Tails Advent

By lordxernom

Tails Advent is a hack of Tails Adventure for the Sega Game Gear. This project is an overhaul of the entire game, that uses silhouette artstyle with revamped levels and visuals. I've started making this hack month ago in order to test if I can pull this off in short time period. This hack features:

  • Edited all palettes in the entire game (so you can play Polly Mt. 2 without Night Vision Item, but with that object you can change into more brighter custom palette)
  • Edited all levels (boss fight areas have slight changes in order to avoid issues)
  • Tails flight has max value at the beginning of the game and 15 HP instead of 10; Chaos Emeralds only changes HP, but those values are altered too (25, 35, 45 etc.)
  • Changed music tracks in all levels (Poloy Forest has Tails House music, which generates interesting effect - when Tails is flying, flight SFX is fusing with the music; Volcanic Tunnel has Game Over theme, which doesn't loop - after this only silence remains for better atmosphere sake; Radio mutes tracks instead of changing into another one)
  • Edited SEGA logo, title screen, world map etc.
  • Added warp point to Green Island area 2, which allows the player to exit level and unlocks Cavern Island (so using submarine isn't necessary, but still possible in Lake Rocky in order to reach Cavern Island)
  • Revamped inventory, that allows the player carry all items.
  • Removed game over screen after dying (player will start again in area with the same amount of rings after previous level)
  • Minor bugfixes (related to jumping)
  • Removed Teleport Device item, due to causing issue with accidentally leaving level in Batlle Fortress 2 (Wrench is required in order to pass this, so using wrong item and returning to map is way too frustrating to leave it in this hack)

Special thanks goes to SupperTails66 for creating Tales level editor - without this tool, this hack wouldn't be possible.


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VitalikNerd005 @ 2021-11-20 11:18:35

I remember in SHC 2017 there was a hack of the first Sonic in the style of LIMBO on the Sega Mega Drive/ Genesis, but now it's a hack about Tails of the game Tails Adventure in the style of LIMBO!!