Sonic Halloween

By CamManS5

Eggman has been possessed and turned into Devil Eggman and has cursed South Island. Find the Chaos Pumpkins and undo the curse.

This hack features art and music edits, new level gimmicks, and boss edits. Since 2015 I released a new build each year for Halloween. This however will be the last yearly build. While there are still changes and improvements that can be made, I am ready to move on with other projects.

Since the last time this was entered into the contest I have made more changes to the art, updated some of the music, added new level gimmicks, adjusted a couple of the bosses, and fixed several bugs.



MegaPCM ~ Vladikcomper

Advanced Error Handler and Debugger ~ Vladikcomper

Optimised Scroll routine for Labyrinth Zone ~ MarkeyJester

Corrected Sonic 1 PAL Music Tempo ~ Crash

~Sounds and Music~

Optimised Sound Effects ~ MarkeyJester

Mystic Cave Zone port from Clone Driver v1 ~ Tweaker / Puto

~Special Thanks~



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Eeveelover64 @ 2020-10-26 06:40:31

This hack is AMAZING! I love the art in the levels/enemies, the new gimmicks and the music, it encapsulates everything that is halloween-ish and horror like, and i like that it has 3 different music tracks, depending on which ending you get . my favorite track in this hack is nightmare egg zone. Hopefully in the future, we see more stuff like this, like (a proper) sonic 1 Christmas edition.

Dima_Cool @ 2020-10-28 13:30:47

I didn't expect to see a new version. I really liked it. Thanks.

Jdpense @ 2020-10-28 22:24:37

I remembered playing this one a while back and liking it, and I love this version as well! I really like the extra gimmicks added in this one for each level and the bosses! I wasn't a big fan of the final boss though, since it was the same boss from the orignal game but faster.

TheRockingBlurr @ 2020-10-29 10:52:16

There's a good number of visual improvements over previous versions and the music choices are great and SOUND great. Really fun experience, and fitting for the season!

TheRockingBlurr @ 2020-11-02 12:40:01

Forgot to mention that I loveeee the stage-specific gimmicks, they're a fantastic addition and quite the feat on their own!

mr_rubbaduck @ 2020-10-31 01:27:11

This is without a doubt the best Seasonal/Holiday Sonic hack, and as a horror hack it ranks up there with the greatest as well.

Geeovanni @ 2020-10-31 07:11:26

I watched this hack grow into what it is today. It has improved so much, and, to my surprise, it is one of the best hacks in the contest this year. It has a lot to bring to the table, with its detailed art edits, new per zone gimmicks and alternative endings.

This is the definitive halloween hack of Sonic 1, and I highly recommend you give this a try.

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