Sonic 3 Redesigned

By GFX32

Sonic 3 Redesigned

This mod for Sonic 3 A.I.R. aims to fully redesign Sonic 3's stages, attempting to top the originals.

The five playable acts in this demo all contain their own gigantic new layouts complete with new obstacles and gimmicks for the player to interact with; tons of rewards, alternate routes and secrets; new visuals; and there's even some new power-ups for the player to use. It also features a few bonus features to make things a little more unique, such as Sonic's Strike Dash from Triple Trouble.

The levels included are:

Lava Reef Zone 1 & 2

Revisit the fiery depths of Angel Island with an even more tense and fast paced layout. Act 1's short bursts of speed, scary drops and ramps sending you all over the place force you to stay on your toes all the time. The crystallised maze of Act 2 is now even more maze-y than before, with certain areas forcing you to find your way through overgrown crystals. This zone is filled with plenty of rings, so keep an eye out for secrets all over the place.

IceCap Zone 1 & 2

Angel Island's frozen tops have gotten a massive makeover, containing tons of new stuff to play around with. Act 1 features puzzling slides, requiring you to find a way out by performing well-timed jumps. Act 2 lets you wreak havoc using your flame barrier, destroying all sorts of icy obstacles that may come in your way. There's also some hard to reach upper areas, which will reward you nicely if you manage to stay on them till the end of the zone.

Carnival Night Zone 1(K)

This Knuckles-exclusive act lets the echidna truly test his climbing and gliding skills to the max, with new gimmicks designed specifically around his abilities. This zone also contains plenty of loot, as well as a number of places to build up good speed.

When playing with other mods, please put this mod in the top priority. Even the smallest of incompatibilities can greatly mess up the game.

  • MiaCDi - Several sprites, including Hyper Rings and Icy Objects
  • Sotaknuck - Golden Barrier sprites and code
  • Zoe the Fox - Sonic's and Tails's frozen sprites (ICZ)
  • Menekatre - Knuckes's frozen sprites (ICZ)
  • Thorn - Code allowing for going beyond the object limit
  • Senpai-Star - Triple Trouble power-up sprites
  • Stardust - Scott the Woz shitpost image
  • AirWay1 - Custom menu framework (from the 3AIR Modder's Resource)

Content from other games:

  • Sonic Mania - Lava Geyser sprites and Hyper Ring sound effect (several gameplay elements were also taken from Mania)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - Mystic Cave Zone platform sound

File Type: rom/zip

File Size: 1.19 MB