SADX Chaos Edition V2

By VeritasDL

SADX Chaos Edition V2 (Beta)

Welcome to Chaos Edition V2!

This mod doesn't change anything in any of the game's levels, it uses the SADX Mod Loader which allows it to automatically activate and deactivate random codes at random times.

This mod is made to challenge players to play through SADX while the random codes either impedes or helps with any progress through the game.

This Mod was inspired by the SM64 Chaos Mod by Kaze.

Major Changes Since V1.4.91

  • Added 30 New Effects
  • Fixed 30+ Bugs
  • 24 Effect Adjuestments
  • 16 New Config Options
  • Massive Code Refractor
  • Custom Title Screen with DC Conversion Support (Must Load Chaos After DC Conversion)

List of Chaos Effects (* Means Added in V2)

  • Random Spring - Spawns 1 or 2 random Springs which have random Rotation, Scale, and "Power"
  • Random SpeedPad - Spawns 1 or 2 random SpeedPad which have random Rotation, Scale, and "Power"
  • Random SpikeBall - Spawns 1 or 2 random SpikeBalls which have random Rotation, Scale, and speed,
  • Random Kill Momentum - Sets your momentum to 0
  • Random VSpeed - Sets your Y Speed to the Y speed Cap
  • Random HSpeed - Sets your H Speed to the H speed Cap
  • Random Hurt - Hurts the player if they have rings.
  • Random PowerUP - Gives you a Random PowerUP.
  • Random Time Of Day - Randomly Sets The Time Of Day only when in Adventure fields.
  • Random Dropped Rings - Drops a Random Amount of rings from 0 to 255, and drains current ring count to 0.
  • Random Pause - Forces The Game Paused for 5 Frames (you must unpause 5 times)
  • Swap Camera - Changes to what ever camera isn't currently selected.
  • Random Debug - Enables Debug Mode for 333 Frames.
  • Random X Gravity - Sets X Gravity to a random value for 500 frames.
  • Random Y Gravity - Sets Y Gravity to a random value for 500 frames.
  • Random Z Gravity - Sets Z Gravity to a random value for 500 frames.
  • No Gravity - Disables Gravity for 400 frames.
  • Random Barrier - Gives Barrier PowerUP.
  • Random Magnetic Barrier - Gives Magnetic Barrier PowerUP.
  • Random Invincibility - Gives Invincibility PowerUP.
  • Random Control Disable - Disabled Control for 90 Frames.
  • Random Swap Music - Switches the current music.
  • Random Voice Clip - Plays a random voice file.
  • Dpad Down Or Die - Player must press Dpad down within 90 frames, or they will be killed.
  • Random NoClip - Enables NoClip for 800 Frames.
  • Random Tikal Hint - Spawns a Tikal Hint orb with random/Custom text/voice.
  • Random Snowboard - Spawns and makes you ride a snowboard for 500 frames.
  • Random Checkpoint - Spawns a Checkpoint on the player, Works as a respawn point.
  • Movement Stick Invert - Inverts the Movement Stick Controls for 420 frames
  • Random Rotation - Sets the character's Y Rotation.
  • Random Teleport - Teleports the player If the current Act/Level has valid teleports.
  • Random Enemy - Has a chance to spawn 1 or 2 of the following enemys,
  • RinoTank, ChameLeon, Kiki, Falling SpikeBall, SpinnerA, Spinner B, Eletric Spinner, Ice Ball, Beat, Cops, Boa-Boa, Buyoon, Sweeper and Egg Keeper.
  • Random BurgerMan - Spawns in the BurgerMan Statue
  • Fast Accel - Increases the players, MaxAccel, AirAccel and HangTime for 400 frames.
  • Random Physics - Sets current Physics to the physics from SADX,SA2B and Sonic Heros
  • Camera Decouple - Detaches the camera from the player for 100 frames.
  • Disable Pause - Removes the Ability to pause for 420 frames.
  • Random Key Block - Spawns in the key block with random color from Amy's Hot Shelter
  • No s0und_ For You - Disables all/most sounds for 110 frames.
  • Random Emblem - Spawns in a Emblem that the player can collect. (Does Not increase emblem count but will decrease it by 1 untill its "re"collected)
  • Disable Pause - Disables Ability to Pause the game for 420 frames.
  • Random Chao Fruit - Spawns in a Random Chao Fruit.
  • Random Chao Hat - Spawn in a Random Chao Hat.
  • Random Big Rock - Spawns in The Big Rock for Big's Ice Cap, others can pick it up as-well!
  • &Knuckles - Plays a Clip From the Knuckles from Knuckles & Knuckles Song
  • Ring Allergy - Kills The Player if Rings are collected for 500 Frames
  • Increase Cut Scene Skip Time - Increases the time needed to Skip Cut Scenes
  • Remove Random PowerUP - A 1 in 3 Chance to Remove a Random PowerUP for Sonic, Tails, Knuckles & Big (Can Cause "Softlocks")
  • Random Collision Size - Changes Collision Size to a Number between 1 and 10
  • Flip Camera - Flips The Camera Upside down for 250 frames.
  • Spin Camera - Spins the Camera in a Circle for 240 frames.
  • Drunk Camera - Makes the Camera Sway from Left to Right for 275 frames.
  • * Sideways Camera - Turns The Camera Sideways for 240 frames
  • Random Fan - Spawns in the Fan from Final Egg Act 2 under the player
  • * Random AirCraft - Spawns in a Random Number of AirCraft's for 350 frames.
  • * Random FireBreath - Spawn in the FireBreath Statue from Red Mountain.
  • * Random CannonS1 - Spawns in a Cannon from Sky Deck.
  • * Random CannonS2 - Spawns in a Cannon from Sky Deck.
  • * Burger Spin - Spawns in 7 BurgerMen that spin around the player.
  • * Random Fountain - Spawns in the Speed Highway Fountain.
  • * Random PopUp Targets - Spawns in the Final Egg, Gamma "Target Pratice" targets with random character dolls.
  • * Random Sonic Doll - Spawns in the Final Egg, Gamma Sonic doll.
  • * Random Gravity Wall - Spawns in the Lost World Gravity Wall
  • * Random Flippers - Spawns in Either Left Or Right Flipper from the Pinball Minigame.
  • * Ranom Bumper - Spawns in the Bumpers from the Pinball Minigame.
  • * Random Sling - Spawns in the Sling from the Pinball Minigame
  • * Explode Ma - Spawns in the Explosion Effect (Doesn't damage the player)
  • * Ligma Boss - Randomly Displays a "Boss" name
  • * Random Dig Up Rings - Digs up Rings like Knuckles would.
  • * Set Sonic/Knux Ice - Traps Sonic/Knuckles In a Ice Prison.
  • * Random Conveyor Belt - Spawns in the moving Conveyor Belt from Final Egg With random Size and speed.
  • * Random Conveyor Spike - Spawns in the Conveyor Spike from Final Egg.
  • * Random Cart - Spawns in the TinklePark Cart and Forces the player in it for 2000 Frames.
  • * Random Barrel - Spawns in the Explosive Barrel From Twinkle Park.
  • * Random Water Piller - Spawns in a Water Piller which will Bounce the Player Away in random directions.
  • * Slap Ma - Slaps the Player in a Random Direction.
  • * Random Scan Line - Triggers the Gamma Scan Line Effect.
  • * Random Boot- Triggers the Gamma Boot Up Effect.
  • * Random Cart - Spawn's in a Cart and Forces the Player to Ride in it for 1000 frames.
  • * 69 - Renders a Constantly Moving and Color Changing "69" on the Screen for 420 frames.
  • Credits to MainMemory for her Snowboard spawn Code,, Physics data,
  • Credits to Refrag, Skoob, Badger41 and Dnawrkshp for the all the Misc Help
  • Credits to SPEEPSHighway for the BurgerMan Spin Code!
  • Credits to Sora for the Orgional Base Code for the Mod. Movement Stick Invert Code, helping me with Random AirCraft Crashes, FreeMovment Code, and misc help!

File Type: rom/7z

File Size: 9.25 MB

One-Click Install
SADX Mod Loader

VeritasDL @ 2022-10-03 15:18:08

So I forgot to Remove my Debugging Config options,

So if anyone downloads and plays this Version PLEASE edit the Config as the one shipped is not going to function as it should,

AortaPlatinum @ 2022-10-10 20:17:01

This doesn't seem to... do anything. Other than change the title screen. Even with the timer reduced and no other mods active, I played through Emerald Coast in the Trial and Adventure modes without a single effect happening...

V1di7420 @ 2022-10-11 00:22:47

Ehhh.... idk about this