle" that goes on with your score over time.
  • Some basic options settings are available. (On/Off toggles for Music, SFX and Screen filter)
  • - Saves/Loads your current high score in HighScore.bin. (to keep track of it when opening the game again)

But the part I had the most fun with : the fully fledged in-game palette editor.

Yeah, a palette editor for your bird! (Don't ask, I don't remember why I did this)

  • - While selecting a color slot, you can press A/Accept button to enter Copy Mode and press A again on other slots to paste the said copied color. (Press B/Back button or down to cancel Copy Mode)
  • - The sliders should be self explanatory: hold left/right to change their values, however, you can also hold the A/Accept button and tap left/right to increase the value by 1.
  • - You can save your custom palette (9 slots available, all of them also have a different color palette by default), in case you wanna load it again next time you're playing the game.

(Keep in mind you don't have to save your current palette to use it immediatly, you can just edit your palette and then go back and play the game normally.)

=== Credits ===

Main Devs :

  • LJSTAR: Main developper, editing the scene files, pixelarts and, obviously, programming.
  • SuperSonic16: Helping me with the code. (Teaching me about some functions and all)

Special Thanks :

  • Skyth & Sajid: With code / optimization tips and help.
  • Static: Sketches of the logo and illustration used on the title screen.
  • RubberDuckyCooly: Big help with RE Mania's functions.
  • Winterhell: Answers on some programming related questions I had.
  • DarkVampireDee: Editing the background to be in several "layers". (used for parallax)
  • ManiaAPI

-- Music used --

  • Title Screen : Oceana - Crabby Beach (Ape Escape)
  • Palette editor : Aerial Board (Tales of Eternia)
  • Gameplay : First Steps, The Magician's Challenge, Harmony and Blazing Brass (all from Rayman 1)

-- Graphics used --

Gameplay and Palette Editor background are from "Sutte Hakkun"(SNES).


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Geeovanni @ 2020-10-31 14:06:33

If I were to show this to someone, said someone would not believe this was a Mania mod. With how much of the game has been changed, I'm more keen of calling this "a Flappy Bird clone made on the Retro Engine", rather than a Sonic Mania mod. And as far as Flappy Bird clones go, this is a really good one. Good job!