Sonic CD Randomizer

By MainMemory

This mod randomizes the level order and other various things in the game! The mod comes in the form of a program that you must put in the main Sonic CD folder and run to set up and install the mod. It is compatible with both the Steam version and the decompilation.The first tab of the program controls how the level order will be randomized, as well as controlling the seed that will be used for all randomization. You can enter any number between -2147483648 and 2147483647, or have the randomizer generate a seed for you based on the current time.

  • Shuffle All Stages w/ Warps: this mode works by first shuffling all 70(!) stages in the game into a random order, called the "main path". You can set it so you will always progress along the main path by clearing stages normally or if time travel may be involved. The remaining exits that are not on the main path will cause you to jump backwards or forwards along the main path, constrained by the "Max Backwards Jump" and "Max Forwards Jump" settings. You can also select from some presets that give a general idea of how difficult it will be to reach the end of the game (in general, increasing the backwards jump makes it harder, increasing the forwards jump makes it easier).
  • Shuffle Rounds: this mode will leave the general structure of the original game intact, but the order you visit each round (zone) in will be different.
  • Shuffle Acts: this mode will leave the general structure of the original game intact, but all the different acts will be shuffled around, while maintaining their placement within the round (e.g. Palmtree Panic Zone 1 might be moved to the third round, but will still be act 1).
  • Shuffle Time Periods: this mode will leave the general structure of the original game intact, but all the different time periods will be shuffled around, maintaining their placement within the round (e.g. Collision Chaos Zone 2 Bad Future might be moved to the sixth round, but will still be in act 2 in the bad future slot).
  • Branching Paths: this mode makes each exit from a level send you to a different level, giving you multiple routes through the game on the same seed without getting stuck in a loop.
  • Segments: this mode splits the levels in the game into 7 segments, each allowing you to jump back and forth within them via time travel, and ending with a boss. Each segment also has a single Time Stone available within it, and collecting the Time Stone sends you to the Good Future for the boss.
  • Reverse Branching: this mode works like Branching Paths, but it constructs the level order in reverse, which allows for more freedom in how many paths there can be, and allows for exits to warp you forwards and backwards in the tree.
  • Wild: no rules, any exit from a stage can lead to any other stage. The ending might not even be accessible!
  • Shadow: in this mode, you can choose to follow the Hero or Dark path from each level, creating a branching path that leads to one of five end bosses, before beginning the last section where you can time travel to skip ahead until you reach the true final boss.

The second tab contains various other options to randomize other things in the game. Note that enabling any of these options will take files from the base game and all mods you have currently enabled, so you may want to disable any mods that you won't be using with the randomizer beforehand.

Randomize Music: if you have the decompiled scripts downloaded into a "Scripts" folder in the game's main folder, you can enable music randomization, which will shuffle all the music in the game (including music from other mods you have enabled). Additionally, you can choose whether to keep the JP and US soundtracks separate or combine them all into one big list.

Randomize Items: this option allows you to randomize the items that appear in monitors. You can shuffle the types around globally, shuffle the types differently for every level, or replace the items randomly.

Randomize Time Posts: time posts will be randomly set to "Past" or "Future". You can also replace checkpoints with additional time posts. Note that the "Shuffle Rounds", "Shuffle Acts", "Shuffle Time Periods", and "Shadow" modes can only randomize the time posts in Present stages, to maintain the game structure.

Randomize Palettes: randomly hue-shifts all the color palettes in the game, giving the game a wildly different look. May lead to combinations of very bright colors.

Randomize UFOs: the placements and number of UFOs in the Special Stages will be randomized. Difficulty controls how many UFOs can appear and how quickly they can move. This option also requires decompiled scripts.

Randomize Water: water will be randomly added, deleted, or moved in various levels. This may cause some stages to be unwinnable. There is also an option to only add water to new levels, and not alter water that already exists.

If you find yourself getting lost within the maze that Sonic CD has now become, you can look at the Spoilers tab, which lists all the stages in the order they appear in the main path, as well as which stages they lead to and the shortest path from that stage to the ending. You can also generate a text log, or a flowchart showing the paths between levels.

There is an Extra Music Pack that you may download, which will add music from Sonic 1, Sonic 2, and Sonic Mania to the music randomizer's pool. You can also add your own music into the RandoMusic folder, check the readme.txt file in that folder for details.

Source code is available on GitHub:

  • Rubberduckycooly - RSDK-Reverse library

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