Sonic Sunventure

By Scrap Sorra

Venture through time!

The evil Dr. Robotnik has been meddling with time itself! In order to stop him and prevent a bad future for South Island, Sonic must travel through time and stop the Doctor's evil schemes!

Featuring 9 acts filled with exploration, platforming, and speed, take control of Sonic to put an end to Dr. Robotnik's plot!


A, B, C = Jump

A, B, C (During Spring animation) = Air Curl


The options menu contains several different color palettes you can use for Sonic, as well as an option to disable Sonic CD's extended camera. The spindash and peelout are unavaliable for this build, as the option does not work properly yet.

  1. Defualt: Sonic's normal palette.
  2. Original: Sonic's palette from Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) and Sonic CD.
  3. Classic: Sonic's palette from the first demo of Sonic Sunventure.
  4. Midnight: Based on Sonic's palette from the Sonic 1 version of C2 Sonic.
  5. Vibrant: Based on Sonic's palette from the Sonic 2 version of C2 Sonic.
  6. Crackers: Based on Sonic's palette from Sonic Crackers/Sonic Clackers.
  7. Red Hot: Sonic with red fur instead of blue.
  8. Tides: Based on Ecco's palette from Ecco: The Tides of Time
  9. Cringe: Based on Sonic's palette from Sonic Mania.
  10. Darker: Based on the colors of Shadow the Hedgehog.


  • Sonic - Gives an extra life.
  • Speed Shoes - Increases Sonic's speed for a short period of time.
  • Ring - Gives 10 rings.
  • Invincibility - Makes Sonic invincible for a short period of time.
  • Eggman - Hurts Sonic.
  • Emerald - Grants a Chaos Emerald at the end of the act. Saves at checkpoints.
  • Silver Ring - Gives 20 rings.
  • Blue Shield - Gives a blue shield that protects against electrical hazards.
  • Red Shield - Gives a red shield that grants immunity from fire hazards and can withstand two hits.
  • Silver Shield - Gives a silver shield that grants immunity from spikes, metallic hazards, and select enemies.
  • Gold Shield - Grants a shield that attracts rings and can withstand two hits. Also gives 35 rings. Hidden one per act.

Track list:

  • Title Screen - Title Screen (Socket)
  • Options - Deposit Coins (Battle Mania Daiinjou)
  • Green Hill Act 1 - Grass Land Day (Burning Force)
  • Green Hill Act 2 - Grass Land Night (Burning Force)
  • Green Hill Act 3 - Seaside Front (Air Buster/Aero Blasters)
  • Future Bay Act 1 - Bay Yard (Burning Force)
  • Future Bay Act 2 - Bay Yard (Burning Force) + Bay of Scattered Song (Ecco Jr.)
  • Scrap Ruins Act 1 - Volcano Valley Act 1 (Sonic 3D Blast)
  • Scrap Ruins Act 2 - Volcano Valley Act 2 (Sonic 3D Blast)
  • Scrap Ruins Act 3 - Rusty Ruins Zone Act 2 (Sonic 3D Blast)
  • Robotic Ruin Zone - Big Water (Ecco: The Tides of Time)
  • Boss - Stage 1 Boss: Triple Eye (Dangerous Seed)
  • Final Boss - Final Boss (Socket)
  • Final Boss Pinch - Final Boss 2 (Air Buster/Aero Blasters)
  • Act Clear - Level Clear (Socket)
  • Boss Clear - Intermission (Raiden Trad)
  • Speed Shoes - Speed Shoes (Sonic CD US)
  • Invincibility - Surging Power (Knuckles' Chaotix)
  • Game Over - Game Over (Whip Rush)
  • Time Over - Broken Oath (Granada)
  • Extra Life - Stage Clear (Burning Force)
  • Continue - Continue (Arcus Odyssey)
  • Sound Test 89 (Special Stage) - Special Zone 1 - Lights (Socket)
  • DeltaWooloo - Coding, Music, SFX porting
  • ProjectFM - Coding
  • TheInvisibleSun - Coding, Music
  • Djohe - Help porting Sonic 2's ObjD9
  • MrJoker27 Productions - Music
  • Naoto - CD extended camera guide
  • Konrad - Mozzietron enemy ported to sonic
  • Inferno - Air Roll guide
  • Yami - After-image object
  • vladikcomper - Advanced error handler
  • Flamewing - Flamewing's DMA transfer
  • Sonic CD, Knuckles' Chaotix: Various art, Ecco 1/Ecco 2: Text, various art.

File Type: rom/mega-drive

File Size: 1.26 MB

Extra Public Downloads
Palette Guide + Full OST
28.55 MB

Scrap Sorra @ 2022-10-05 15:22:25

Comment deleted by Scrap Sorra @ 2022-10-05 15:24:03

Scrap Sorra @ 2022-10-05 15:24:25

Adressing some things that I forgot to put in the entry description:

Tester credits:



Yes, I am aware of the bugs surrounding the water in Future Bay and they will be fixed for the next release.

I forgot to remove the bit about the spindash and peelout option, as I am no longer going to have them be in the game at all.

There are now 3ds .cia files of the hack you can install on a homebrewed 3ds:

Last modified by Scrap Sorra @ 2022-10-10 18:10:02

Proletant Team @ 2022-10-10 06:57:29

A very good hack. Amazed at the changing palette of the character. I haven't seen anything like this yet

raspmary @ 2022-10-10 07:57:47


jokes aside, i really love this hack - it's simplistic yet it's really everything it needs to be

vibrant, detailed level art which changes palettes from act to act, level design that not only allows for high speed but also exploration with the new types of shields and emerald monitors, some very pleasant music and best of all, no sonic 1 special stages to deal with

cannot wait for what the future holds for this one

marcosmoutta @ 2022-10-11 02:40:59

What does まるけだぜ mean? At least that's what I think the Sega logo says

Figured it out. It's maNUke. I'm just stupid

Last modified by marcosmoutta @ 2022-10-11 03:07:02

Marikor @ 2022-11-18 14:20:47

That is not Japanes. It is Korean and it means "ㅎ 말은 개같네=i mean it's a dog."

mortar_canyon @ 2022-10-11 07:28:32

this was a really great rom hack, it has amazing level art, really good level design, and I also really appreciated using based music from more obscure Genesis games. I really can't wait to see where this rom hack will go in the future.

Gufighter @ 2022-10-11 16:55:47

I loved it, visually beautiful, beautiful soundtrack and good level designer. I liked the treadmill on the last boss but it would be perfect if it increased the challenge on the bosses for example speeding up your attacks when it's about to be defeated

dilworks @ 2022-10-11 17:13:35

Pretty good and balanced hack. Love some bits (the fire shield can take more than 1 hit! The conveyor belt on Final Zone quickly forces you to rethink your defense strategy), hate some others (Scrap Brain badniks and traps on Marble Zone, eugh! The lack of special moves is a bummer...), and was able to complete it without resorting to savestate abuse.

Sure, Green Hill still look like Green Hill.. but with a bit of paint and lacquer, the experience changes notably, and this hack is a great example of that.

leoclubs @ 2022-10-13 03:08:24

visually , its a 10 out of 10.

gameplay probably a 4 out of 10 for me because , it wasn't anything with substance , layout design isn't the worst but with the way its designed , it severely needed a Spin dash at the very least. There were also collision issues that need to be fixed. and the current way of earning emeralds is meh

i didn't really enjoy playing Sunventure as much as i enjoyed looking at it but i do think there's lots of room for improvement in the future

ryantrusty @ 2022-10-13 12:55:31

Starting with the things I liked, I think the design aesthetic is one of the most interesting I've seen in a sonic game. The Sonic CD style and zone themes mixed with Sonic 1 is perfect. The second zone was my favorite in terms of this because I always loved Metallic Madness Good Future and to see it fully realized in a zone like this is so cool. The prototype features realized and the Final zone treadmills were neat.

ryantrusty @ 2022-10-13 12:55:55

I'd also like to say that this hack feels the most true to the original game(s), in both good and bad ways. It stays true in quite unsatisfactory ways, such as the homing robot ball thing (or whatever it's called) at the start of Future Bay Act 3 and that Splats badnik that comes out of nowhere in Scrap Ruins.

ryantrusty @ 2022-10-13 12:56:10

It also fails to fix any shortcomings with the original engine, such as no spindash and instadeath spikes. The levels are also really short and for how good the level design is (at least for the first two zones) it's a shame.

Overall it's visually stunning and presents good ideas and some good level design but also falls through with unfair enemies and zones like Robotic Ruin that feel like the worst parts of Labyrinth Zone and Tital Tempest mashed into a Frankenstein's Monster of a level.

ryantrusty @ 2022-10-13 12:56:43

I'd love to see this refined and improved but as of now its a 6/10.

i hate the stupid character limit

TheInvisibleSun @ 2022-10-23 18:41:28

The lack of a spindash is an engine shortcoming?

ProjectFM @ 2022-10-14 22:02:09

Just to clarify, I didn't actively work on the hack. The credit was supposed to be for "coding help".

Konrad @ 2022-10-17 19:15:53

Just found out i was a credit in this hack lol. nice little project for sure. best wishes to ya lad.

Sammii @ 2022-10-20 08:31:37

Great hack! In future updates I'd love to see boss arenas redesigned in the style of Final Zone.

GingyMobile @ 2023-02-17 21:18:22

Hello! just wanted to say this is a wonderful mod. One thing that really annoyed me though was the slow down after getting get by a badnik and the lack of a spindash, other then that this was a really cool mod!

Blasts @ 2024-01-07 04:12:52

Sorra let's talk