Sonic Forces Overclocked - Freight Frenzy DEMO - SHC2021 Edition

By TheDuckDealer

Hey, remember SHC 2018? Remember Network Terminal and Lost Valley Overclocked? Remember how one of them crashed 90% of the time and the other was a house fire waiting to happen?

...Yeah, we wish we didn't, either. But set your worries aside! Overclocked is back in SHC, and this time, it won't be an unplayable mess! This is an updated version of Freight Frenzy, Overclocked's version of Spaceport. Overclocked's goal is to introduce better, fully thought out levels built around a central, unique gimmick, as well as expand upon the foundation of what is already present (hence Freight Frenzy, which uses the Freight Trains from Spaceport as its' central gimmick).

The Chaotix look proudly upon their work in cleaning out the Badnik forces in the Industrial Plant. However, their efforts go to waste as they are attacked by none other than Infinite. However, the Avatar, not far behind, leaps into the fray. Infinite, disregarding the group, takes off, leaving the Chaotix and the Avatar in hot pursuit.


  • Entirely new level design built from the ground up!
  • Physics improvements by Showin & Myself!
  • 360 Degree Movement patch by Skyth!
  • New stage dialogue!
  • New Hand-Drawn Cutscenes!
  • Remix of "Fighting Onward" composed by Landy & Tabebo featuring vocals by Cisconic! (Toggleable)
  • The Chaotix will follow you throughout the stage as you make your way to the goal!
  • New obstacles & gimmicks! Be sure to avoid the trains, or it's lights out!
  • Wisps are no longer handed to you over and over like in the original game. Be sure to think about how or where you use your Wispon Special before making a move. Holding onto a capsule may benefit you in your playthrough!
  • Wispons have been adjusted to play better. These changes include:
    • Burst: Burst's primary range has been nerfed a small bit. It's special decreases faster than in the original game, but it is slightly more powerful.
    • Lightning: The speed and range of your special has been greatly increased.
    • Cube: Cube's Primary has a much larger range, and doesn't slow you to a complete stop when it is used. It's Special now creates more cubes when activated on the ground, and it takes much longer to drain, allowing you to use it effectively.
    • Hover: Hover's primary has a larger attack radius. Its Special decreases faster, and your vertical speed has been decreased while your horizontal speed has been increased for better control. Hover's Rescue ability is much faster now.
    • Drill: Drill's primary has been slightly nerfed from base Forces, but it is still powerful.
    • Void: Void's primary can travel much further, and its' radius has been increased. Its Special carries you much further, and has a larger damage radius when in use.
    • Asteroid: Asteroid's Primary reloads faster. Its special lasts longer, and you don't fall nearly as fast when using its' hover ability as you did in the original.
  • (Slightly) increased Enemy Difficulty! No more blind bowling pins like in the original. (Though, that isn't to say you can't still knock them down like some!)
  • Custom Sound Effects implemented by Mario Tainaka! (Moving train, train horn, etc.)
  • Infinite's sound effects now play! (Once again thanks to Mario Tainaka!)
  • All music has been properly looped. (AGAIN thanks to Mario Tainaka!!!)
  • New target colors for the Wire Launcher, and fixed materials on the Orbit Wire from 2019's Eclipse Forest Demo!
  • (Slightly) new look for the World Map!
  • Moon Rings are now easier to see during replays!

But that's not all! In this version of the demo, we've added even more!

SHC Features:

  • New Costume Unlocks earned by completing brand new missions!
  • You can now enable/disable the music vocals by configuring the mod in the Mod Manager.
  • Revised Wispon Skill combinations! Now, every Wispon has the same skills instead of them being random.
  • Crabmeat and Spinner are now featured as custom enemies in the stage!
  • Overhauled visuals and animations!
  • New Egg Pawn Idle animations!
  • New Wispon Routes specific to Drill, Burst, and Void! The Drill Pipe will carry you through winding tunnels traveling throughout the stage. Burst Cannons will launch you away with a powerful blast that grants you Rings. Void's Optical Cables will quickly fire you through electric cables, and spit you out further ahead.

Notes & Important Information:

  • Please ensure your HedgeModManager is up to date.
  • Due to the fact that we cannot carry Avatars over from the player's save file onto a modified one, you will have to recreate your Avatar. However, everything will be unlocked, so it'll be easy!
  • Please do not attempt to play this mod with any other mods enabled. Due to the nature of the mod, it may very likely cause things to not work as intended, or could corrupt the game save.
  • Ensure Save File Redirection is enabled in the settings tab of HedgeModManager. It is the 3rd checkbox from the top.
  • If the mod crashes, ensure that the 360 Movement code isn't enabled in the codes section of the mod loader, and that you don't have anything else enabled in the mod loader.
  • It is not recommended that you use the analog stick during quickstep sequences, as the stick input is over-responsive and there's currently not a way to fix it that I am aware of. I have implemented a sort of bandaid fix, but it's still kind of iffy.
  • Due to the nature & limitations of Forces' avatar customization, some cosmetics may clip through the avatar's body depending on the hair/eye type. I've done my best to fix it. The Gamebanana version of the mod will likely have downloadable patches for these.
  • The Grind Boost skill currently makes the stage incompletable. Due to complications with the way Forces' skills are handled, it can't currently be fixed. If I can't fix this by the final release of Chapter 1 I'll probably just remove it.


  • The Duck Dealer - Object Layout, Graphical Tweaks, Misc. Models, Gismos, Misc. Wire Target retextures, UI changes, World Map changes, Save File, Wispon Changes, Writer, Misc. collision adjustments, environment animations, Badnik models+Animations, custom asset models, Avatar costume models. (I promise I'm not patting myself on the back)
  • Brandon Jones - Object Layout, Gens to Forces Terrain Porting (for CPZ scaffolds), Material Editing, Terrain Design, Collision, Optimization, Save File, GI+SHLF Baking.
  • Mikester Paltoes - Object Layout, Terrain Design, Writer, cutscene editing & sound design, fat
  • CodeTrillogy - Cutscene/Title Screen Artwork
  • Showin - Physics adjustments, animation conversion, design support, graphical overhaul+improvements
  • Mario Tainaka - Sound Replacements, Custom Sounds, & other miscellaneous audio work.
  • SuperSonicThomas - Initial Object Layout Setup
  • KR1SHN9 - Charmy flight animation, Vector run animation
  • YellowGrass103 - Retargeted Espio Run animation from Generations
  • R A G G Y - Espio Grind animation
  • Bluwolfboy - Cutscene importing
  • Freedoman - JP Text translation


  • Bold King Cole - Vector the Crococdile (In-Stage)
  • JakeTheGoodman - Vector the Crocodile (Cutscenes)
  • SarahTheCatLove - Charmy Bee
  • HyperVoiceActing - Espio the Chameleon
  • The Duck Dealer - Infinite the Jackal
  • Scrillow - Dark Omochao


  • LandyRS - Spaceport Remix
  • Tabebo - Spaceport Remix
  • Cisconic - Spaceport Remix Vocals
  • THE CHAZZ - World Map Music, Theatre screen Music, Cutscene #3 Music, Results Screen Music, Mission Menu Music
  • Jungle Josh Ruiner - Mission Menu Music
  • Rosyko - Cutscene #3 Music
  • HatredElemental - Title Screen Music


  • Skyth - 360 Degree Movement Patch + HedgeGI + IBL Probes(?)
  • Radfordhound - HedgeEdit + SVCOL editor
  • ĐeäTh - Sonic Forces Gismo Editor
  • Our Playtesters, for ensuring the best possible experience :)

File Type: rom/7z

File Size: 1.16 GB

One-Click Install
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