Mephiles' Hunt

By Sotaknuck

WARNING: This Mod for Sonic 3 Air can be very challenging. Patient play is a must!

This mod adds Mephiles the Dark as a permanent enemy that relentlessly chases you through the levels.

How it works:

  • If Mephiles touches you, you're dead. Invincibility or Emeralds are useless against him.
  • Mephiles will laugh when he scores a kill. You can disable his laugh in the options.
  • Mephiles will stop attacking at the bosses, and in all occasions where it would be pretty much impossible to avoid him (such as the bombing in angel island 2 for example)
  • Mephiles will attack you during Knuckles's boss fight, but this can be disabled in the options
  • The mod is tested for the current stable release of Sonic 3 AIR (v22.09.10.0)
  • Mephiles moves slowly but don't be fooled. He can get dangerously close in some sections (like in Hydrocity Act 2)
  • This mod MUST be the highest on priority list or it won't work correctly.
  • This mod is optimized for the original maps, and it may not work properly in combination with mods that change layouts, such as DA Garden.

Sotaknuck: Mod Maker

Gardow: Most of Mephiles' Sprites


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SomecallmeJohnny @ 2022-10-15 11:19:13

Such a simple addition that elicits a big change on how the game is played. Kudos.

a-purple-dragon @ 2022-10-29 04:14:31

Hey John, been a fan sense I was in middle school. Gotta ask...were you pissing your pants when you first saw Memphis Tennese on Flying Battery?

Dnz638 @ 2022-10-28 09:10:58

Let me get a good smell of you, little BOI! -Memphis Tennessee, part Lizard