Sonic 3C Delta

By Chainspike

Sonic 3C Delta is a hack of Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (& Knuckles). It is a compilation of early/unused content for Sonic The Hedgehog 3, including early music, layouts, graphics, concepts, and more.

The hack currently includes all the zones from the first half of Sonic 3, including Flying Battery Zone in its original placement and the 3 Bonus Stages.

General Changes:

  • Original zone order.
  • Improved prototype soundtrack.
  • Prototype inspired level layouts.
  • New title screen and menu art.
  • New cutscenes.
  • Prototype graphics and art.

This hack was a huge undertaking, so I hope that you all enjoy playing it as much as we did creating it!



  • Chainspike, SyntaxTsundere, Rivet, Inferno, Zummone, Fred Bronze, vladikcomper, lavagaming1

Beta Testers:

  • MechaKnuckles, sonic c32ttb1, Xebninmaj Sark, Zummone, Inferno, Volbby, JayKuriN, PhoniexVania, Sprite, EmmaNerd, SyntaxTsundere, Legobouwer9, Rodotnik, Sumi, GigglyMan


  • Chainspike, MechaKnuckles, Volbby, Trickster, SyntaxTsundere, BladeOfChaos, mcginnis03, Hexagonal, JoeyTheRabbit, EmmaNerd


  • Chainspike, MechaKnuckles, Inferno, Flamewing

File Type: rom/mega-drive

File Size: 1.55 MB

KnightTrrr @ 2021-10-11 13:49:06

Probably my favorite hack. Nice to see the proto hyper stars

Herobrine100x @ 2021-10-11 14:50:43

How do you call tails (Saw in RHS' Vid), and what's the code for level select, other than that, great hack.

Chainspike @ 2021-10-11 21:06:06

Up + A, and thank you.

Herobrine100x @ 2021-10-16 15:40:09

Thx, still want to know what the level select code is.

Last modified by Herobrine100x @ 2021-10-16 15:40:54

saan1ty @ 2021-11-15 16:32:27

Complete the game to get level select/

Sonicfan3345 @ 2022-01-08 11:58:46

or use the PAR code FFFFE0:0101

Rodotnik @ 2021-10-11 19:46:26

Chainspike, could you please remove the "Rodotnik" name from the credits? I really don't want the name to exist

Last modified by Rodotnik @ 2021-10-11 19:48:24

Chainspike @ 2021-10-11 21:07:02

Unforunately, I cannot edit the entry page, but I'll keep that in mind for the credits screen in future releases.

Dclaneta @ 2021-10-11 20:21:40

On carnival zone act 2 just after knuckles shut down the lights there's a dead end just jumping down over the two red barrels, it's like a camera bug, and another bug it's sonic no fitting inside of the fire shield.. thanks for the hack ^^

Chainspike @ 2021-10-11 21:05:38

You can use the Game Genie code RCNT-GJRA to fix this bug. This was unforunately a bug that was missed for the demo. Sorry about that. I'm happy to hear that you like the hack though.

Last modified by Chainspike @ 2021-10-11 21:55:38

gabryyyy @ 2021-10-23 03:28:52

i get in this after catching a bonus(i get pissed)

KnightTrrr @ 2021-10-12 09:15:41

Where's the breakable block, at the beginning of ice cap 1, from?

RetroForever @ 2021-10-12 14:58:42

A top tier hack. It's quite fun, and it feels very authentic. Can't wait to see what comes next!

donus87 @ 2021-10-13 10:50:43

hi guys, i just signed up. i saw the sonic 3C delta demo on YT and tested. and in itself it is a cannon shot of beauty, but unfortunately something happens to me, and that I have to play with it on my psp or kega fusion. but in mega drive + mega ever drive pro it does not work well, indeed it distorts me when I do some kind of action even just sonic brake. so i ask ChainSpike if it is normal for it to do this since it is a demo or is it my MD having problems? Thank you.

Chainspike @ 2021-10-13 21:46:21

This is not normal, and it appears to be a problem specific to the Mega Everdrive Pro. We're currently looking into this.

sixteenbitify @ 2021-10-15 01:12:43

I am using a Mega Everdrive Pro with a Mega Drive II and I have not experienced any issues that donus87 is facing. Infact, it runs almost perfectly on real hardware in my case. The only real issue I encountered was the CNZ Act 2 bug, which was fixed by that Game Genie code.

donus87 @ 2021-10-13 10:52:00

Comment deleted by donus87 @ 2021-10-13 10:52:12

donus87 @ 2021-10-14 07:36:57

a friend of mine who knows more than me said in contextual words: Many sonic hacks are designed on emulator and therefore go bad or don't start right on real hardwere; and I thought it was a problem with the MD and its capacitors or whatever. and instead crashes. in flying battery after the end of act 1 the BG changes positionso. if you can correct it please. thank so much.

Last modified by donus87 @ 2021-10-14 14:17:58

sixteenbitify @ 2021-10-15 01:15:32

Sonic 3C Delta runs without issues on real hardware, which is my unmodded JP Mega Drive 1 and EU Mega Drive II with the Triple Bypass and Region mod. Sorry to hear that you're having issues with your hardware.

donus87 @ 2021-10-15 04:48:07

in fact my MD 1ASIA has the change of the region and it was quite stopped but then after 4 years I put it back to work.then it's my MD who might have the problem. "a little" the rom works, but how do I do the spin dash or instant screen, it distorts everything and I don't see anything. dammit!

donus87 @ 2021-10-15 13:15:32

Yes. my problem is in the hardwere of my MD, I talked about it with 2 of my friends. he doesn't read it right, I'll have to try it with another MD. it is not a mistake of the rom I'm sorry Chainspike. however it is done really well.

Nightborger @ 2021-10-15 07:43:35

This hack took the Number one place on my top 3 from Sonic 3 AIR. I will get some real hardware and an everydrive soon. But I have a question about that, Wich Everdrives support this game?

Thanks in advance!

donus87 @ 2021-10-18 08:48:23

dear chainspike, i noticed some bugs with psp, in this sonic 3 made by you:

1) FBZ act 1 After the miniboss, the BG moves to the right abnormally

2) FBZ act 2 in a master ring room the collision makes me fall into a dead center

3) the damage to the mini bosses is 8 and not 4 as in CNZ or 6 in the other zones

4) damage to Eggman, example: in AIZ when he destroys the bridge you give him a few shots. but he doesn't record them,only after, so even in MGZ

Last modified by donus87 @ 2021-10-18 08:53:58

donus87 @ 2021-10-18 08:51:45

5) sonic and miles when they come down from the vines make them do the rotation.

6) when you enter the "S" box in HCZ (thanks to debug mode) the bgm starts with the Hyper form, and ok, but, after you meet Knux and destroy the bridge, it starts with the Super / invinc. bgm

Last modified by donus87 @ 2021-10-18 09:01:44

donus87 @ 2021-10-18 09:02:06

7) in FBZ 2 the second spiral net, where there is the transporter spider, misses the collision. I go through it with any charas.

they seem like subtleties, but they are. I understand that he must mirror the proto, but let's not exaggerate. I'm sorry if I write a lot, but in this way you will always do it better and to perfection. :-) I will not see the hour of the second part or complete version of the rom :-D

Last modified by donus87 @ 2021-10-18 09:54:19

gabryyyy @ 2021-10-23 03:04:09

this hack is cool, for next demo you can fix that trap(when i played for first time after a bonus, i get pissed in trap). you can also tweak super sonic sprites(look up,hang,spring,etc.)

EddyTF @ 2021-11-14 00:41:24

Cool HACK!^3

saan1ty @ 2021-11-15 16:34:27

Great hack was really fun to play

HruMan @ 2021-12-15 09:34:55

Nice! One small thing though...

When I turn Super, the normal invincibility music plays (which is a little annoying) but when I start drowning underwater and then get out of the water, the prototype music plays! Why does that happen and why did you not set the prtototype theme as default super music?

Other than that, it's the best Sonic 3 Beta-inspired hack I've seen, great job!

saan1ty @ 2022-01-15 23:08:46

SS doesnt use the beta music, because Hyper S is going to

HruMan @ 2021-12-16 03:13:18

Here's a very weird glitch that I don't think can be replicated:

When I played Angel Island act 1 as Sonic & Tails right before the miniboss there's a tree thing that you climb. HOWEVER when was running at full speed and I touched it I pressed the jump button quickly and was going back THEN for some reason the "see you next demo" screen appeared and I unlocked the level select?????

Is the screen a crash screen like in 3D Blast or I glitched the game THAT badly that it skipped every level?

Sonicfan3345 @ 2022-01-09 15:14:18

It skipped all the way to the end of the credits. HruMan.

Last modified by Sonicfan3345 @ 2022-01-09 15:17:16

HruMan @ 2021-12-21 05:15:55

Is it me , or the Carnival Night Zone Act 1 boss WAY harder than it used to be? I can't even beat him with Super Sonic without losing 2-6 lives!

Sonicfan3345 @ 2022-01-08 12:01:05

Chanspike. knuckles wasn't supposed to go to flying battery but they changed it so knuckles journey cloud be longer when they spit the game into 2. So plz make knuckles skip flying battery.

Super___Sonic_400 @ 2022-02-04 07:05:44

I've been so excited, this is an amazing beta remake!

Super___Sonic_400 @ 2022-02-04 07:17:35

Hello, could you explain (Also, make sure to play it via something like VLC, as it was recorded from Retroarch, in Genesis Plus GX.)

Gionji @ 2022-02-07 18:13:50


Soic_master_gamer @ 2022-05-01 16:10:22

hey does any one know the knuckles game giine code to kinda play as knuuckles

Last modified by Soic_master_gamer @ 2022-05-01 16:16:28

Rafael-Paiva-15 @ 2022-10-30 12:35:21

Fiquei tão animado, este é um remake beta incrível! meu hack favorito, mais será que vcs pode colocar o Knuckles jogável com spirtes do protótipo (igual ao que vc fez com o sonic e talis) neste hack?