Sonic '06 - Emerald Coast

By Nonami

A port of Emerald Coast from Sonic Adventure, replacing "Wave Ocean" level slot for Sonic and Tails in Sonic's story, Shadow in Shadow's story, Blaze in Silver's story and "End Of The World" level slot in Last story, where you play as Silver. The stage layouts are different for all characters, and while for Sonic and Shadow I tried to copy Sonic's and Gamma's layouts from Sonic Adventure, for others I decided to create something new. Initially I started working on this project in 2017, but due to many obstacles such as the lack of the necessary tools at the time, the release of the first version fell on 2019. Version 1.0 only had playable sonic, no splines and questionable visuals, so with time I added more content and tried removing the project's biggest flaws

The Hard Mode level slots contain exactly the same object placement from Normal Mode, and because of this, there is no point in checking them.

If you have any performance issues I recommend using the Optimised Renderer in the Mod Manager, as it may help boost your performance.

  • acro - Minor texture work and screenshots
  • JotaroPowered - Helped with the wind object placement
  • ChaosX - Helped with the Vertex Alpha
  • ridlax - Testing
  • VolcanoTheBat - Testing
  • Knuxfan24 - Marathon and Collision Converter
  • Sajid - Collision Converer
  • HyperBE32 - Marathon
  • Skyth - XNOconverter
  • Aruki - Path Maxscript
  • GerbilSoft - mst06
  • DarioSamo - SonicGLVL and LibGens
  • Sega/Sonic Team - Original Emerald Coast terrain/object placement

File Type: 7z

File Size: 69.34 MB