Sonic Forces Re-imagined Demo

By brandonj

Sonic Forces Re-imagined is a mod that aims to eventually "remix" the entirety of Forces by adding in new paths and sections along with revamped object placement to each stage in order to make them longer, more challenging, and more engaging.

This demo features three stages: Guardian Rock, Network Terminal, and Iron Fortress. All 3 of the stages feature:

  • - Brand-new paths and sections featuring custom terrain and object placement
  • - Heavily revamped object layouts for the original sections in order to make them more challenging without being unfair
  • - Changed placements for all Red Star Rings, Number Rings, and Moon Rings

While the stages are designed with the goal of being able to work well with the base physics in Forces, the Classic Sonic Improvement mod physics changes are included as a seperate mod for people that find the default controls difficult to work with.


  • - Skyth for Sfpac, HedgeEdit object templates, 010 Editor RFL templates, TagTools and Forces spline maxscripts
  • - Radfordhound for HedgeEdit
  • - DarioFF for HedgehogConverter and HavokConverter
  • - codenamegamma and SuperSonic16 for the Forces Freecam mod (used for all of the screenshots on this page)
  • - The Duck Dealer and Mikester Paltoes for playtesting and level design feedback
  • - Showin for the included physics adjustments

As a side note one fairly common bug with Forces mods in general is that certain sound effects (grinding, autorun, etc.) will randomly become extremely loud after starting the game; if this happens just close the game out and restart and the issue should resolve itself.


File Type: 7z

File Size: 392.15 MB