Bob-omb Battlefield in SADX

By Rarefoil

Bob-omb Battlefield in Sonic Adventure DX (aka Super Mario 64 in Sonic Adventure DX Pre-Pre-Alpha)


Unzip the "SM64inSADX" folder and copy it into the "mods" directory of your Sonic Adventure DX folder. Then run SADX Mod Manager and select the "SM64inSADX" mod on the list. Click "Save" then click "Save & Play".

Recommended mods for use while playing:

Input Mod by SonicFreak94 *

Onion Skin Blur by SonicFreak94

Lantern Engine by x-hax *

Camera Code Error Fix by VeritasDL & SonicFreak94

Dreamcast Characters Pack by ItsEasyActually (for asthetic purposes)

* Required.


This is a level replacement of Emerald Coast 1 with Bob-omb Battlefield, using the SADXLVL2 level editor included with SA Tools. The level object layout for Sonic is around 75-80% complete, and the lighting settings are mostly complete. It is possible to complete the stage now and get a time, as well as complete both Mission B and A (The stage only has around 60 rings however, so Mission B is a little strenous). All other characters technically have a starting position, but they either do not have an object layout or their object layouts are completely unoptomized for their character. Knuckles does have proper DIgging and Climbing flags however.

The intention of this was to show what could be done with SADXLVL2 by a regular someone with more or less zero coding knowledge, as a way of evaluating the tool's versatility. This is half the reason Bob-omb Battlefield was picked to be ported into the game; it's the same reason why when a game has a 2D level editor, World 1-1 is made, and when a FPS get a map editor, E1M1 is recreated. The most basic and classic first level of the genre's defining game, chosen to test how well the editor and game is at replicating its feel.

Everything done with this mod was made with the programs provided with SA Tools (Project Manger, SADXTweaker2, SAMDL, Texture Editor and SADXLVL2), the only exception being the .dll file basically made by MainMemory and PkR, and all it does, if I recall correctly, is make the destructable boxes fullbright instead of shaded. And (according to MainMemory) I could have used SAMDL to accomplish the same thing. So, if I can do something with this, you surely can. And no-you are not limited to just importing. This is the model plopped right in the mid-point of Emerald Coast, nothing else. Any 3D model made can just be inserted into any level, wherever you want.

The other half of the reason why I picked BoB is, I can say honestly right now, is basically wishing thinking for the future. I would love to add more levels from Mario 64 in this mod with much more optomized layouts for every character, basically becoming a complete game. But this is all that this project currently is for now, and I don't ask that it be viewed as something more than it currently is.

So, just have fun screwing around with Sonic in BoB! It's honestly a childhood dream come true for me.


Bob-omb Battlefield Model taken from The Models Resource, uploaded by alecpike

Unused Tilting Bridge model auto-ripped by Quad64

Nostalgic Fortress track from Super Mario Galaxy 2 OST.

Labor by Rarefoil

Additional coding from MainMemory and PkR

Special thanks to everyone in the sa-modding Discord who helped me out, gave me advice, and somehow managed to tolerate my stupidity


File Type: 7z

File Size: 6.98 MB

Rarefoil @ 2020-10-28 10:34:59

Hey, Rarefoil here. I've noticed that most people who try to run the mod run into some issues. I'll try and offer some suggestions in replies to this comment to see if they'll help. Full disclosure, I cannot guarentee these will work, especially since 2/3rds of them are just guesses.

And for those who were able to play the mod and enjoyed it, you have my deepest thanks and appreciation.

On with the troubleshooting!

Rarefoil @ 2020-10-28 10:36:20

I apologize for not wording this better, but just like there are mods that I recommend you use with BoB in SADX, there are mods you should NOT use with it. Some mods will interfere with this mod catastrophically. For example, Dreamcast Conversion by PkR (completely seperate from ItsEasyActually's Dreamcast Characters Pack) will result in Sonic dropping into the ocean. So if the mod isn't working, try turning off other mods until you get it to work. Including the mods I recommended if need be.

Last modified by Rarefoil @ 2020-10-28 10:36:38

Rarefoil @ 2020-10-28 10:37:08

This is just a guess, but you may want to try re-naming the mod folder back to "SM64inSADX" instead of the name auto-generated by the SHC website. With my PC there are certain "forbidden" characters I can't use in folders and files otherwise there'll be problems. I probably should have anticipated this when I uploaded the mod and organized it better, so my apologises there as well. So, have no clue if it's the magic bullet, but I think it's worth mentioning.

Rarefoil @ 2020-10-28 10:37:40

If all else fails, try diasabling the DLL via the "mod.ini" file. To do this, open the ini file in Notepad, and delete the line that says "DLLFile=SM64inSADX.dll". Then click "Save" in the drop down menu under "File". This will deactivate the DLL file. Don't worry about missing out on anything, literally the only thing it does is make the desctructible boxes where you begin and the one destructible box shortly after fully lit up as opposed to a darkened shade.

TargetToad @ 2020-10-28 20:54:50

You did an incredible job with this one. Can't wait for Tick Tock Clock next.

GamesClassicos @ 2020-11-14 12:18:02

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