DLC Restoration

By ĐeäTh

This mod restores the Wii U exclusive Yoshi's Island Zone and The Legend of Zelda Zone DLCs to the PC version of Sonic Lost World.

DLC Restoration is back in full force after SHC 2021, now including a restoration of The Legend of Zelda Zone DLC as well, which was teased in the 2021 entry of the Yoshi's Island Zone DLC.

There's not much to talk about that wasn't covered in the entry from last year, so let's talk about the newly added features for The Legend of Zelda Zone DLC, all of which are configurable right from the mod's configuration menu in HedgeModManager:

  • You can pick to play as Link Sonic in the game's normal levels, hub world AND even in two player mode!
  • You can pick to always play with the heart system found in The Legend of Zelda Zone DLC. Maybe a new challenge for the game's normal levels?
  • There's two options to toggle texture fixes in regards to assets found in the The Legend of Zelda Zone DLC, such as fixing the leather texture being mapped to Link Sonic's mouth or the Stalbaby enemy's eye texture missing an alpha channel.
  • You can disable the letterboxing that occurs when opening treasure chests in The Legend of Zelda Zone DLC. This is recommended for users with an aspect ratio different from 16:9.
  • Just like last year's Yoshi's Island Zone DLC Restoration, The Legend of Zelda Zone DLC can be played in multiplayer, albeit the game is still very much so in need of a splitscreen mode or even accessing them without Sajid's Debug Mode mod or Skyth's Quick Boot mods.

The final option, which fixes the rupee counts in chests, is more so for mod developers that want to use these objects in other stages, as there's no chests in the level that include rupees in them.

Note: The mod needs a dependency called Gamma Correction by Skyth, which has been included in the mod's download with the author's permission.

Note 2: After extracting the save file to your game's install directory (example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sonic Lost World\) the save file's name will have to be renamed to your steamID64. If you already have a save file in your folder you can rename the save file to the name of that file, if not you can use a site like STEAMID I/O to look up your steamID64.


The people that helped with the development, directly or indirectly in some form:


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Mohamad20ZX @ 2022-10-10 12:33:50

this is a very great mod like what you did with the sonic lost world dlc

V1di7420 @ 2022-10-11 00:18:26

Finally no need for a WiiU to download all the DLC hope this doesn't get taken down

ĐeäTh @ 2022-10-12 12:01:55

It's been up for a good few months outside of the contest, so I think we are in the clear, haha

ĐeäTh @ 2022-10-13 11:56:23

Seems I made an oopsie and didn't link some stuff in the actual description but I'll link them here I guess.

There are two technical write-up documents made for the mod, the first detailing the process for porting the Yoshi's Island Zone DLC and the second detailing the process of porting The Legend of Zelda Zone DLC.

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ĐeäTh @ 2022-10-13 11:58:01

These documents go quite a bit in detail and can be found over here:

Yoshi's Island Zone DLC Restoration Technical Write-Up - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yLKBPN8I4dA7MJn7u8-5A4sXsgcAkKY-UC2aK8UPErk

The Legend of Zelda Zone DLC Restoration Technical Write-Up - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MTlpraSOfCykVJbVetNH_hBIz9IREforyNx9XlHfZOA

Last modified by ĐeäTh @ 2022-10-13 12:07:35