Motobug in Sonic Mania

By PaisanoJay

~ Motobug in Sonic Mania ~

About/Credits:Motobug in Sonic Mania (MiSM) is a modification on the game Sonic Mania released on 2017 which lets the player control a playable Motobug from a well known Sonic 1991 ROM Hack called Motobug in Sonic the Hedgehog. According to Sonic Retro, Polygon Jim was a former member, Though on May 18, 2013, It was announced that he died in a car accident. Sonic Mania paid homage to Jim through Heavy Rider's pet Motobug 'Jimmy'.

Gameplay/Changes: MiSM has several changes to gameplay and such! Controlling Motobug is far different than Sonic, or even a lot of momentum based platformers, Motobug walks in a much slower pace much like Wario in the early Wario Land games. Motobug is basically for experts on mania's level design, making you think differently while you know the layout. There is some changes to the level design, but it's only to not softlock Motobug where he can't progress.Much other things are changed too, mostly visual stuff like stage objects. A lot of references to PolygonJim's legacy are all on this mod!

Even if Sonic Mania has made the best homage to PolygonJim, I thought it would be nice to recreate the hack in the whole game itself! I made this mod with the maximum skills I could put to the test, even going as far as to (almost) recreating the original gameplay!

I am not the only one creditable for this though,

  • Troopsushi - Helped with a handful of sprites such as the Character Select Icon.
  • Orbyy/DiscordOrbinaut & Ultimate/Oblivion - Lended a hand with 3D Models and sprites.
  • Retro Engine Modding Server - Supported the projects bugs and critisisms.
  • CodeNameGamma - Made 'StandingJump.dll' and fixed several bugs with Motobug.
  • PolygonJim/Cody Lawrence - Thank you so much Jim for making the original hack that started it all! Godspeed Jim, Godspeed.

Need some knowledge on how Sonic Mania's level design works, best for speedrunners/intermediates. Chibi Motobug cannot attack with his standard jump! Roll + Jump or Spindash to attack instead!


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