Dead Line - Sonic Lost World

By AnotherBlob

A Sonic Lost World custom stage based on Sonic Rush's 7th zone. This level replaces Windy Hill Zone 1 and is designed to be a streamlined Sonic-y expierence, with speed being a key focus. It basically teaches you how to play Sonic Lost World the fun way, using the spindash and sideways wallrunning to your advantage. Use shortcuts and find clever, stylish ways to play through the stage faster by replaying it. Or explore and find 5 red rings.

...I also somewhat rushed this level out to the deadline, isn't that kinda funny?

Sources used:

  • Sonic Rush's What U Need song from both CD and in-game variants
  • Level geometry textures traced, partially taken or inspired by the original level's tiles
  • Sonic Forces' dashring soundeffect (because HD versions of Sonic Lost World don't have normal dashrings)
  • Textures.Com's wood and metal textures for the safety roadblock at the start of the level
  • The "Yantramanav" font by Erin McLaughlin from Google Fonts, used for text on signs
  • NASA's Blue Marble (West) image

File Type: 7z

File Size: 13.57 MB

AnotherBlob @ 2020-10-26 09:45:43

This mod doesn't play the dashring sound if you play it with Japanese, German, Italian, French or Spanish voices because of how I made it work. If you want to play it correctly with Japanese, German, Italian, French or Spanish voices, make a copy of voice_announce_stream_e.acb and voice_announce_stream_e_streamfiles.awb within my mod and replace the e with j, g, i, f or s respectively. I'm sorry, I didn't think of that scenario...

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