SONIC DELTA 40Mb (Sonic Delta Next)

By Neto

This hack is a junction of all classic MD Sonic (Sonic 1. 2, 3 and Knuckles ) in to a single game. The games run over Sonic & Knuckles engine and use two custom sound drivers derived from S2B and SK sound drivers to manage all musics and effects.

This hack as title said has 40 Megabits of capacity, and was coded following SEGA Standards for games larger than 32Mb which require banking switch scheme to access extra data ( Flat coding is more easy, but the game will not work on all hardwares, especially with systems equiped with SEGA CD ). Since this hack uses banking switch scheme, with proper cartrige hardware you can run in all consoles without any conflict.

The Game can run in an ATGames Firecore console equiped with SDCard, but save feature will only work if you run the game through "Neto MD-DOS 1.10 or higher" in that console. ( )

The game has approximately 37 Levels, The number can be less, depending of the character chosen..

The Level Order is:

  • Green Hill (Sonic 1)
  • Marble (Sonic 1)
  • Spring Yard (Sonic 1)
  • Labyrinth (Sonic 1)
  • Star Light (Sonic 1)
  • Scrap Brain (Sonic 1)
  • Final (Sonic 1)
  • Emerald Hill (Sonic 2 Alpha)
  • Winter Hill (Sonic Triple Trouble Robotnik Winter Port)
  • Wood ( Sonic 2 Beta )
  • Sand Shower ( Custom Level )
  • Chemical Plant ( Sonic 2 Beta )
  • Neo Green Hill ( Sonic 2 Beta )
  • Casino Night ( Sonic 2 Beta )
  • Hill Top ( Sonic 2 Alpha )
  • Dust Hill ( Sonic 2 Beta )
  • Hidden Palace ( Sonic 2 Beta )
  • Oil Ocean ( Sonic 2 Beta )
  • Metropolis ( Sonic 2 Beta )
  • Genocide City ( Sonic 2 Alpha )
  • Sky Chase ( Sonic 2 )
  • Sky Fortress ( Sonic 2 )
  • Death Egg ( Sonic 2 )
  • Angel Island ( Sonic 3 )
  • Hidrocity ( Sonic 3 )
  • Marble Garden ( Sonic 3 )
  • Carnival Night ( Sonic 3 )
  • Icecap ( Sonic 3 )
  • Launch Base ( Sonic 3 )
  • Mushroom Valley ( Sonic & Knuckles )
  • Flying Battery ( Sonic & Knuckles )
  • Sandopolis ( Sonic & Knuckles )
  • Lava Reef ( Sonic & Knuckles )
  • Hidden Palace ( Sonic & Knuckles )
  • Sky Sanctuary ( Sonic & Knuckles )
  • Death Egg ( Sonic & Knuckles )
  • The Doomsday ( Sonic & Knuckles )

Nine Bonus Stages (six Sonic 1 Special Stages as Bonus Stage) which can be accessed by touching a lamppost with 20 or more rings. The formula for selecting which Bonus Stage will be played is "RING" count divided by 4 and the remmainder of operation will give the stage to be played:

  • 0 - Slot Machine;
  • 1 - Glowing Spheres;
  • 2 - Gumball Machine;
  • 3 - Sonic 1 Special Stage.:

You can play as:

  • Sonic and Miles;
  • Sonic Alone;
  • Miles Alone;
  • Knuckles and Miles;
  • Knuckles Alone.

All Characteres have Super and Hyper Forms. For Miles the Super Form has no flickies. In Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 part you will play Sonic 2 Special Stages through big ring (50 rings or more is required ) at end of levels. After Knuckles steal your emeralds in Angel Island you need to get all Emeralds again, now through S3 Special Stages.


  • Debug object list works for all levels;
  • Demo mode edited to show some Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 Levels;
  • Options menu where you can personalize some sound tracks.


If you are running debug mode to test, when Sonic is an object, hold "A" then press "C" to backwards the objects list. You can select the Egg Prison to skip that level.

The Perfect Bonus in the Sonic 2 Special Stage is given if you do not hit any bombs and complete the stage (You must protect Miles too in the cooperative mode).

If you use Save State in emulators for Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 levels probably the game will crash after the Save State is loaded. This occur because emulators does not save the SEGA Mapper state. To get the Save State working just start a New "No SAVE GAME" and after the Green Hill is loaded you can load the Save Sate.

Special Thanks:

  • The Taxman - Sand Shower Art;
  • Master Emerald - Extra Art in Sonic 2 Beta Title Screen.
  • Chron D" (Discord) - Robotnik Winter Music
  • Volbby (Discord) - Number "3" art in title cards

Tools Used:

  • Neto Assembler Editor IDE;
  • Sound Port from Neto Assembler Editor;

Levels layout edited with "Sonic Series Level Layout Editor" from "Neto Assembler Editor";

z80 to Asm used in musics (Tool not realeased to public) ;

z80 code (Sound Driver) built using Neto Assembler Editor buit in compiler;

M68K code built using Neto Assembler Editor with Snasm68K compiler;

  • The Taxman - Sand Shower Art;
  • Mastered Realm - Extra Art in Sonic 2 Beta Title Screen;
  • Chron D" (Discord) - Robotnik Winter Music;
  • Pu7o - Labyrinth / Bridge ( Nineko ) 8 bits Music;
  • Volbby (Discord) - Number "3" art in title cards.

File Type: rom/mega-drive

File Size: 5 MB

SuperGamer18 @ 2022-10-10 12:18:40

just like they said in the neto games discord server, its 5 megabytes

SonicMastR91 @ 2022-10-10 14:52:53

How to unlock level select in this version?

SonicMastR91 @ 2022-10-10 18:13:17

NVM I saw Johnny's stream I know how

Gufighter @ 2022-10-11 00:31:01

Muito bom Neto! Esse chefe novo foi genial

marcosmoutta @ 2022-10-11 02:29:53

The level design is attrocious

SonicMastR91 @ 2022-10-11 09:13:07

Comment deleted by SonicMastR91 @ 2022-10-11 10:50:35

Neto @ 2022-10-11 18:11:27

Note: The big rings are now found throughout levels and not at end as described.

Some levels have more than one like:


[*]2 in Green Hill Act 1;

[*]2 in Marble Act 1;

[*]3 in Marble Act 2;

[*]2 In Spring Yard Act 2;

[*]2 in Hill Top Act 1.


Last modified by Neto @ 2022-10-11 18:16:54

leoclubs @ 2022-10-12 12:03:12

i played this for first time and for me , its a solid 7 out of 10.

here's the full review of what i thought :

Neto @ 2022-10-13 17:49:02

Thanks for playing and feedbacks, I've read all, but will point some. About the Winter Hill Boss issue, This will be fixed, I noticed that screen lock seeing a long play of my hack.

About S3K part some changes are unnoticed to user, some are fixes in the original games. You can complete some levels with Knuckles through Sonic routes without causing issues. All Knuckles bosses are Egg Robo. AIZ intro for Knuckles and Miles was added.

Kronos @ 2022-10-12 15:48:59

The technical quality of this hack is unquestionable. in addition to uniting several games under the same engine, now we can choose the music of some acts.

Personally I like the rescue of lost zones in sonic 2, including the addition of new bosses. The genocity zone boss is the most challenging and has my votes to win the contest.

Sonic Delta 40MB is in part what Sonic Origins failed to be. (my opinion only.)

Kronos @ 2022-10-12 15:53:39

Improvement suggestions:

1) Implementing the system that flamewing did in sonic classic heroes is interesting. In other words, The player chooses which game he wants to play

2)You thought about bringing all the chaotixs?! As sonic 3 there are no major visual changes from the beta to the end, it would be interesting to bring these characters.

Thanks for the effort. It is certainly a good game with a lot of potential still to be explored.

dilworks @ 2022-10-12 19:55:14

At this point, Sonic Delta has become a work of love and dedication to vanilla Sonic games, including restoring the bits lost down the road by Sega.

Even if vanilla Sonic gets you bored, Delta introduces so many little details here and there that it's like getting a whole new game. Or 4 games for the price of one (download). Not even Sega can do this good!

40 megabits well spent. Keep up the great work!

KingdomWorld37 @ 2022-10-16 06:21:09

Hey There, Here's my Suggestion for Sonic Delta:

We need Additional Playable Characters like Amy, Sally, Bunnie, Shadow, Silver, etc

kikenovic @ 2022-10-16 10:05:40

Glad to see you're still working on this. Keep up the good work.

Solais @ 2022-10-16 11:44:09

Been following this for as long as I remember and it's truly remarkable what has been achieved! I wonder if some small changes added to Sonic 3&K in Origins will ever make it into it (just some polish to some cutscenes like S3 -> SK and such). The new bosses are definitely interesting!

I just love how it all goes out with Sonic 2 levels, almost wish for more, like Bridge and Jungle for S1 part, or the S3 comp zones as sp levels! But this is just wishful thinking since this is already super ambitious!

Kronos @ 2022-10-19 11:27:27

I think it would be cool to see the full bigde zone. Currently, it is only accessible through a special code. Adding the jungle zone would also be nice as we would have all the zones from sonic 1

Only Neto can say whether it is viable or not. Although or want to at least see the bridge zone with 16-bit graphics. I found these improved graphics.