Sonic Riders DX

By AirKingNeo

Sonic Riders DX Version 1.0.1 by Extreme Gear Labs

Sonic Riders DX is a competitive mod for Sonic Riders that modifies the game to introduce new gameplay styles by modding the gears, adds mechanical fixes, and balance stages across all 3 types. The mod is currently for the GameCube version, often played using Dolphin Emulator.

Extreme Gear Labs is the community for "Sonic Riders DX" and "Sonic Riders Regravitified" (a mod for "Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity). We host content for both games in the form of tournaments, speedrunning, textures, competitive discussion, and modding. You can join the community here:

Gameplay Changes:

  • A new catchup mechanic called "Slipstream" had been added! Players following behind another player will begin to accelerate based on how well they are following their opponent!
  • Introduces the clutch toggle, which allows you to ignore Turbulence and Pits by pressing the Y button. This is indicated by a purple exhaust trail.
  • Players can taunt using each of the 4 directions on the C-Stick.
  • Dash panels now increase the player's speed instead of setting it. This fixes most dash panels reducing the player's speed.
  • Type shortcuts on stages (grind rails, fly hoops, power paths) have been sped up so that every type is viable on every stage.
  • Set pieces such as item boxes, power objects, fly hoops, and dash panels have been moved, changed, and/or removed to improve certain stages. Most notably, Sky Road has received the most changes out of any stage in the game.
  • Attacks have been massively overhauled. Players no longer lose all of their rings, and stun times have been significantly reduced.
  • Characters have been rebalanced into classes that give different stat bonuses. You can see these in the character select screen using the Texture Pack!
  • Object layouts from single player are now used in multiplayer! (No longer do stages lose half their rings in multiplayer!)
  • Turbulence is much faster now to allow players to actually utilize it for catchup.
  • 100 Ring Box and MAX Air Box are disabled.
  • and much more!

Quality of Life Improvements:

  • The game boots straight to the main menu and everything is unlocked from the start!
  • Music from other Sonic games and SEGA franchises added to each stage and menu!
  • QTEs (quick-time events) are now automated. No more need to break your controller and hands trying to roll the stick.
  • CPUs disabled in "Free Race" for one-on-one multiplayer races and solo practice.
  • Players can jump while running and can take fly ramps while running. This means Speed and Fly types can take their type shortcuts while in run.
  • Your exhaust trail turns teal when your drift dash is fully charged.
  • The timer is now displayed in the middle of the screen during multiplayer! (No longer is the top screen blinded!!)
  • Japanese voice support added. Check the down below for the AR Code to enable Japanese voices.
  • and much more!

Extreme Gear Changes:

  • Every gear has been changed to provide a unique gameplay style!
  • Check out this spreadsheet to see the stats of every gear in the mod: Sonic Riders Competitive Datasheets
  • Blue Star 2 can now be selected on every character (except Eggman)! This replica of the gear uses a retexture of Auto Slider made by Vortygon!
  • Shadow now has the ability to use his "Default Gear", Black Shot, just like how Sonic has his Blue Star and Jet has his Type-J.
  • Access, Grinder, and Destroyer can now be played on their own types! These monotype gears supercharge the user's existing type for faster shortcut speeds.
  • Other gears (Air Broom, Magic Carpet, the Advantage series, and the Cover series) can also be used on every character (except Eggman). These gears, like others in DX, have new stats and abilities.

HD Texture Pack:

  • Enhanced stage select to show which direction needs to be held on the D-Pad during loading to select new music rather than the music be randomized. (You can still hold the A button to play the track's original music!)
  • Textures for stages reimaged as locations from other Sonic games.
  • Improved character select screen for more information!
  • Stunning 2D and 3D art for both characters and gears!
  • and much more!

Download the HD Texture Pack:

  • The pack comes in multiple versions to support higher resolutions or lower end systems, and an editor's version is also available. Be sure to get the right one that suits you.
  • Credits for the texture pack are included with the download.

Addition AR/Gecko Codes:

  • There are a few AR/Gecko codes users can run that we would like to highlight as they fix bugs or are necessary to access added features. You can easily run these codes through Dolphin Emulator.

Skip Movie Cutscenes [AirKingNeo, moester_] (AR Code)

(REQUIRED to finish Heroes Story as it fixes a bug with the cutscene after Sand Ruins.)

  • 0453763c 48001124

Japanese Voice [AirKingNeo] (AR Code)

(Only works on Sonic Riders DX Version 1.0.1 and later. Does not work on unmodded games.)

  • 0421b8e4 00000000

Re-Enable CPUs in Free Race [moester_] (Gecko Code)

  • C253B3E0 00000002
  • 9003B8C0 8061004C
  • 60000000 00000000

Known Bugs:

  • Selecting Super Sonic crashes when played on hardware, but works perfectly fine on Dolphin Emulator.
  • Heroes Story mode may crash the game when played without the code listed above.
  • The game can crash during Emerald Chase mode after performing multiple boosts within quick succession for over 5 minutes straight.

A more expansive list of credits can be found in the the CREDITS file that comes with the download.

AirKingNeo - Lead Programmer, Game Design Lead, Game Balance Lead, Tester Management

Yacker - Programmer, Model Editting, Game Consultant, Music Looping

Sewer56 - PC Version Lead, Programmer, Game Consultant, Tester

Crimson Gaia - Tester, Game Balance & Design Team, Original Gear Texture Artist, Supporting Staff, Cover-F Gear Concept

Xithyl_kykorl - Tester, Programmer, Game Balance & Design Team, Supporting Staff

Odd-Eyes Von - Supporting Staff, Commissioned "Sonic Riders Animation", Trailer

Fordden - Tester, Supporting Staff, Logo

Arg!! - Model Editting

firegodjr - Supporting Staff, Box Art, Background, Character Renders

Niko - Supporting Staff

Rev - Supporting Staff

Zephyros - Supporting Staff

Vortygon - Supporting Staff, Blue Star 2 Replica Texture Art

Aigami - Supporting Staff

UnclePunch - Programmer, Provided essential codes (Unlock All, Auto QTE, Boot to Menu)

gamemasterplc - Programmer (Remove Motion Blur)

moester_ - Programmer, Tester, Game Balance & Design Team

PixelBolt - Tester, Game Balance & Design Team, Cannonball Gear Concept, Photography

Snfn - Tester, Game Balance & Design Team

Ludiyolo252 - Tester, Game Balance & Design Team

Frenchypierre - Tester, Game Balance & Design Team, Adv-S Gear Concept

Nadevan - Tester

Kamanira - Tester

Sigma - Tester

Random?guy - Tester

Tcar - Tester

AntiGeezas - Tester

Zzub99 - Tester

Dodobirb - Tester

Cxldr3 - Original Music

The_Protagonist - Music Looping

HorrorFreak - Sonic Riders Animation

Slasharu - Sonic Riders Animation

Bricks - Trailer

SEGA - Non-Original Music

Now Production (NOWPRO) - Non-Original Music

Atlus - Non-Original Music

Konami - Non-Original Music


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Gatorshark @ 2021-10-17 08:46:24

Replays are hilariously broken, but that is quite understandable for any rebalanced game. Overall, this looks amazing and is a truly great experience for multiplayer.