By jackelzxa

Metal Sonic and Amy Rose are added to Sonic CD as fully Playable Characters!

Both of them have their own movesets and changes to the story scenes, bosses, and more!


The Main Story of Sonic CD...

Sonic the Hedgehog heard tales about a mysterious miracle planet unbound by time that appears for one month annually at Never Lake. Always up for new sights, our hero rushes to the area to be greeted by a disheartening sight: The Little Planet has been captured and its surface twisted by machines and strange buildings, unlike anything the description said. Meanwhile, the nefarious Dr. Eggman is hungry for the fabled Time Stones that are rumored to control the strange time-shifting planetoid. Acquiring the Time Stones would lock in the changes he has wrought, sealing the planet's fate forever. To make matters worse, a young hedgehog girl named Amy Rose has been kidnapped and taken there by a robo-repilca named Metal Sonic, the latest of the evil doctor's robotic inventions. Sonic will need to travel through time to beat Eggman to the Time Stones and save Amy, the past, present, and future of Little Planet in this Race Against Time!

  • Up + Jump: Super Peel Out - Run in place and build a charge to run at maximum speed! (This move can take a little while to charge, but it's faster than a Spin Dash)
  • Down + Jump: Spin Dash - Curl into a ball and rev up to build up a blast of speed! (Sonic can change his Spin Dash between two different styles in the Settings Menu)

- Remember: Pressing and holding Down on the DPad will slow Sonic down in the Special Stages.

Amy Rose

Set parallel to the events of Sonic CD...

Amy Rose's tarot cards fortold of a fated encounter with the legendary Sonic the Hedgehog at Never Lake! In the process of chasing her destiny, she unexpectedly finds herself face to face with the villainous Dr. Eggman! Unfortunately for her, Eggman has also brought along his newest invention: the terrifying Metal Sonic. The menacing machine has been ordered to capture the pink hedgehog at all costs, but Amy isn't interested in letting herself get kidnapped by a copy-cat robot and will do her best to find the real Sonic and bring peace back to Little Planet!

  • Jump + Jump: Rosy Pop - Jump again in the air to gain a little bit of extra height! (Amy Rose will unspin while performing this move, so use it carefully)
  • Down + Jump: Spin Dash - Spin Dash like Sonic!! (Amy Rose can only perform the Sega CD version of the Spin Dash, regardless of how the options are set)

- Remember: You must unlock Amy Rose by beating the game as Sonic!!

Metal Sonic

Set after the events of Sonic CD...

Dr. Eggman decides to take another shot against his blue nemesis' hard-earned future. This time, he sends his rival's nefarious doppelganger: Metal Sonic to do his dirty work! Metal Sonic will dilligently serve his master without question, but is extremely competetive and will not be upstaged by Sonic the Hedgehog, who is hot on his heels with the legendary Chaos Emeralds in tow. Not even a disobedient Egg Robo, now declaring itself King of Little Planet, and its hijacked badnik army will stand in Metal Sonic's way! The blue-bot's cold eyes are set on turning Little Planet's good future bad, once and for all!!

  • Jump + Jump: Mach Pulse - Boost Forward in either direction with a burst of speed! (This move does not lock-on to enemies, but it can get Metal Sonic up to speed quickly)
  • Up + Jump: Hyper Boost Jump - Shoot upwards in a dynamic flourish to gain extra height! (Metal Sonic is heavier than Sonic, so his standard jump is lower at its peak)
  • Down + Jump: V. Maximum Overdrive - Rev-Up to charge energy and blast forward!! (At Full Speed: Metal Sonic will automatically damage badniks with Spark Shield)

- Remember: Metal Sonic can roll, but he cannot perform a Spin Dash!!


  • Episode Metal has been tested with the Steam version of Sonic CD.
  • Episode Metal currently doesn't feature any compatability for other Sonic CD Mods.
  • This mod touches a large number of files and will cause issues if installed with other mods.
  • Changing the Soundtrack will change the Title Screen and Flowers!
  • Only Sonic and Metal Sonic can enter Special Stages and collect Time Stones.
  • Amy Rose must destroy Robot Machines to get Good Futures.
  • Stage Select will let you play as other characters if you've just played as them.

Thank you for trying this mod! We've both worked really hard on this for about a year now and are happy to finally have a v1.0 to share with you all! There are plans for future updates of this mod! We didnt have time to implement all the changes we wanted and we're still figuring some things out! Thank you for playing and please leave a comment or feel free to send us a message on twitter about it!

  • Some Sonic CD Prototype Music & Assets are used in this mod
  • Additional Sprites from: Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic: Triple Trouble, and Knuckles Chaotix
  • Leonx254's "Knuckles The Echidna in Sonic CD" (mod framework used with permission)

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File Size: 7.43 MB

Mohamad20ZX @ 2021-10-11 09:29:13

fantastic way to replay sonic CD

crispyblue @ 2021-10-18 09:03:41

Cool mod!! One of the most memorable moments was the final boss. Either due to my own mistakes modding the game or another, the final boss was just a corrupted sprite sheet of metal sonics. I had to fight my own brothers along with their boxes. After I defeated the final boss, amy, who was for some reason also metal sonic, came to me, being successfully rescued. Everything in the mod was completely normal up to this point. Not the finale I expected, but beautiful and tragic nonetheless!