Sonic 06 Definitive Experience

By brianuuu

Sonic 06 Definitive Experience is a mod for Sonic Generations that featurees original models, animations and physics from the game Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). This is not just an ordinary character skin mod, with the help of recent development of code injection, this is also a proof-of-concept mod that creates new movesets to Sonic Generations by bringing back character movesets from Sonic 06!

This mod does NOT contain any stage mods, while not mandatory, you are highly recommended to play this mod alongside with STH2006 Project Demo 5 which is available in Expo. While 06 physics is playable in most Generations stages, STH2006 Project contains stages that are more suitable for adventure style gameplay this mod offers, you must put Sonic 06 Definitive Experience higher priority in HedgeModManager. This mod only works with HedgeModManager, SonicGMI is NOT supported!

In the current version of this mod, you will be able to play with 06 Sonic or 06 Sonic+Elise characater model, both fully capatible with English and Japanese voice-over. But most importantly, most of the physics and character movesets from Sonic 06 has been recreated in Sonic Generations with code injection (only less buggy!), here are the list of main tecnical changes (if you have played Sonic 06, this should feel right at home):

  • Ground & Air Control: Controls have been refined more precise, you can also change character's direction while air-dashing
  • Running Speed & Boosting: Running speed is reduced to match Sonic 06. Press and hold RT to boost, boosting will be similar to Blue Gem's speed
  • Gravity-Defying Homing Attack: You can homing attack object/enemies above Sonic
  • Recreated 06 Rail Grinding Physics: Press X button to do Grind Tricks and speed up while grinding, you can also homing attack to ANY part of a rail, L-stick rail switching is disable so use this to switch between rails
  • Bounce Bracelet (Sonic): Press X button in mid-air to stomp and bounce up when hitting the ground, bounce again to gain height to reach higher platforms
  • Sweep Kick (Sonic): Press and release X button quickly on ground to do Sweep Kick, this will attack surrounding objects and enemies, you can also use it to pass under tight gaps
  • Anti-Gravity (Sonic/Sonic+Elise): Hold down X button, while running, release the button to use Anti-Gravity, you can slide under tight spaces, press X again to cancel the action
  • Spindash (Sonic): While standing still, hold down X Button to charge up a spindash, relase to launch the spindash attack, if you prefer able to charge Spindash while running, you can enable Rapid Spindash in configuration, but this will disable Anti-Gravity
  • Light Speed Dash: Press X button along a glowing trail of rings to use Light Speed Dash
  • Super From: Speed will be increased in Super form (even if 06 Physics is enabled), you are not forced to use Floating Boost anymore, you can Boost normally on ground and use Floating Boost while doing Air Boost (note that Floating Boost only available in Generations stages)
  • 06 Button Mapping: All of characters movesets are mapped to X button, whlist Boost will be mapped to RT. You can disable this option to revert mapping to Generations' style. (X: Boost, Y: Lightdash, B: Bounce Bracelet/Sweep Kick/Spindash/Anti-Gravity)
  • R-stick camera control: While default camera is active, use R-stick to control camera, press LT button to reset camera
  • Particle Effects: Particle effects used in movesets like Homing Attack, Sweep Kick, Spindash etc. have been recreated and played via code injection. Enemies will also spawn different boost energy particles, robots will spawn Chaos Drives and Iblis monsters will spawn Light Cores and play respective sound effect just like Sonic 06
  • 06 Item Boxes: 1-up and 10-rings are changed to 06 Item Boxes, you can lock-on to them just like Sonic 06, this also affects Generations stages
  • Rank Quotes: Each character will comment on the rank when finishing a stage
  • Running Goal (Sonic): After hitting goal ring at certain stages, Sonic will do a running animation during the result screens (list of stages are configurable)

For the purpose of this contest, 06 physics, character movesets, button mapping, R-stick camera control and various technical changes are turned on by default, you can change the mod configurations via HedgeModManager.

Known Issues:

  • The game sometimes can crash upon loading or exiting a stage, this happens rarely with Sonic but more fequently with Sonic+Elise mod, currently no solution has been found for this bug yet, for now just keep restart the game and it will work eventually, once you are able to play a stage and exit to HUB world at least once, it should not crash anymore for the same play session
  • When 06 Button Mapping is enabled, navigation hint may not show the correct button

Lastly, we hope via this mod will encourage modders to create level mods not only for Boost style gameplay but also Adventure style gameplay!



brianuuu (brianuuuSonic)

  • Importing models from 06
  • Animation fixes to fit in Generations
  • Custom animations
  • 06 custom physics
  • 06 character movesets coding
  • 06 particle effects recreation
  • Voice mod, enemy sound effects
  • Custom Generations style 06 HUD
  • DLL mod codes


  • Various tools
  • Cutscene skipping mod
  • anm.hkx clean script to reduce animation size
  • No Boosting Animation When Grinding code
  • Custom animation injection code
  • Coding guidence


  • Models/Materials fixing
  • Sonic+Elise goal/idle blinking animation

Mario Tainaka

  • Sound management
  • Character voice clips
  • Various gameplay sound effects
  • Beta testing


  • Various custom animations
  • Elise's materials
  • 06 springs


  • Coding help
  • Camera mod collaboration

Zoney (TwlightZoney)

  • Chaos Drive/Light Core models & materials


  • Boost Gauge Starts Empty code
  • Beta testing


  • Creator of Glitter Studio (particle effect editor)


  • Disable Homing Redicle code
  • Disable Spin Dash on Dash Panels code
  • Disable Boost Button Prompt code
  • Disable Light Dash Hints code
  • Disable Rail Boosters code


  • Coding guidence


  • Beta testing

File Type: 7z

File Size: 67.38 MB

AnotherBlob @ 2021-10-14 18:07:13

I've been experimenting with these 06 physics and controls in all kinds of levels you're not supposed to use him on, and it's just... so funny how clunky and slow he can be, when it's not in the STH2006 Project. It is scarily accurate to normal 06, I love it.

brianuuu @ 2021-10-15 05:17:07

lol, well you do have the option to turn 06 physics off if you wish to play with Gens stages, while keeping the new movesets

AnotherBlob @ 2021-10-15 06:14:16

That's great too, of course!

I just find it really amusing with the 06 physics on. xD