Sonic 2 - Boss Attack Plus v2

By Metal Shadow Productions

Boss Attack Plus is a mod that extends the existing Boss Attack in Sonic 2 (2013).Features:

  • Play all Sonic 1's and/or Sonic 2's Bosses in a row
  • All new Main Menu. you can choose different modes here
  • Play as Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles
  • Music Selection: change the boss tune like you want
  • New Result Screen. look at your own records
  • Unlimited lifes. If you die, you start in the current stage. The timer continues counting
  • Hidden Palace is there, too. It's located between Mystic Cave and Oil Ocean
  • GHZ Boss Hitbox from MD is restored

18 Bosses in a row. Can you defeat Dr. Eggman in this huge boss rush. Play ALL bosses from Sonic 1 and 2 (2013). Choose your favorite music while fighting... From Sonic 1 to 3D Blast.

Music Options:

All Selections also change the Intro and Final Boss Theme

  • S1 : Sonic 1 Boss Theme, (Scrap Brain, Final Zone)
  • S2 : Sonic 2 Boss Theme, (Death Egg (S2), Death Egg Robot)
  • S3 : Sonic 3&K Boss Theme, (Death Egg (S&K) , Big Arm)
  • SCD : Sonic CD JP Boss Theme, (Metallic Madness JP Present , Final Fever JP)
  • Mania A : Ruby Delusions, (Titanic Monach Act 2, Ruby Illusions)
  • Mania B : Hovok Prognosis, (Titanic Monach Act 1, Ruby Illusions)
  • Mania HBH : Hi-Spec Robo Go!, (Titanic Monach Act 2, Ruby Illusions)
  • Mania Mini : Danger on the Dance Floor, (Titanic Monach Act 1, Ruby Illusions)
  • S3 Mini : Sonic 3 Act 1 Boss Theme, (Launch Base Act 2 , Big Arm)
  • SK Mini : Sonic and Knuckles Act 1 Boss Theme, (Sky Sanctuary , Doomsday)
  • 3D Blast A : Boss 1, (Panic Puppet Act 1, Final Fight)
  • 3D Blast B : Boss 2, (Panic Puppet Act 2, Final Fight)
  • 3D Blast C : Beta Boss, (Panic Puppet Act 2, Final Fight)
  • Spinball : Boss Room, (The Maschine, Showdown)

Mode Options:

  • S1+S2: Play all 18 Bosses in a row
  • S1 : Start in Green Hill and fight till Final Zone.
  • S2 : Beginn in Emerald Hill

Hard Mode Options:

  • Off: You get Rings and Monitors
  • On: Removed all Rings, Monitors, and Slot Maschines

Enemy Type Options:

Choose between Eggman or Egg Robo

Changelog in v2:

  • A new, own Main Menu
  • Times are now displayed in a seperate Result Screen
  • Time Limit is replaced by Hard Mode
  • Three Modes: S1, S2, or both in a row
  • Final Zone Ending in S1 mode, similar to the one in Death Egg Zone
  • 3D Blast Track C (Saturn) removed. The Beta Theme now becomes Track C
  • Mania and Spinball Tracks added
  • The Final Boss and Green/Emerald Hill also plays different music depending on your selection
  • Egg Robo can now be selected as your enemy
  • JX for E.G.G.M.A.N. title theme
  • SEGA for all used spites and music
  • Xanman for testing

File Type: rom/rar

File Size: 37.94 MB

One-Click Install
RSDK Mod Manager (Sonic 2)

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MlopsFunny @ 2022-10-12 10:52:46

It gives me a script parsing error on line 380 of the signpost script.

MlopsFunny @ 2022-10-13 11:25:43

was able to fix it

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Metal Shadow Productions @ 2022-10-14 12:52:02

I forgot to reset some flags, since the Result screen was made last minute. So it can happen that your timer and position don't reset the right way when starting a second run. Restart the game (or press F1 if debug tools are anabled) will reset these flags

chip5930 @ 2022-11-04 07:03:34

sonic 2 absolute ?