Sonic 2 Desynced

By GTKoopa

Sonic 2 Desynced is another Tails based hack I have done this year, an addition to the Tails or Else series. Here Tails's Dpad inputs are connected to Player 1 along with Sonic. Press A to make Sonic Jump. Press C to make Tails jump! Keep Tails synced up with Sonic as much as you can, or else! If Tails despawns off screen, Sonic will turn golden and all his controls will lock up faster than you can say "QPU misaligned!"

To turn Sonic back to normal either have Tails land on the ground or wait for the timer to end. Plan ahead and position Sonic in a safe area if Tails is gone. Don't let Sonic become a golden brick at the worst possible time! It does happen.


Just Sonic 2.


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Jdpense @ 2021-10-12 21:46:28

I like the idea, although it wasn't too hard for me to beat once I figured out a pattern.