Shivery Mountainsides

By Goalringmod27

Welcome to Shivery Mountainsides, a full-length, fully 3d, original custom level mod for Sonic Generations!

Explore the Alps and all of it's beautiful locations, including forests, villages, restaurants, ice caves, and more! Take your time to find the quickest paths to achieve fast completion times, or to find the five hidden red rings (perhaps other secrets too...?)!

This mod's development lasted 10 months. A look at some development detail and history can be found here!

USING PHYSICS MODS IS HEAVILY DISCOURAGED, or anything else that may change the controls (like double jump), as the level was designed and hand-tweaked in mind for the original physics and control scheme!


This level is HIGHLY more detailed than what the original game has to offer, thus it requires a stronger GPU. An RX580 is just about capable of running it at 1080p 60fps, so keep that in mind.


Using HedgeModManager is required to use this mod. Extract the 7z file into the "mods" folder located in your Sonic Generations installation folder. You also need to install & enable Direct3D 9 Ex, and Better FxPipeline. (The game cannot use enough memory without D3D9Ex for the level causing game crashes, and BetterFxPipeline fixes graphical issues like windows and ice materials flashing, as well as enables directional shadows and lightshafts)


Main Developer

  • Goalringmod27 (Concept, Design, Modelling, etc)

Additional Credits

  • GPF - Testing Help
  • DarĂ­o - Tools
  • Skyth - Tools

File Type: rom/7z

File Size: 794.43 MB

One-Click Install
HedgeModManager (Sonic Generations)