DOOM in Sonic Mania

By TheStoneBanana


Stroll through the lucious scenery of green hills and mow down hordes of bloodthristy hell-spawn all in one package. This is it! The televisions of Studiopolis provide a gateway into the heart pounding story of one space marine's quest to rid the world of hell's worst nightmares. Take control of 'Doomguy' to fight your way through and save humanity from certain evisceration. Oh, and you can play Sonic Mania too. Comes bundled with DOOM's iconic first episode "KNEE-DEEP IN THE DEAD".

Compatible with DOOM, DOOM II, THE ULTIMATE DOOM, FINAL DOOM, CHEX QUEST, and user content based on all of the preceding titles.


As the installation floppies state, playing the "DOOM in Sonic Mania" mod is as simple as extracting the provided .ZIP file and selecting the mod from the Sonic Mania Mod Loader. Due to the extent of the modifications, you should run the mod by itself for ensured stability. It may be compatible with other Mania mods, but that's not a guarantee as some changes may overlap and cause conflicts.

Your favorite DOOM user content goes into the "wads" folder in the mod's root. Included in this package is a custom, Sonic player WAD for you to play as a bonus! Please note that, as with vanilla DOOM, user content will not work with the provided shareware copy of the game. You must use a registered copy of the game. Them's the rules.


  • Up - Move forward
  • Down - Move backwards
  • Left - Turn/strafe left
  • Right - Turn/strafe right
  • A - Use weapon
  • B - Strafe toggle
  • X - Run
  • Y - Use item
  • B and Y held, Up pressed - Cycle weapon up
  • B and Y held, Down pressed - Cycle weapon down
  • Start - Pause/open menu


  • TheStoneBanana - Mod programming, Mania reverse-engineer work
  • RedTalonZ64 - TheStoneBanana's motivator and partner in crime
  • SS16, CodenameGamma, Rubberduckycooly - Mania API header authors, Mania reverse-engineer work
  • Rubberduckycooly, LJSTAR, CodenameGamma - Mania modding consultation and advice
  • Arrietty - Sonic player WAD (MANIADOOM.WAD)
  • Rubberduckycooly, AChickMcNuggie, Lilac, Plastic Wizard, ggya, Joe Weigman Video - Play testing
  • Brandon Blume - Roland SC-55 hardware music recordings
  • Simon Howard, Fabian Greffrath, James Haley, Samuel Villarreal, and all other current contributors to the Chocolate DOOM sourceport project
  • Fabian Sanglard - Author of the DOOM Game Engine Black Book, a vital resource for understanding some core parts of the engine
  • id Software - The masters of DOOM
  • ...and you! Yes, you! :)


See COPYING.TXT in the included .ZIP file for more information. Source code is available at


File Type: rom/zip

File Size: 86 MB

TheNoobster @ 2020-10-26 18:20:25

Holy shit this is amazing. The looking, especially when holding fire, is a bit screwy, being the DOOM player I am. But hey, this is DOOM in Sonic Mania.

hubanovbgn @ 2020-12-29 12:32:43

Now that's something new! Amazing job!

JustAGachaFagWhoLikesSonic @ 2021-02-17 18:45:19

Holy Jesus