Sonic Heroes: Extended Multiplayer Edition

By DonutStopGaming

A great new way to enjoy Sonic Heroes! What could be better than playing all of your favorite stages with your friends?

Extended Multiplayer Edition (now with Reloaded-II compatibility) aims to enhance the experience of playing Sonic Heroes, and help bring it to its full potential, by offering a more complete multiplayer experience. This mod is for the Windows PC version of Sonic Heroes, and requires the Reloaded II Mod Loader.

How to play:

  1. On the main menu, go to 2P Play mode. Instead of the usual mode selection screen you will immediately be prompted to select your teams.
  2. After selecting your teams, you will automatically be taken to the Challenge level select mode, which is the recommended mode to play with this mod.
  3. As usual when picking a Challenge stage, you are also prompted to pick a team. The team you pick on this screen will indicate the layout of the level you select. For example: If player 1 is Team Sonic, player 2 is Team Dark, and for the Challenge level you pick Team Rose's Seaside Hill, you will both start at the Team Rose spawn point near the beach.

Extra Info:

  1. Regular 2P Play competitive mode is disabled for the time being, and that menu is used for picking the teams.

Potential Bugs:

  1. Story mode may crash during certain sequences. It is recommended to either download the mod to disable them, or stick to challenge mode.
  2. Certain stages have pulley switches on the wall that are designed for the heights of specific teams. This can be worked around with a little teamwork usually.
  3. A few stages have level specific hazards that have not yet been accounted for in the sitiation where both teams fall behind them. For example, the underground section of Bullet Station, and the aligator in Lost Jungle.
  4. As of now it appears to be incompatible with any custom stage that uses custom code. This is being looked into.
  5. Collectable missions on certain stages appear to not trigger victory at the end. This is also being looked into.
  6. Team Dark's Team Blast is known to sometimes crash if used in Sea Gate. It's being looked into, and apparently has something to do with lens flare.

Special Thanks:

dreamsyntax - For motivation, being my victim on helping me with the recording, help with editing, and other miscellaneous helpful stuff.

Sewer56 - For making Reloaded II in the first place, because it was taking way to long to work on this mod before Reloaded.


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