Sonic 06 Definitive Experience v4.0 & STH2006 Project Demo 5 Mission Extravaganza

By brianuuu

This entry is a combination of 3 mods, Sonic 06 HUD, Sonic 06 Definitive Experience and STH2006 Project Demo 5 Mission Extravaganza. These mods are a proof of concept of how far you can achieve with code injection modding in Sonic Generations and the possibilities it has opened up over the years.

Sonic 06 HUD imports HUD by using the UI files directly from Sonic 06 or recreated using ImGui, thanks to the recent development on UI editor (Shuriken) for Generations. This HUD mod is fully compatible with Sonic Generations, including Classic/Modern Sonic, Missions and Boss Battles. Features include:

  • Main Gameplay HUD (time, score, rings etc.)
  • Boss Health bar in boss battles
  • Pause menu
  • Recreated result screen
  • Text box for NPC interaction/hints

Sonic 06 Definitive Experience features original models, animations, physics and character movesets from Sonic 06 by using code injection. Returning to contest this year with v4.0, here are some of the new features not available last year:

  • 06 Blaze is now a playable character including all her movesets
  • All gem abilities are recreated for 06 Sonic, some gems are given new abilities, these will all be shown off in STH2006 Project's Gems Training Ground stage, or you can read more details for each gem in README.txt
  • 06 Sonic + Elise's shield now works just like 06 (walk on water) instead of a boost reskin

You can change which character to play with in the configuration settings. You must also play with a controller for this mod.

STH2006 Project Demo 5 Mission Extravaganza imports stages from Sonic 06 and aims to port them as similar to the original game along with the gimmicks, but also includes changes to accommodate physics and controls in Sonic Generations. Last year there are 4 playable stages, Wave Ocean, Crisis City, Tropical Jungle and Kingdom Valley, these stages have a number of layout/visual improvements, but new to this year, two additional stages and 6 original missions will also be playable. Here are the new features:

  • Wave Ocean: Blaze - Blaze's extra stage in Silver's story, best play with 06 Blaze
  • Gems Training Ground - Custom stage that utilize all of 06 Sonic's new gem abilities (this stage is only completable with 06 Sonic)
  • 6 Missions - Go through orange rings, walk with Pele, find the captain, race with Sonic Man, but in Sonic Generations!?
  • Recreated Title Screen, Main Menu & Loading Screens - These menus are completely replaced with ones from 06, Trial Select allows you to quickly access stages without finding them in the HUB world, and loading screen not only shows title cards of the stages and HUB world, but also show character hints if Sonic 06 Definitive Experience is enabled
  • Score System - 06 Score System is implemented including enemy slam bonus and rainbow ring chain bonus, this changes how the result score is calculated


  1. Download two external mods: Direct3D 9 Ex and Better FxPipeline
  2. Download this entry and extract all 4 mods to mods folder
  3. Enable mods in the following order:
  • Better FxPipeline
  • Direct3D 9 Ex
  • Sonic 06 HUD (SHC2022)
  • Sonic 06 Definitive Experience (SHC2022)
  • STH2006 Project Score System (SHC2022)
  • STH2006 Project Demo 5 Mission Extravaganza (SHC2022)

4. If you are using Steam to emulate non-Xbox controller, make sure Use game launcher is enabled in HedgeModManager or directly launch Sonic Generations from Steam, otherwise input may not work.

Mods in this entry are specifically built for SHC2022, any other mods besides the ones above are NOT recommended to be used, if you wish to do so please play the version released separately in gamebanana!


Sonic 06 HUD

  • brianuuu (brianuuuSonic) - Main Developer/Coder
  • Skyth - Tools & coding development library
  • Mario Tainaka - Menu sounds
  • PTKickass - Initial 06 HUD
  • Crash5band - Shuriken (XNCP editor)
  • Hyper - Code support, Upscaled textures

Sonic 06 Definitive Experience

  • brianuuu (brianuuuSonic) - Main Developer/Coder, custom animations, 06 custom physics, 06 character movesets coding, 06 particle effects recreation
  • Skyth - Various tools/community codes
  • ItsHelias94 - Models/Materials fixing, various animations
  • Mario Tainaka - Sound management, character voice clips, various gameplay sound effects, beta testing
  • UltimateDarkman - Various custom animations , Elise's materials, 06 springs, Blaze's model and materials
  • Chimera - Camera code initial investigation
  • Zoney (TwlightZoney) - Chaos Drive/Light Core models & materials, 06 rings materials
  • PTKickass - Community code, beta testing
  • Crash5band - Glitter Studio (particle effect editor), Shuriken (XNCP editor)
  • Hyper - Various community codes
  • Sajid - Coding guidence
  • joeylaw123 - Beta testing

STH2006 Project Demo 5 Mission Extravaganza

  • brianuuu (brianuuuSonic) - Main mod developer, all stages terrain, splines, layout designs, DLL mod codes
  • joeylaw123 - Main mod developer
  • samothethief - Creator of SonicGlvl
  • Dude - Spline Exporter
  • Skyth - Tools and various help
  • ItsHelias94 - Soleanna HUB GIA, Tropical Jungle GIA
  • UltimateDarkman - Various rigging/animation, Sliver animation in Kingdom Valley, Background dolphin animations in Wave Ocean, Background eagle animations in Kingdom Valley
  • Mario Tainaka - Stage sound effects
  • Goalringmod27 - Wave Ocean GIA
  • Hyper - Icon and game name for application window
  • TiManXD - 06 dashpad & rainbow ring, Mod banner, Mod introduction cilp
  • Paraxade0 - UV-anim script, 06 path import script, Whale model in Wave Ocean
  • sonimayo27 - Beta testing, Japanese subtitle translation & proof-reading
  • Kitzu - Stage SceneEffect adjustment, New Kingdom Valley GIA
  • sobatsuyu100, JohnTB, Double S 124, Playcore22, Brolijah - Beta testing
  • BoomBoomFP - E123-Omega replace Vector model
  • Somecallmejohnny - Michael Scott reaction to Elise's kiss idea

File Type: rom/zip

File Size: 2.31 GB

One-Click Install
HedgeModManager (Sonic Generations)

Dima064 @ 2022-10-13 20:23:41

Man, it's already been 10 years? Damn. At least this mod is still in the works and even better than ever! There are some things I'd like to point out. Sonic is not that slow in the original when just running, Pele is hard to navigate at the start and Kingdom Valley seems too cluttered tbh. The game is also not free of crashes, as it did it for me when I was going from Soleanna to New City after completing the Captain mission. I hope to see the day this mod will be finished at last! Good luck on the contest!