Customizable Sonic

By Lady_Lunanova

After years of clickbait thumbnails and concepts images, customizing your own Sonic is finally possible.

This mod for Generations adds a total of 49 pieces of gear to equip from Sonic's long history, from Sonic's original classic shoes to the new 2020 Tokyo Games outfits.

You can pull up the 'Fitting Room' menu at any time by pressing the select/back button when you're in control of Sonic, so you can change what he's wering on the fly, even in the middle of doing tricks.

The mod also automatically saves and loads your selection, so you don't have to re-equip anything after closing the game.

All pieces of gear were either modelled from scratch, or heavily modified from their original assets to bring them up to modern standards, to ensure that there would be no style clash when equipping gear from radically different sources.

Known Issues:

  • In some situations the assets for the 'Fitting Room' UI get unloaded causing the game to softlock when you press select. (Mainly caused by switching Modern/Classic Sonics in the white world) Press the start/pause button when this happens to fix the issue.
  • The 'Fitting room' UI isn't visible in the green hill-only white world when starting a new game, but is fully functional.
  • Sega/Sonic Team: Original Assets/Designs.
  • Lady Lunanova: Modelling/material/texture work, UI design, main coding.
  • Skyth: Fixing memory leaks, mesh visibility outside of gameplay.
  • Brianuuu: Original mesh visibility code, Common.h.
  • ÐeäTh: .ini reading/saving.
  • Ahremic: Bugfixing.

File Type: rom/zip

File Size: 378.56 MB

One-Click Install
HedgeModManager (Sonic Generations)

Lady_Lunanova @ 2022-10-10 04:24:01

A frequent cause of crashes found after SHC went live is the game running out of RAM, to fix this use the Direct3D 9 Ex mod and Patched 4GB .exe from the Gamebanana entry page:

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Mario9919 @ 2022-10-14 17:56:43

This is such an amazing mod!

a-purple-dragon @ 2022-10-29 04:11:55

Possibly one of the best mods I've seen for Generations so far. This not only allows you to customize Sonic but potentially allow people to put in their own custom stuff for Sonic to wear. Can't wait to see more of this in the future!

IrrelevantPerson @ 2022-11-25 13:11:16

Ayo it takes an unbearable amount of time for the game to load every time, why the heck is this happening?

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