Additional Characters

By Sotaknuck

This is a collection of multiple character mods for Sonic 3 Air.

Every character comes with a complete animation set, custom moveset, compatibility with classic and smooth rotation opstions, menu sprites, names and goalposts. Once selected in the mod loader of 3 AIR they will take over either Sonic or Tails' slot. This means that any character that replaces Sonic can be played with a character mod that replaces Tails active at the same time.

  • All mods are tested for the current stable release of Sonic 3 AIR (v22.09.10.0)

More details for each character mod below:

Ultimate Mighty (Replaces Sonic)

Mighty The Armadillo is ready to run through Angel Island, with a satisfying moveset which combines moves from his Chaotix and Mania appearances.

  • Rock Breaker: Mighty can break all rocks (NOT WALLS THOUGH). This means he has access to Knuckles routes in Angel Island or in Ice Cap, for example.
  • Bullet deflection: spin or crouch to bounce bullets away with mighty's shell
  • Spike immunity: if mighty is spinning he will avoid damage from environmental spikes once.
  • Stomp: normal secondary action from Sonic Mania
  • Wall jump: his secondary action from Knuckles Chaotix. Hold the direction and the action button against a wall to latch on after a Jump. Mighty will fall if the jump button isn't released after a second. Hold UP to jump vertically when releasing jump.
  • Other features
    • Ability to choose his palette between Ultimate, SegaSonic, Chaotix or Mania
    • His moveset can be adjusted in the options to use his Chaotix (wall jump) or Mania (stomp) exclusively.

Ultimate Metal Sonic (Replaces Sonic)

Metal Sonic charges into Angel Island, with a moveset inspired by his appearance as a boss in Sonic 3D in 2D.

  • Bullet deflection: Metal naturally deflects most bullets
  • Breathless: Metal cannot drown
  • Super Peel Out: Up and jump while standing to use a super peel out
  • Overdrive: Keep charging the Peelout to enter overdrive state. This counts as an attack even while standing still. Once released, the overdrive will last as long as Metal stays above a certain speed and no other action is taken. During overdrive, Metal can break through non-knuckles walls and rocks.
  • Electromagnetic Discharge: secondary action with multiple usage: tap to obtain an effect that is substantially identical to Sonic's Insta shield. Hold to prolong the effect and slowly lose altitude. Maintaining the Discharge causes metal to lose momentum and have reduced speed. When used underwater, the discharge cannot be held, but it will electrocute anything damageable inside the water (EG: that badniks in invincible state will not be affected).
  • Other Features
    • 9 different palettes to choose from, with some inspired by Metal's Appearance in other games or from his robotic hedgehog brothers.
    • Fire exaust unaffected by palette selection

Sonic 3D in 2d Shadow (Replaces Sonic)

Shadow the Hedgehog skates into Angel Island, with a complete animation set the same moveset he had in Sonic 3D in 2D.

  • Boost: Hold B to boost. You can boost while running, rolling and jumping.Shadow can burst through enemies and (non-Knuckles) breakable walls and rocks. Boosting consumes the boost bar. Getting hit has you lose 1/3rd of the bar.To kill enemies, to gather rings and giant rings restores the boost bar. To retrieve lost rings also restores a small amount of boost bar.
  • Stomp: press B and down during a jump to stomp down. You can bounce on enemies and stomp again.
  • Homing attack: press A or C with a valid target in sight to home in on targets. This attack can be chained on enemies, balloons or monitors.
  • Air-Dash: press A or C after a jump without any targets nearby to air dash. After an air dash Shadow will automatically wall latch if he hits a wall.
  • Wall latch: air dash against a wall. Shadow will slowly slide down until you either jump off of it or fall down.
  • Other Features
    • A full 12 frames animation cycle for shadow while running, that changes in speed the faster you're going
    • An entirely new animation cycle in bluespheres to skate through the special stage
    • Ui changes to display a fully animated boost bar and an homing target

Master System Sonic (Replaces Sonic)

A momentum oriented modified Sonic, based on the master system appearance of the blue blur (mostly Sonic 2)

  • no secondary actions
  • High Jump: SMS Sonic jumps higher than anyone else
  • Air Momentum: SMS Sonic possesses high air accelleration
  • Weak Dash: unchargeable spin dash
  • Other Features
  • Option to use the SMS moveset, use Sonic's 3K's skillset or utilize the Sonic 3D in 2D one (which allows to use shield powers when transformed).

    • Custom sprites for his standing, looking up, running, high speed run, geeting hit, skidding and using springs, all based on the animations he had in Sonic 1 and 2 for Master System/Game Gear.
    • A deeper blue color palette like he has in the 8 bit games.

Chaos The Impostor (Replaces Tails)

The ancient guardian of the Master Emerald protects Angel Island in its own unique story set after Sonic 3 & Knuckles in a moment where Knuckles is not on the Island.

  • Wall Breaker: Chaos can break all rocks and walls, and access any path
  • Water Breathing: Chaos cannot drown
  • Insta Shield: Sonic's secondary action
  • Drop Dash: Sonic's addition from Sonic Mania. Hold Sonic' secondary action button.
  • Peel Out: In Sonic form, UP + jump
  • Elemental Shields: Sonic's secondary action with a shield equipped. Chaos can use the elemental shields when transformed.
  • Fly or Swim: Tails's secondary action
  • Glide and Climb: Knuckles's secondary action
  • Other features
    • Two control options: Button based or Directional based. Button based transforms chaos into the character based on the button pressed when using the secondary action (A = Sonic, B = Tails, C = Knuckles). Directional based transforms the character when a specific direction is held during the secondary action (Neutral = Sonic, Up = Tails, Down = Knuckles). If debug mode is used, the Directional setting will override the controls to allow proper play and still use the debug actions.
    • Five different spritesheets related to the form chaos is in (Chaos 0, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Super Sonic)
    • Selectable jumpball animation for chaos' Tails form, just like Tails has in Sonic 3D in 2D.
    • Multiple color palettes to choose from (Impostor, Generations, Battle, Cobalt, Opal or Ruby)
    • Customized story mode with two old villains from Sonic's past hindering his progress
    • Tweaked AI for Chaos' final boss
    • Option to also through Sonic/Tails' or Knuckles' story, with all the appropriate changes in game (EG: the death egg in Launch Base, knuckles encounters...)
    • Note that if you play with this mod your Tails savegame will permanently extend up to Doomsday once you play with the Sonic/Tails story. You will be able to select "as original" by pressing up in the level selection. By pressing down you'll be able to select Doomsday as well.

Extra Life (Replaces Tails)

Sonic's evil doppelgänger triple dashes into Angel Island.

  • Triple Dash: Secondary Action. An extremely useful tool for mobility that used and aimed mid air up to 3 times. It cannot be held in mid-air more than one second in total, so quick execution is a must.
  • Peel Out: UP + Jump. Charge up to dash forwards at high speeds.
  • Other Features
    • Extra Life has some code in place to avoid problems in areas where Tails is needed for the story (EG: Marble Garden's boss or the intro in CNZ and MHZ for Sonic) In such cases, Tails will appear.
    • Additionally in Marble Garden 2 while playing as Extra Life, Tails will come in to carry him as well.
    • Note that if you play with this mod your Tails savegame will permanently extend up to Doomsday once you play through the story. You will be able to select "as original" by pressing up in the level selection. By pressing down you'll be able to select Doomsday as well.
    • A second spritesheet for the super form, based on Super Sonic in Sonic 3D in 2D, but colored like Dark Super Sonic in Sonic X

Sotaknuck: mod maker

Veenee: data select character sprite mod support and main character menu rendering

Bluestreak: Original Mighty Mod

Airway1: Original Spike Immunity Code

Dolphman: Additional Mighty Sprites

iCloudius: Optimizing the drop down speed for collisions, original code for act2 restart and spike collisions added and later optimized in 1.11

campbellsonic: Code Fixes for modding Tails

Gardow: Original Shadow's sprites

Libi: Original Shadow's sprites

Panoramhusky: Original Metal's Spritesheet for Sonic 3 Air

Darkon360: Original Metal Sonic Sprites

mike1967-now: Metal Sonic Sprite Ripper


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Mario9919 @ 2022-10-14 17:57:43

It was amazing to play as Shadow with the 3D moves. Is there a version where he doesn't replace Sonic?

Sotaknuck @ 2022-10-16 01:32:37

1funniman is working on an extra slot port of this mod. It is complete for the most part and you can get it here:, but it seems it currently has issue when combined with other mods.

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