Sonic the Hedgehog Forever

By Team Forever

Based on the recent decompilation of the mobile version, Sonic the Hedgehog Forever adds a number of abilities, options, and game modes to enhance the experience and celebrate the replayability of the game.

Extra options

  • Build a moveset for Sonic with Dropdash, Instashield, Peelout, even Spindash all toggleable! Extra addition like flight cancel, super cancel, and smoother rotation are available too. Make sure you check the options out!

Eight Save Slots

  • You can save up to eight files on our save select. If you have files from the base decomp on your SData, press Up five times on the Sega screen and they will be imported!

Time Attack

  • All levels available with all three characters, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles!

Arcade Mode

  • A one-life run through the game to rack up as many points as possible. Set a high score and compare your previous attempts.

Emerald Gauntlet

  • Unlocked with the Chaos Connoiseur achievement. Can you beat all seven special stages in one try? You may understand the Chaos Emeralds a little better if you do...

Special Maker

  • A feature hidden in the dev menus of the decompilation, you can make, save, and load your own special stages. Saved stages load automatically on entry.

Boss Rush.

  • Unlocked with the One for the Road acvhievement. All of the classic Eggman fights in one level. How quick do you think you can beat them?


  • All of the achievements from the mobile version have been recreated, with some fun additions on top.

Control Test

  • Hold the Down button on the Sega screen for three seconds to access our Control Test screen, and check how your inputs are being read by the game.

Secret Unlockables

  • Some are more obscure than others. You might stumble across them, or you may choose to go looking.

There's lots of polish applied to the game experience. We hope that with Forever, you can always find a reason to play Sonic 1 again. And again. Forever.

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You'll need a copy of the Sonic 1 Classic apk, and the download available on this page. Uncompress our zip into a folder, move the APK into that folder, and run the S1F Setup.bat script. The rest is automatic.


Team Forever

Team Leads:

  • ElspethThePict
  • Aprkot


  • ElspethThePict
  • Cosmic Eternity
  • Xanman


  • Aprkot
  • Cosmic Eternity
  • Cyb
  • Louplayer
  • Makoto
  • Retro
  • Storice
  • TruthTomato
  • Underscore_
  • Xanman
  • with contribution by GreenKnight9000

Animation Supervisor:

  • Retro


  • SNick!


  • BrySkye
  • Cosmic Eternity
  • Cyberdrem
  • Denzel Gallop the Third
  • Freezer X-Treme
  • Goofyking
  • Greenie
  • Louplayer
  • Petlamb
  • Retro
  • Storice
  • ThunderLion
  • TruthTomato
  • Ultra
  • Xanman

Social Media:

  • Petlamb


  • Cosmic Eternity

Original Drop Dash Code by MainMemory, campbellsonic, and splemb

Scrap Brain Zone GG/MS remix by Gustavo Firmino Cazonato

Boss Rush Tileset by Egg Master, Techokami, and Dolphman/RetroBunyip

7zip developed by Igor Pavlov

Retrun developed by nextvolume, ValleyBell, and Xeeynamo

Setup scripts based on Easy Retrun for Retrun 1.51 by SoN1c2001/Burrotis Man

RSDKv3/v4 DECOMPILATION by RubberDuckyCooly and RMGRich

Special thanks to the users of Retro Engine Modding Server for their advice, assistance, and feedback.

Original Game by SEGA® and Sonic Team®

Ported by Taxman and Stealth


File Type: 7z

File Size: 10.25 MB

KarlEmerald @ 2021-10-11 05:01:34

Very epic

Cyberdrem @ 2021-10-11 07:14:19

0/10 game is too good

Underscore_ @ 2021-10-11 07:37:08

"6/10 too much content" - IGN

Ultra @ 2021-10-11 08:49:13

omg!!!!!!!!! sonic forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Team Forever @ 2021-10-11 13:21:06

Using the setup is easier than you think. We have a video guide here if you're struggling: [url][/url]

ThunderLion @ 2021-10-11 14:05:21

Arcade mode and Boss Rush is just so great! keep up the great work

KarlEmerald @ 2021-10-12 15:16:36


Phantomzoom @ 2021-10-12 05:39:37

0/10 no ring keep mode :sadmania:

SonicHero913 @ 2021-10-23 07:24:39

And if it did have ring keep mode?

RetroForever15 @ 2021-10-12 15:02:07

no way, Sonic Forever

KarlEmerald @ 2021-10-12 15:16:58

I know right, it's so fucking good

KarlEmerald @ 2021-10-12 15:19:10

No, it doesn't work on mobile so please leave now. :)

ChristophWally @ 2021-10-12 16:12:57

The Sonic 3 A.I.R for Sonic 1. It has all of the customisable options that one might expect (spike bug, S3 sheilds, Super Sonic etc.) and so much more including an arcade mode, time attack, emerald gauntlet and the recently added Boss Rush mode which is a lot of fun. You can tell the team has put a lot of tlc into the project.

Truly the definitive version of Sonic 1 in 2021 that I would recommend as THE introduction to 2D Sonic games from now on.

Gustati_21k @ 2021-10-12 20:33:55

You can make a Port of this Remake for mobile, there are a lot of people who don't have a PC, and if you have this Port, a lot of people would be surprised with this Port... think about this idea

KarlEmerald @ 2021-10-13 19:22:24

They said it will never happen. While there is a mobile beta for the decomp, Forever removes all touch controls so you gonna need a controller or Keyboard.

LazyHedgehog @ 2021-10-14 09:18:18

I noticed the achievement on finishing on the highest route in Spring Yard Zone act 2 isn't working, just noting if future updates ever come out

Team Forever @ 2021-10-14 10:25:22

It's working as intended. Try a little higher...

LazyHedgehog @ 2021-10-14 11:08:14

Sorry I sent an email too before but yes I found it haha thanks

qgray14 @ 2021-10-16 16:03:06

This is just too good for words.

Gustati_21k @ 2021-10-16 20:29:42

I won't lie, the game is amazing, I hope there is Sonic 2 Forever!!

SonicHero913 @ 2021-10-23 07:22:35

I got a .7z file and I can't use 7zip due to my school computers limitations, what should I do?

Team Forever @ 2021-10-24 17:45:24

The contest is now over, but head to our website [url][/url] where we have a zip. Or y'know, don't play games on your school computer lol.

Wildzorroeva @ 2021-11-14 14:42:46


eyakens @ 2022-05-01 23:04:31

cool 10/10