Sonic Sunventure SHC 2021

By Scrap Sorra

Sonic Sunventure is a hack of Sonic 1 that features modified levels, art, and music.


Jump - A, B, or C

Air Roll - Press A, B, or C in the air to turn into a ball.


Green Hill Zone (Has 2 acts)

Spring Yard Zone (Currently only has one act)

Scrap Ruins Zone (Currently only has one act)

Robotic Ruin Zone (Has 1 act)

New Monitors:

Eggman Monitor: Hurts the player.

Blue Ring: Gives the player 20 rings.

Continue: Gives the player a continue.

  • AngelKor64 - Coding help (palette system)
  • TheInvisibleSun - Coding help (water tag object)
  • MrJoker27 Music Productions - Music Porting
  • Various art from Sonic CD and Chaotix
  • Inferno's Air Recurl tutorial (among many other tutorials)
  • SonLVL and SonMapED

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dilworks @ 2021-10-12 13:01:47

I think this could go somewhere, but needs loooot of work on it.

Loved: the refreshed GHZ, the Socket tally screen music, the insane idea of merging Scrap Brain with Marble Zone

Hated: Oh boy, Robotic Ruin Zone. Not only it's easy to die there, I even managed to get stuck:

Jdpense @ 2021-10-13 14:31:40

I like the changes made here, especially with Sonic's animations! However I felt that Robotic Ruin Zone was a bit confusing to navigate at points.

Animemaster222 @ 2021-10-16 12:45:03

I appreciate the touch up on ghz. The blue monitor underwater in the first stage cannot be broken. I like the new animations that sonic has, a neat detail. I liked the idea of a scrap marble zone, the only thing is, that Sonic CD tile is overused, something original?. Speaking of tidal tempest, is that going to stay for robotic ruin? layout for it could use a bit of improvement but I found my way around. All in all, solid but needs work in places. And me personally, lets see some more original art!.