Sonic Unleashed: Reimagined

By Sticks_Unleashed

SHC Demo Build of Sonic Unleashed: Reimagined. (THIS IS NOT THE FINAL PRODUCT), Some convenience features are in place for SHC showcasing.

Unleashed Mod Manager 1.12 is required for this mod to function correctly. This mod does not run on real hardware yet.

What's in the Sonic Unleashed: Reimagined SHC Build?

What you see is what you get, The only playable in this SHC build are stages that are intended to be showcased.

But if you want a guide into what's changed, check below:

Miscellaneous modifications that would only be noticed through gameplay.

  • HUD/GUI.
  • Music.
  • Textures.
  • Characters.
  • Physics.
  • Stage themes.
  • Werehog/Sonic EXP progression tree.

Stages that have been reimagined in this demo.

  • Windmill Isle Act 1. 2 & 3 (Day).
  • Shattered Earth Act 1 (Day).
  • City Surf Act 1, 2 & 3 (Day).
  • Dragon Dusk Act 1, 2 & 3 (Day).
  • Rooftop Resort Act 1, 3 & 5 (Day).
  • Rooftop Resort Act 1 (Night).
  • Seaside Joyride Act 1, 2 & 3 (Day).
  • Seaside Joyride Act 1 (Night).

Pressing on Night/Day countries that are not available will send you to there respective HUB worlds.

The Characters & Sonic Skin variants of Unleashed: Reimagined.


Shadow the Hedgehog. Toggled from City Surf. (Contains new animations, voice lines, movement FX & HUD).

Blaze the Cat. Toggled from Dragon Dusk. (Contains new voice lines, particles & HUD).

Sonic Skin Variants:

Redux Sonic. Toggled from Windmill Isle. (This is due to request to have the most used skin for Sonic within the mod itself, Nothing with the mod will break by having Redux Sonic internally either :) ).

Unwiished Sonic: Toggled from Rooftop Resort. (Contains new voice lines).

Characters may have different music within a stage.

To toggle a different Character or Sonic Skin just press on the toggle, a short loading screen means you have enabled the Character, No loading screen means that Characters / Sonic Skins have been disabled & you're now playing as the base game Sonic again. A video is available to show how to swap characteres for anyone needing it.

Xenia help.


Xenia Canary is suggested to run Unleashed.

Suggested Xenia (Canary) Config settings.

Under "[kernel]" set:

  • kernel_display_gamma_power = 2.555555
  • kernel_display_gamma_type = 1 (for a PC monitor) or 2 (for a TV or HDR monitor)

What is most important is making sure the "kernel_display_gamma_power" is set to this custom number for the intended lighting and colour experience.

Bugs/Issues I have noticed.

  • Blaze life icon is missing, It's meant to be there but I accidently removed it.

To stay updated with Reimagined & Encore follow here.


Directors / Team Encore:

  • Sticks Unleashed - Main Director, Most GUI / HUD edits, Physics edits, script edits, Imported the gens spinners, Audio Importing, Applying boost filter, Shattered Earth flag & lighting, Windmill Isle act 1 & 3 lighting, Rooftop Resort lighting & retexture, Dragon Road act 1, 2 & 3 lighting, Seaside Joyride act 2 & 3 lighting, Baked City Surf act 2 lighting.
  • Ordinary GP - Director, Shattered Earth Stage, Worldmap images & loading screens.
  • Beatz - Director, Contributed ideas, helped with lightfields in hedgegi, Shadow voice lines & footstep fx.
  • Archxe - Director, Seaside Joyride, Audio work, Physics edits, Windmill Isle act 2 lighting, City Surf act 1, 2 & 3 lighting, Gens lockon.
  • GordinRamsay: Script Help & Research, Set up the system for multiple playable characters, Added extra stage scripts.

Contributors to Reimagined:

  • Average Burgerboy: Made the flp for Boost FX of all music used in Reimagined, Made the world map space background, Made the Empire City, Chun-Nan & Adabat flag seen in the Reimagined GUI.
  • Bluwolfblitz: Some screenshots, Cri ADX help, Unwiished voice lines.
  • Sonic Terminal: Sonic Unleashed: Reimagined Logo, Trailer/Branding logo.
  • -[DEXTERITY]-: Lighting help, Set data help, Team Encore logo, SU Redux Sonic.
  • Hailey: Blaze model, Shadow model & anims, Unwiished model.
  • Exe.Qution: YNCP assistance.
  • Skrubd: Super Sonic, Shadow, Blaze Icons.
  • MANGOM1LK: Allowed the use of Remastered UI as a base for UI elements in Reimagined, Imported music.
  • NextinHKRY: Made GUI/HUD assets for Reimagined such as the font space & the boost bar, font ect.
  • Double R2D2: Sonic Unleashed: Reimagined Logo.
  • Hedgeturd: FCO editing on the intro screen & world map.
  • Revenir: Gold texture in Rooftop Run.
  • Pikablob: GUN Flag.
  • Cheeto Mc Yeeto: Shadow homing lockon.
  • TuanPingas: Shadow voice lines.
  • KnuxFan24: Sonic Unleashed arcinfo tool.
  • Skyth: HedgeGI, SkythTools, collision converter, Sonic Audio Tools.
  • Dario: Sonic glvl 0.5.7.
  • Hyper: Unleashed Mod Manager 1.12.

The Music of Reimagined:

Music by SEGA:

  • Flame Core - Sonic 06.
  • Lava Shelter - Shadow the Hedgehog.
  • Molten Mine - Sonic & the Black Knight.
  • Dragon Dance - Sonic Lost World.
  • Speed Highway act 1 - Sonic Generations.
  • Speed Highway part 3 - Sonic Adventure.
  • Back 2 Back act 1 & 2 - Sonic Generations 3DS.
  • White Jungle - Sonic Forces.

Beta Testers:

  • DuckTails
  • MicahTheHedgehog
  • Iconic Studios
  • ultra0
  • Taku
  • Goldy

Apologies to any credit missed, feel free to contact me if thats the case.


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