Sonic 3D in 2D Glitches: Sonic 3 with Bluckles

By Sotaknuck

This Mod for Sonic 3 Air brings in the three famous glitches from Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic 2 and Knuckles Chaotix into sonic 3 AIR with their movesets from Sonic 3D in 2D. In addition to that, every character has a new Hyper form ability.

Bluckles from Sonic 3 & Knuckles:

  • Glide: Regular secondary action
  • Climb: Secondary action against a wall
  • Limited wall break: Bluckles can't break the harder walls, like in Marble Garden or Sandopolis. As part of this mod, some blocks in Sandopolis have been changed so that they can be broken by Bluckles, but not all of them. Bluckles' blocks have a special cracked texture.
  • Insta Shield: secondary action with UP pressed
  • Stomp Down: secondary action with Down pressed

Ashura from Sonic 2:

  • Fire Dash: Regular secondary action. Ashura can break rocks in Angel Island with it, including Knuckles'. Cannot be used when invincible or underwater.
  • Elemental Shields: Just like Sonic, his secondary action changes for the electric and water shields
  • Peel Out: UP + jump. Charge up to dash forwards at high speeds.
  • Asura can use the Fire Dash and take advantage of the shields when transformed. Hyper Ashura can firedash underwater.

Wechnia from Knuckles Chaotix:

  • Fly: Comparable to Tails. He can carry another player underwater, but extended flight will cause him to drop down instead of slowly losing altitude like Tails.
  • Wall break: Wechnia can also break every block in the game (minus Launch Base 2 for the modified story events to play out properly). Wechnia retains the wall break ability even when cpu controlled so the player can tag team with him and open paths inaccessible to Bluckles and Ashura.

The game's story has been slightly tweaked for all characters, and mostly follows Sonic's story.

The mod is tested for the current stable release of Sonic 3 AIR (v22.09.10.0)

This mod can be used along side D.A.Garden to play with the Glitch Trio and unlock all new special stages specific for them in their adventure. To have everything work correctly, this mod must be set at higher priority. You must see Bluckles with blue sky in the title screen. If the sky is pink your load order is wrong and the mods won't work together.

  • Eggman will alternate his appearance with Eggrobo (some times depending on which path the player has Chosen)
  • Knuckles has his Cutscene palette applied.
  • All bosses will use vs Knuckles' AI whenever possible.
  • All characters have access to Death Egg and Doomsday. Note that if you play with this mod your savegames will permanently extend up to Doomsday for every character even after you remove the mod. Do not worry though, you will be able to select "as original" by pressing up in the level selector. By pressing down you'll be able to select Doomsday and Death Egg even if the file was a Tails or Knuckles one.
  • Alternate Paths for Carnival Night 1, Launch Base 2 and Mushroom Hill 1 are playable from level select if the Character combination chosen can complete it (usually Bluckles, Wechnia, Bluckles and Wechnia and Ashura and Wechnia)

Sotaknuck: Mod Maker

campbellsonic: Code Fixes for modding Tails

Veenee: data select character sprite mod support and character select rendering

DaKingofCheckerz: Coding and Script Advices

Dynamic Lemons: Coding and Script Advices


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