Sonic Remixed Adventure

By Dreamcast Team

Sonic Remixed Adventure (Shortened as Sonic Remixed) is a work-in-progress extensive modification of Sonic Mania, an all-new 2D Adventure with the purpose of making a love letter to the Sonic Adventure titles with a 2D Classic approach. featuring new stages, and a full rework of art and sound

This demo features:

  • Emerald Coast from Sonic Adventure
  • Final Rush from Sonic Adventure 2
  • 5 Blue Sphere Stages

Note: This is a demo of a full project, we expect to add a lot more content in the future, while it is subject to change and improvement


  • Original Modern Sonic by HORTINUS & MOTOROACH
  • Life icons made by LJSTAR
  • Final Rush Background inspired by MarkeyJester "Gust Planet"
  • Title Screen Music: "Live & Learn" (Cover by NateWantsToBattle)


  • Game Modding: Puyo&SonicFan
  • Stage Designer & Game Modding: The Vagabond
  • Lead Pixel Artist: Sytian Ivanov (Sy)

Pixel Art Team:

  • Snoc Boy
  • Cyb_er
  • Robert Banblack
  • Concept Art:Yeiko Art
  • Aditional Art/Concept Art: XG
  • 3D Modeling: Kevin3904

​​​​​ Help/Feedback:

  • Troopsushi
  • Bennascar
  • Darky2005
  • Samey the Hedgei
  • KiYou72

File Type: rom/rar

File Size: 55.85 MB

TheRockingBlurr @ 2020-10-29 12:11:01

LOVE the amount of effort put into adapting the two original stages from 3D to 2D, as well as the use of sound effects from the Adventure games. Hope to see more in the future!

TehMonkeyB @ 2020-10-29 14:45:45

I made somthing and it has to do with the 3D modern sonic model.... all i did was make a data folder and then meshes then special then put the special stage 3D modern sonic models and thenthe mod.ini and then when i went in the game to test it and IT WORKED i managed to get a modern sonic model working! and im not gonna put it on gamebanana cause that will be stealing but i just wanted to let you know!

Kariokartknex @ 2020-11-28 12:00:00

Somehow I can't download it

Davy_kamado @ 2023-10-13 08:35:20

Can I use some sprites for my sonic 3 air mod?, credits will be gived

Davy_kamado @ 2023-10-13 08:36:39

Comment deleted by Davy_kamado @ 2023-10-13 08:36:52