Master System Mode

By Sotaknuck

Master System Mode is a mod for Sonic 3 Air that adds two gameplay options to bring in some game settings that were part of the 8bit series to add some more challenge to the game. It should be compatible with any standard and custom character mod from the get go.

  • Consume Rings on 1up: Pay attention! Every time 100 rings are reached, they are instantly consumed to pay for the extra life! Find a ring as soon as possible! (When transformed, rings are capped at 99 and you won't gain extra lives!). When you earn a life with this setting, the 8bit 1up jingle will be played and it will not interrupt the game's music just like it did in the 8bit games.
  • No rings at the bosses: It's PERFECT PLAY OR NOTHING! Every time a boss is reached, rings are removed. Once the boss is defeated or leaves the area all rings will be restored.

The mod is tested for the current stable release of Sonic 3 AIR (v22.09.10.0)

The mod can be combined with others to keep the increased difficulty options while using different character mods


Sotaknuck: Mod Maker


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