Sonic 2 Tailsplosion

By GTKoopa

Sonic 2 Tailsplosion is a continuation of my "Tails or Else" series of hacks. To give a brief description, Tails is constantly flying in the air. However due to a freak accident whenever Tails lands on the ground he starts to explode! This is obviously bad for Sonic. Give Tails a couple seconds and his dangerous bouncing fireballs will engulf the entire screen! Sonic has to outrun the incoming explosions...or else!

Note some other gameplay things have been switched around too. When hurt Sonic isn't able to collect any rings back by recollecting scattered ones, as they don't exist. Instead, Sonic loses 20 rings each time he gets hurt, with 20 or less bringing him back down to 0. When you grab a shield, damage is reduced by half to 10 rings with three charges. Don't let your ring counter reach zero while using the shield, otherwise you will lose all your charges! Likewise, rings now spawn from badniks when defeated! And hey you know what is nifty? Infinite lives! You neither can gain nor lose lives. If you die, just try the challenge again!

Oh and I even included Sky Chase Zone this time around! Surely nothing bad will happen...right?


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CaptainFrance @ 2020-10-27 20:35:40

If you don't mind not having bosses, special stages, or the back part of the game, this is already the best way to play Sonic 2. A+

Dima_Cool @ 2020-10-28 13:36:00

Comment deleted by Dima_Cool @ 2020-10-28 13:36:12

Dima_Cool @ 2020-10-28 13:36:36

It was fun

Jdpense @ 2020-10-29 18:36:58

I like the concept, but I feel the rules don't really have much weight of bringing a challenge, since I felt it was pretty easy to outrun and lose Tails. But I thought the Sky Chase challenge was neat though.

Geeovanni @ 2020-10-30 11:21:55

Not exactly a great hack. The Tailsplosion really doesn't affect the game that much, and the new ring behavior... kinda makes the game easier.

If you want to play this, my suggestion is that you skip to the second half of the game, preferrably Sky Chase. This is where it gets more fun.

mr_rubbaduck @ 2020-10-30 21:05:58

The first three Zones are a piece of cake. The real challenge begins at Casino Night Zone. I have been playing your hacks in this series since Lose Tails or Else, so far this is my favorite. A real novel and innovative hack. I highly reccomend it.