Sonic Riders Regravitified v1.0

By Xithyl_kykorl

Sonic Riders Regravitified is a competitive-aimed mod, and major rework to the systems of Sonic Riders Zero Gravity. The mod also incorporates a variety of quality of life improvements, in addition to dyrastically speeding up the gameplay.

This mod is for the Wii version of the game, primarily played via Dolphin Emulator, however does function on hardware with some restrictions. NOTE: This game is only compatible with a controller configured as a GameCube Controller in Dolphin Emulator, or an actual GameCube Controller on hardware.

Extreme Gear Labs is the community for "Sonic Riders DX" (a mod for the original Sonic Riders) and "Sonic Riders Regravitified". They host content for both games in the form of tournaments, speedrunning, textures, competitive discussion, and modding. You can join the community here:

Official Texture Pack:

it is recommended that you use this texture pack, as the functionality of several Gear Changes have changed and this texture pack helps better represent what they do.

You can use these textures in game via Dolphin Emulator by going to Documents -> Dolphin Emulator -> Load -> Textures and creating a folder in there called "SRZE8P".

After just place the textures in the folder that you want to use and make sure Dolphin has Load Custom Textures ticked in it's configuration.


- Character Type Shortcuts are now tied to characters (Such as Sonic being able to grind on rails) opposed to being determined by the gear or gear changes. The Gear Changes that used to give shortcuts now give stat benefits instead.

- All gears can inherently slipstream off of one another instead of it being exclusive to Yachts.

- Players can now use the Z Button to cycle between Gear Changes that are currently available for purchase.

- Players can now spend GP to Boost by pressing the L Button.

- Players can also spend GP to lay a trap called a GV (Gravity Void) by holding back on the control stick and pressing the L Button. NOTE: this feature crashes hardware.

- Players can drift on the ground by holding a direction and holding the X Button.

- The trick system has been replaced with a Charge Jump trick system. Hold the A Button to charge your jump. Depending on how long you charged for and where you jumped off the ramp will determine your Trick Rank.

- Charging jump Cancels your Boost, allowing you to take your Type Shortcut with a Fly or Speed Type. As such, Power Type can now Boost through Power Objects.

- You are now able to Attack other people in Boost State! You also gain GP (Rings for a Ring Gear) for every other character you hit, even if they aren't Boosting.

- Gravity Dive Rings left behind from someone Gravity Diving now give GP when they're used to make up for any lost Meteorburst Objects.

- Ring Gears have been completely recoded, don't drain rings when taking type shortcuts anymore, start with rings, and much much more.


- There's an option to check for updates in the Main Menu, and you can update your version of the mod online from within the game. NOTE: This does not work properly on hardware.

- Boots the game to the Main Menu instead of the Title Screen with everything unlocked by default.

- You now start the race with full GP always, unless you're a Ring Gear, in which case you get 30 Rings.

- Disabled Motion Blur.

- Reduced Control Lock from various things such as Fly Hoops, Dash Panels, or Bonking on a wall.

- Changed Meteorburst Objects and Gravity Dive Rings to give additive speed instead of setting your speed.

- A centered in-game timer for multiplayer matches.

- Several Bugfixes such as making it so Super Sonic doesnt lose collision after attacking someone, or disabling the water in Tempest Waterway from messing with your rotation while you drift.

- ect...


- While Type Shortcuts are tied to characters instead of Gears now, Gear Changes like Air Ride or Bike are not useless! They give various stat bonuses based on what type they are now instead.

- The Cover Series of gears (Cover S, Cover F, Cover P) still retain their ability to grant a type shortcut, but now, if you use them on the same character type, it supercharges your Type Shortcuts

- Light Board is a unique gear inspired by Free Riders. Instead of Gear Changing, it Gear Switches using the Z Button. instead of Boosting, it Kick Dashes, having instant accel, and the speed lasts and increases based on your Level. Yep, this Gear also Levels Up, 1st by reaching 60 or more rings, then again at 120 or more rings.

- Beginner is another gear that levels up, but lacks the Gear Switch or Kick Dashes, but as a result, it can attack!

- Shooting Star has been given a Custom Special Effect to where it has no start up to it's Gravity Dive, inspired by Zero Gravity's Battle Mode.

- Balance Changes and more in the patch notes


- Firstly, you will need a good dump of Vanilla (unmodded) Sonic Riders Zero Gravity NA Wii .wbfs or .iso. Note, it cannot be a .nkit.iso. How you get it is up to you.

- Secondly, you will need the patcher you can download here. Extract the .rar into the folder inside.

- Third, run the ZGPatcher Application File. Select the Vanilla (unmodded) Sonic Riders Zero Gravity NA Wii .wbfs, or .iso under the top section next to "Original ISO/WBFS".

- Fourth, use the select file button next to Output ISO and select where you want the new patched .iso to go. under File Name, name the file "SRRG1.0.iso" and select Save.

- Fifth, Hit the "Patch!" button, select OK on the popup and wait for the command prompts to finish. You will get a pop up when it's finished.

- Sixth, the .iso file "SRRG1.0.iso" you have needs to be run using an emulator. It's recommended you use Dolphin Emulator.


Note: None of these codes are required to play Sonic Riders Regravitified and are either entirely cosmetic or for fun. They can be ran as Gecko codes in Dolphin Emulator.

Always have your Gear out / Gear never goes in compact mode

C2A182E0 00000004

80BF0448 80C50014

2C060000 4182000C

80C50030 90C50014

1C000018 00000000


Super Sonic is His Own Character

04B2E3B0 28000012

04B2E42C 28000012

04BA0E38 00040001


















C2B2E434 00000002

3AA00012 9ABE0071

60000000 00000000

c2b5d044 00000007

3821fff8 90c10004

80dd0424 70c60800

2c060800 41820010

80dd0ab4 8806003f

48000008 801d0b3c

80c10004 38210008

60000000 00000000

c2b5cf98 00000007

3821fff8 90c10004

80c50424 70c60800

2c060800 41820010

80c50ab4 8806003f

48000008 80050b3c

80c10004 38210008

60000000 00000000


Disable Hints By Default

c28c166c 00000004

3821fff8 90c10004

38c00000 98c3043d

80c10004 38210008

60000000 00000000

c28c161c 00000004

3821fff8 90c10004

38c00000 98c40433

80c10004 38210008

60000000 00000000

c28c162c 00000004

3821fff8 90c10004

38c00000 98c40435

80c10004 38210008

60000000 00000000

c28c1604 00000004

3821fff8 90c10004

38c00000 98c40430

80c10004 38210008

60000000 00000000

c28c1634 00000004

3821fff8 90a10004

38a00004 98a40436

80a10004 38210008

60000000 00000000


To use Japanese voices

0462dc10 00000000


Japanese ingame text

0462dc0c 00000000


German ingame text

0462dc0c 00000002


French ingame text

0462dc0c 00000003


Spanish ingame text

0462dc0c 00000004


Italian ingame text

0462dc0c 00000005

  • Yacker: Programmer, Game Design, Music & Looping
  • Xithyl_kykorl: Lead Programmer, Game Balance Lead, Game Design
  • AirKingNeo: Programmer, Game Balance, Game Design
  • moester_: Programmer
  • Aigami: Tester, Texture Pack, Game Design
  • PixelBolt the Holo-Hedgehog: Tester, Game Design, Promotional Video, Photography
  • Snfn: Tester, Game Design
  • Twonk: Tester, Game Design
  • Salaga: Tester, Game Design
  • Cybersonicstarzx655: Tester, Game Design
  • Odd-eyes Von: Video Editting, RG 0.5 Trailer
  • CXLDR3: Original Music (Midnight Waves)
  • Sewer56: Host of our online update server, Game Consultant
  • Crimson Gaia: Host of Regravitified Showcase, and primary Tournament Host / Organizer
  • Music List:
  • MENU
  • It Begins - Acceleration of Suguri 2
  • Electronica in the Velvet Room - Persona 4 Arena
  • Options - Sonic Riders Zero Gravity
  • Start up your EX Gear - Sonic Free Riders
  • Windmill Isle - Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games 2016
  • Fly Me To The Moon - Bayonetta
  • Results / Credits - Sonic R
  • Results - Initial D Arcade Stage Zero Ver2
  • Cooperation - Gunvolt 2
  • Concert Hall - Aquapazza
  • Grand Metropolis - Sonic Heroes
  • Market Street - Team Sonic Racing
  • Force Addiction - Yakuza 0
  • Mute City - F Zero GX
  • Stardust Speedway Bad Future (US) - Sonic Generations
  • Aquarium Park Boss - Sonic Colors
  • Stardust Speedway Present (JP) - Sonic CD
  • Lethal Highway - Shadow The Hedgehog
  • Fighting Onward ~ Space Port - Sonic Forces
  • Jungle Joyride - Sonic Unleashed
  • Sky Road - Team Sonic Racing
  • Eggman's Facility (Rhythm and Balance) - Sonic Forces
  • Luminous Forest - Sonic Forces
  • White Arcopolis Snowy Peak - Sonic 2006
  • Cool Edge Day - Sonic Unleashed
  • Snow Sisters (Vatista) - Under Night in Birth
  • Ice Cage - Sora
  • Press Garden Act 2 - Sonic Mania
  • Crank The Heat Up!! - Sonic Adventure
  • Egg Factory - Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games
  • Power Plant - Sonic Heroes
  • Eggmanland Day - Sonic Unleashed
  • Bad Taste Aquarium - Sonic Adventure
  • Crazy Gadget - Sonic Adventure 2
  • Soarin' Over Space - Sonic Adventure 2
  • E.G.G.M.A.N. [Doc. Robeatnic Mix] - Shadow The Hedgehog
  • Aquarium Park Act 1 - Sonic Colors
  • Aquos - Bakugan Battle Brawlers
  • Ocean Palace - Sonic Heroes
  • That's The Way I Like It - Sonic Adventure 2
  • Kingdom Valley - Sonic 06
  • White Acropolis The Base - Sonic 06
  • Aquarium Park Act 2 - Sonic Colors
  • Moonlight Battlefield ~ Aqua Road - Sonic Forces
  • Dragon Road Day - Sonic Unleashed
  • Rocky Ridge - Sonic Free Riders
  • Back in Time - Sonic R
  • Quartz Quadrant Present (JP) - Sonic CD
  • Dragon Road Night - Sonic Unleashed
  • Boo's House - Team Sonic Racing
  • Keys the Ruin - Sonic Adventure 2
  • Relic Maze 1 - Freedom Planet
  • Underground Zone - Sonic Official Youtube
  • Terminal Velocity - Sonic Colors
  • Skyscraper Scamper Day - Sonic Unleashed
  • Crisis City Modern - Sonic Generations
  • Midnight Waves - CXLDR3
  • Anti Hero - Persona 5 Scramble
  • Get Edgy - Sonic Rush
  • Westopolis - Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Final Fortress - Sonic Heroes
  • Ventus - Bakugan Battle Brawlers
  • Volcanic Rim Stage (Oceania) - Super Street Fighter 4
  • Asteroid Coaster Act 1 - Sonic Colors
  • The Ark - Shadow The Hedgehog
  • Jack Atlas Theme - Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links
  • Open Your Heart - Sonic Generations
  • Mephiles Boss - Sonic 2006
  • For True Story - Sonic Adventure 2
  • Jeh Jeh Rocket - Sonic Rush
  • Metropolis Speedway - Sonic Free Riders
  • Funky Dealer - Jet Set Radio Future
  • Sneakman - Jet Set Radio
  • Run Through The Speed Highway - Sonic Adventure
  • Neon Nights - Phantasy Star Online 2
  • Customer Creed - Yakuza 0
  • Hi-Spec Robo Go! - Sonic Mania
  • Catch Me If You Can - Sonic Riders Zero Gravity
  • Un-Gravitify - Sonic Riders Zero Gravity

File Type: 7z

File Size: 1.1 GB

Sewer56 @ 2021-09-19 16:14:18

Quick Note:

There exists a bad dump of Zero Gravity that's shared around out there; it is recommended you dump your own copy or grab from a trusted source. Patching a bad dump will likely result in a black screen.

A known good WBFS dump has an MD5 checksum of 6c784b8b7684bf39fef965040a809f6d (in Dolphin) and 49f4dc1ef32a543a95d9fe506a4b6c87 (file).

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This is what a true remastered Sonic racing game really feels like. I love it and I have doubts about it.

sonicboom2 @ 2021-10-13 07:39:56

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