Mystic Cave Zone Mania-fied

By campbellsonic

NOTE: This mod only works with the Steam version of Sonic Mania!

Mystic Cave Zone comes to Sonic Mania with new level design, new visuals, and new music! This standalone stage mod seamlessly replaces Press Garden Zone without interfering with the rest of the game, coming with two full acts and full Encore mode support!

In Act 1, return to the caverns alight with the glow of fireflies. Explore new heights and deeper depths than ever before with tons of alternate pathways in a huge new level layout. Knuckles and Mighty have their own paths too! Swing from vines and run through loops to keep up your speed, but watch out for crushers and spiky hazards!

In Act 2, descend deep underground into an intricate cave system full of crystals. Ride mine carts and smash through crystal spikes, fling around corners on tetherballs, break through the ground to find new paths, and face badniks both familiar and obscure as you wind your way to the bottom of this tall vertical level!

This mod has been in production for over three years, so I hope it's been worth the wait! You may have played an older version of Act 1 before, which I released in the summer of 2019. Act 1 has been further tweaked since then, so be sure to give it another go even if you've played it before.

In loving memory of Houdini, the best bunny and the best friend I could've asked for. <3


Lead Developer and Level Design:



Shayzis - Arrow signs, mine carts, crystal spikes, help with breakable walls

nonesart - Lanterns and wooden stakes

Alex13Art - Base for Act 2 crystals

GraKai - Base for Flasher and Crawlton sprites

Jacob-turbo - Base for Drillin sprites

TurtlemanThe1st - HPZ icon

Sonic Team and the Sonic Mania team - Base for the rest


Tee Lopes - Act 1

Divyns - Act 2


Rubberduckycooly - Custom AniTiles DLL, Tidal Tempest Past BG port

CarJem Generations - InfinityZone developer, disabling flame shield melting effects

SuperSonic16 - InfinityZone developer

Beta Testing:




CarJem Generations




Special Thanks:

Sonic Team - Created the original stage

Sonic Mania team - Inspiration

The Retro Engine Modding Server (REMS) - Assistance and advice

Houdini - Moral support


File Type: rom/zip

File Size: 4.83 MB

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AKAJimbo @ 2021-10-16 10:30:38

One of my favorites. I want to see more mods like this where classic levels are "Mania-fied". Well done!

CharlesTheCat @ 2021-10-16 14:54:03

Pretty cool. Too bad it doesn't work properly on the Epic Games version.