Yoshi's Island Zone DLC Restoration

By ĐeäTh

This mod restores the Wii U exclusive Yoshi's Island Zone DLC to the PC version of Sonic Lost World.

Imagine you are back in 2015, SEGA just announced a port of Sonic Lost World just for the majority of new players to learn that 2/3 of the DLCs released on the Wii U version will not be part of the PC port. This changes today with the mod restoring every nook and cranny of the Yoshi's Island Zone DLC released back in December of 2013 for the Wii U version of the game, and then it adds some new features.

Back when the game released a lot of people deemed restoring the DLCs to the PC version of the game impossible, including myself. The change happened when the HedgeModManager allowed us to load our custom DLL (binary files holding code) to be loaded. With that I set out to recreate the entirety of the code that was made for the DLC by Sonic Team by reverse engineering the Wii U version of the game and then creating my own code for the PC version as a mod.

This was no easy task however and you can read up on this more in the pdf file shipped with the mod.

Let's talk new features now:

  • While developing the mod I've noticed a few incosistencies with how the shadows are handled in the mod. Some objects that had an outline (marking them as "2D") objects had a shadow, while others like them wouldn't. This was the case for the ones with no outline either. For this reason the mod can be configured to use "Consistent Shadows" an option added by me to fix these issues.
  • Another thing that can be toggled on and off is the folding effect when leaving a pipe to a fade transition so it's more visually appealing on aspect ratios that the effect wasn't made for.
  • And lastly, the mod comes with a full-on working layout for multiplayer, in case you wanted to use the leftover Multiplayer Mode in the PC version by using either Sajid's Debug Mode mod or Skyth's Quick Boot. The latter bypasses the 30FPS lock introduced by the Multiplayer Mode. However you'll still only get one screen to play on, so if you do, stick together closely!

After finishing the level you may uncover a secret a video, I hope you enjoy what you see there. :D


The people that helped with the development, directly or indirectly in some form:

  • Sajid; - Creator of Wii U Model Converter and HHD Binary Template; Helped with Coding Questions Regarding the Mod; Beta Tester
  • GPF; - Creator of the Release Trailer for the Mod (and the Secret Video for the SHC build); Beta Tester
  • Radfordhound; - Creator of HedgeArcPack; Allowed SonicGLvL 0.9.0 to convert LW set data from Wii U to PC
  • Skyth; - Creator of SonicAudioTools and PackCpk
  • Darío; - Creator of SonicGLvL and HKX Converter
  • Aruki; - Creator of Lost World SonicGLvL and Lost World Path Scripts
  • TGE; - Creator of Binary Template Results Swap
  • abooood40091; - Creator of GTX Extractor
  • Thealexbarney; - Creator of VGAudio
  • Knuxfan24; - Beta Tester
  • Goalringmod27; - Beta Tester
  • M&M; - Beta Tester

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JaxTH @ 2021-10-15 02:18:15

Any plans to implement the circus acts from the Wii U version? I'd like to think if they could be implemented that you could toggle between the needed animals.

Anyway, this is great! Looking forward to what you have in store next!