Sonic 06 Legacy of Solaris

By JotaroPowered

Sonic 06 Legacy of Solaris is back once again for one final SHC! Many improvments have been made following SHC 2020. One of the main improvments as a result of criticism is that timed trials have been removed from Legacy of Solaris, now every extra mission for the three main hedgehogs is simply getting to a new goal ring located in the stage. Additionally, some of the stages for the amigos have been overhauled completely in order to create a more unique experience when playing as them. Please be sure to be update the Sonic 06 Mod Manager and it's patch list before playing Legacy of Solaris!

Sonic 06 Legacy of Solaris aims to make a more "complete" version of Sonic 06 as it were. There's not only additional content for the main 3 hedgehogs, additional stages and mini stories with accompanying act trial selections have been added for each of the 9 characters, and many of the existing layouts and stages have been improved in some way. Additionally, animations have been added for characters when interacting with objects they do not interact with under normal gameplay circumstances. The mod by default now enables the following patches in order to greatly improve the gameplay experience, Restore Sonic's Action Gauge, Enable Homing Spam, Enable Homing Flips, Homing Recovery Control, Increased Chaos Blast Range, Contextual Hud Colors, TailSwipe, Controllable Spinkick, Enable Chainjump Flips, Restore Rotation Interpolation and Y button Lightdash.

Information on how to install the mod can found here,


Jotaro Powered - Lead Developer, Backstage Graphics Designer and Additional Content

Hyper - Lead Graphics Designer, Software Engineer, Trailer Editor, Lost Legacy Helper Developer, PlayStation 3 Optimisation, Wind Restoration, Mephiles Model, Disabled Blaze's Mid-air spinning claw attack, Restore Contextual Hud Colors

Nonami - Graphics Designer, E3 HUD Creator, Tokyo Game Show Ring Shaders, Increased Chaos Blast Range, Controllable Spinkick, Beta Lighting For the Townhubs and Kingdom Valley's 1st section, Wall Climb Fix, Controllable Teleport Dash, Tokyo Game Show Box Textures, Correct Sonic_Fast Goal Loop animation, Gave Tails the SpinKick State.

Fen/OtterWithAController- Amy Improvement Mod

Sable - PlayStation 3 Compatibility and Loading Screen Designer

darkhero1337 - Control Tweaking

ChaosX - Tail Swipe Animation

Dunker - Restore Sonic's Action Gauge, Restore Contextual Hud Colors, All Characters Selectable in Multiplayer

Reimous - Restore Sonic's Action Gauge, Restore Contextual Hud Colors, All Characters Selectable in Multiplayer

Fate For Windows - Action Gauge Fix, Homing Spam, Homing Flips, Homing Recovery Control, Snowboard Air Control, Machspeed Air Control, Rotation Interpolation Restoration, Bound Attack Recovery, E3 Chainjump Flip Restoration, Y button Lightdash, Restore Sonic's Action Gauge.

Xeno Esquire - Mach Speed Sonic Improvements

Chara - New Kingdom Valley Mach Speed Camera Angles, Added Wind in Egg Wyern Fight, Mission Completed Text, Updated Title Screen Video, Changed Transpency for mission completed text via XNCP, Fixed Silvers Shield Particles, Improved Tag Mode Layouts, Proper Chainjump Animation Restoration, Fixed Powerup Particles, Updated Trickpoint XNCP, Correct Sonic_Fast Goal Loop animation, added Super Shadow and Super Silver to Final Boss Result Screen, Restore Contextual Hud Colors, Added Tail Swipe Attack Particles

Idorocks23 - New Camera Angles in Sonics Crisis City Boarding Area


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