Silver Sonic: Rise of the Death Egg

By Roebloz & TheLesha

After saving the world from Dr. Robotnik by defeating him in Egg Base Zone and thus claiming his revenge, Silver Sinic decides to take a well-deserved vacation on the Kirgony Isles, a tropical archipalego known for its peaceful nature, abandoned casino, and its ancient temples. However, after relaxing on the beach, sipping down orange juice and running around for a week, Silver Sonic looks up at the sky where a thunderstorm had begun far away. Nothing too unusual there, just mother nature. However, his face would become one of horror if he had a proper mouth (Which he doesn't) as a titanic, flashing tower made of metal lands on the island, causing an earthquake. There's only one person that could build something like this: Dr. Ivo Robotnik!!! And sure enough, the badniks of the enemy Silver Sonic thought was dead quickly start arriving onto the Vesper Beach. He also spots a weird sphere with what seems to be Robotnik's face floating in the clouds.

And with no further hesitation, Silver Sonic sets out to stop the mad doctor once more before the isles are turned into a robotic superpolis! (Aka: A Kaizo nightmare like last time!)

So, welcome to the sequel of Silver Sonic: The Revenge!!! Instead of being a Kaizo hack made on Windows XP for Sonic 1 16-bit, this sequel is a regular hack made on Windows 10 for Sonic 1 8-bit! (WOWZERS!!) This sequel features Silver Sonic trying to save the Kirgony Isles and stop Robotnik from stealing the Chaos Emeralds yet again, thus preventing the Death Egg from fully rising into space (And Silver Sonic has the 7th emerald as his core, Robotnik would need to destroy him). 3 different objectives to stop, now that's some rad Triple Trouble!!! The cute duplicate of Sonic, now turned against his creator for destroying his fellow Master Robots from Sonic 2 8-Bit before Silver Sonic: The Revenge. will have to go through many zones in order to stop the mad doctor.

  • Vesper Beach Zone, a tropical paradise very similar to Green Hill Zone, but with pink vegetation. It was sunset by the time Robotnik invaded, making the zone very beautiful despite being invaded by Motobugs, Buzz Bombers, Crabmeats and Newtrons. The Chaos Emerald is said to be deep underwater somewhere in Act 2, where the way down isn't rushing into forming a waterfall.
  • Neon Wave Zone, a seemingly modern-looking casino-like zone built on top of a river filled with gravity manipulators, locking Silver Sonic in his ball form and causing him to float above said gravity manipulators but is overall a very pretty sight to behold. It has actually been here for millenia, built by an ancient race of very muscular humanoids with horns, with their only weakness being that of being unable to go out into the sun. It is said that only 4 remain however. In any case, the 4 didn't find whatever red gem they were looking for here, and Robotnik is invading this ancient casino at night with his Spike and Chopper badniks. The emerald is said to be near the rushing river on a platform near the end of Act 2. You might need to drop down somewhere...
  • Peckel Shrine Zone, a hidden palace built out of a material similar to gold as well as plenty of green crystals. It is the home of the Peckel Gem, a massive gemstone with similar powers to those of the Chaos Emeralds. Robotnik seemingly wants to harness its power to make a "Big Fragging Gun 9000". Hopefully Silver Sonic stops him before he gets it. The third emerald is said to be high up in Act 1, you might need to bounce off a monitor to get high up enough though...
  • The Hell Zone, a fiery temple buried even more deeply underground than the Peckel Shrine built with reddish stone and filled with lava. It is said to be the gate to Hell, if not Hell itself. Luckily for Silver Sonic, he is able to see into lava with his visor's Scan Mode and even travel through it. However, he will need to collect Magic Golden Bubbles to cool himself down or he will quickly melt. Robotnik tried sending Burrobots and Jaws badniks to retrieve the emerald here, but both were corrupted by the zone's demonic energy, seemingly coming from the Demon Eyes floating around. There are likely other demons running around, so Silver Sonic will have to be quick if he doesn't wish to melt/get corrupted/mauled. It seems like a friendly Cacodemon called Hissy has taken that DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald into Act 2, so look for her above the lava...
  • Rockin' Flare Zone, Robotnik's gigantic tower that landed onto the island and seemingly the main base of operations for the doctor this time. Filled to the brim with all sorts of deadly machinery, Silver Sonic will have to pull all the stops to get to the mad doctor and chase him out despite the Caterkiller and Ball Hogs's best attempts at stopping the silver blur. The 5th emerald is floating above the final pit in Act 1, the conveyor belts should drop you to it.
  • Plot Twist That Doesn't Work Because It's The Title And Plot Of The Game!!!! Dr. Robotnik escapes into his Death Egg! (Zone) as even though it can't properly fly into space without 7 emeralds, (Including the one Silver Sonic uses as a power supply) the mad doctor can still fly the Death Egg away in the sky and flee with the emerald he already has. Not being able to fly like Robotnik with his Egg Mobile, Silver Sonic will need to make his way through electrified platforms and a dangerous ride aboard a small platform above a very, very, very long fall to reach the Death Egg's teleporter before it flies away, all while being shot at by canons and attacked by Orbinauts and Bombs. And even once aboard, he will need to make his way to Robotnik's control room past all the elaborate death traps the Death Egg contains for the final showdown.

Will Silver Sonic succeed in saving the Kirgony Isles, the world and himself? Will he encounter any of those ancient humanoid race? Will he manage to find all the emeralds and destroy the Death Egg with their power? That's up to you to find out by playing Silver Sonic: Rise of the Death Egg!!!!

If you need any more game tips (Or don't know how Sonic 1 8-Bit works) and other useful info, I have included in the download some extra stuff like the box art and its original file, level maps and even a funny manual with all of that for the ultimate retro video game box experience, all on your PC!!! If there was such a thing as a Best Presentation trophy, I think we know who would win, eh? Oh well, guess I'll have to settle for the Best Use of a Game Not Commonly Modified trophy. Or nothing. Or something else. In any case, this is made for fun, so vote for whatever you want (Which is this obviously)

Toot-Toot Silver Sonic Warriors, and go have fun!


Hi, I'm the Credits.

  • Roebloz: Level Design, Lead Designer, Prrromotion Manager, Artist, etc...
  • TheLesha: Graphic/Palette Conversion, Hex editing some precise stuff, Playtesting.
  • pixelcat: Extra Graphic Conversion help towards the end (Lesha was offline during that time) Thank you so much for helping me convert the map and ending graphics, couldn't have done it without you!

As far as graphics go, most graphics were made/adapted by me and Lesha. (Neon Wave Zone and Peckel Shrine Zone's graphics are edited and scaled down versions of S2 Simon Wai's Casino Night and HPZ, so credit for SEGA and me on those I guess? Same for Robotnik's new sprites and Silver Sonic himself, they're just edited and merged versions of S2 8-bit's Robotnik/Silver Sonic sprites with S1 8-bit's Robotnik/Sonic sprites.)

The only outside art I used is for the box art at the top of this page, the Silver Sonic is a colored version of his concept art from the Mania Art Book. So, credits to whoever drew him originally.


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Roebloz @ 2022-10-10 06:39:16

No comment?

EDIT: I see a lot of people struggling with the hack a lot, so here, if you just want to see it in full my full playthrough of it, its somewhere near the bottom of the comments.

Last modified by Roebloz @ 2022-10-14 18:11:22

SuperGamer18 @ 2022-10-10 12:12:47

why a master system hack instead of a genesis one?

Roebloz @ 2022-10-10 12:14:29

...Because I like Master System?

dilworks @ 2022-10-10 12:47:57

Always like some 8 bit romhack love (y'know, Sega made consoles other than the Genesis/Mega Drive!), although the physics of 8-bit Sonic are iffy at times.

These physics gonna bite you in the butt hard at times, so hope you like bottomless pits. On the flip side, I liked the 8-bit rendition of Casino Night Zone.

Super___Sonic_400 @ 2022-10-10 19:22:25

A really entertaining hack that suprised me! Loved the good ending. (Also, there's a sequence break you can do in Death Egg Part 2.)

Roebloz @ 2022-10-11 17:02:08

Thank you for playing, glad you enjoyed! (By the way, what is the sequence break? I'll ideally try to fix it for the RHDN release)

Super___Sonic_400 @ 2022-10-14 20:31:41

Near the plaform for the first turret in the second part, Silver can build enough height to get above the platform, being right under the teleporter. The only other problem I have with the hack is that Vesper Beach has a rough palette.

Roebloz @ 2022-10-19 10:15:33

Alright, I'll check it out. Thank you for enjoying and voting!!!

marcosmoutta @ 2022-10-11 02:16:13

As a hardcore SMS Sonic 1 fan, I cannot begin to explain how disappointed I am. I was absolutely thrilled by the idea, but this is plagued with poor level design, blind jumps, visual glitches, slow-down and ugly palettes.

Accompanied by the immature "Extras", I feel confident in guessing the author is young, so we'll probably see much better hacks by him in the following years.

I hope SHC2023 gets entries that show what Ancient's Sonic is actually about.

Eeveelover64 @ 2022-10-13 15:47:29

this comment describes the hack perfectly tbh, i do agree, i had to use savestates for this

Roebloz @ 2022-10-14 18:11:41

Here's the full playthrough for those struggling too much. [url][/url]

Roebloz @ 2022-10-16 16:27:21

Yeahhhh baby, Spinball Trophy!!!! I would like to thank everyone who voted for this entry, (Despite its flaws :D) Pixelcat for late graphic converting, and of course especially TheLesha for making this with me and being an amazing friend, I hope you're safe out there!!!

Now see ya next year.

Roebloz @ 2022-10-27 07:10:47

Thanks for playing, come back soon!!!