Sonic the Hedgehog: Isle of Magnetic Artifacts

By Neo Team Kyukyoku

Sonic the Hedgehog: Isle of Magnetic Artifacts (SHIMA) is a hack which aims to overhaul Sonic 1 using a Japanese-inspired aesthetic. The main feature of this demo is Blossom Gardens Zone, the resting area of the isolated, star-god worshipping Kuratranos tribe. BGZ is a fast-paced experience littered with swift-acting enemies, height-granting gimmicks, driving music, and advanced graphical effects. This new zone can be traversed with three playable characters: Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, and Knuckles the Echidna. Sonic, in particular, features a set of unique sprites, the dropdash ability, and a new companion: Abbey the Flicky. Abbey can pick up nearby rings and circle potential targets for Sonic, including hidden monitors.

Some things to note:

  • There is an experimental parallax effect which suffers from minor graphical glitches.
  • Don't forget to check out the sound test. While the soundtrack is far from complete, you can find several arrangements, remixes, and original compositions which we plan to utilize in later releases.

Neo Team Kyukyoku Members

  • AngelKOR64: Character programming
  • Chron D: Music arrangement
  • DeltaWooloo: Level layouts, music arrangement, object ports, programming, sound effects
  • DaxKatter: Music arrangement
  • Dio-ZX: Character art, object art
  • Drag109: Level art
  • fuzzy: Level art, programming
  • iced t: Level art, object art
  • Inferno: Level layouts
  • Inktitious: Level art
  • Jerry: Level layouts
  • KatKuriN: Level art
  • KGL: Level layouts
  • Kurk: Team Leader, level layouts, music arrangement, music composition
  • ManiacShard: Object art
  • NaotoNTP: Object art
  • ProjectFM: Creative direction, level art, music arrangement, music composition, programming, story planning
  • Raendom: Programming
  • Rivet: Programming
  • two^: Concept art
  • yami: Level layouts, music composition

Former Members

  • AmzroSevca: Concept art, story planning
  • Gemini0: Former team leader, general art, level layouts, programming
  • jrm1007: Concepts, object art
  • Haz Rabbit: Concept art, programming
  • lavagaming1: Programming
  • NotQuiteHere: Music arrangement
  • poly: Logo, music arrangement
  • Mr. Gandy: Character art
  • XGSOAP: Character art


  • Accel
  • BladeOfChaos
  • Certainly Glitchy
  • Cosmic Eternity
  • DaxKatter
  • fengish
  • GGK912
  • Hooded Edge
  • KNIJohn
  • Matty
  • Meara Blanchette
  • MCTravisYT
  • Professor Renderer
  • PX
  • Sleekflash-16
  • Sr Paradoxo
  • soapyy
  • TheInvisibleSun
  • UnusualSeeker


  • AsuharaMoon: Wind-Up Koi sprites
  • CartoonsAnimate22: Tails and Knuckles sprites
  • CuckyDev: GHZ ball base
  • flamewing - Ultra DMA Queue + optimized Kosinski (improved by vladikcomper and MarkeyJester) and Enigma decompression code
  • Lone Devil: Metal Sonic sprites
  • MainMemory: SonLVL and Drop Dash programming guide
  • MarkeyJester: DualPCM and sound test
  • Mikel Nash: Sonic 3-style super sonic sprites
  • Observer: Sprite rips
  • ShibaMayo: ShibaSaturn sprites
  • snkenjoi: Flex 2
  • The Eighth Bit: Space Queens MIDI
  • TheOneMusaab: Sonic 2: The Alternative Sprites
  • tildearrow: Furnace
  • Teck: Super Mario Land - Ending Theme MIDI
  • vladikcomper - optimized Nemesis decompression code
  • ValleyBell: mid2smps, SMPS Converter, SMPS Research Pack
  • VladislavSavvateev: DMF2AMPS

Assets From:

  • Capcom no Quiz Tonosama no Yabou
  • Cave Story
  • Freedom Planet
  • High Seas Havoc
  • Mega Man Series
  • Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
  • Ristar
  • Sangokushi Retsuden: Ransei no Eiyuutachi
  • Shinobi III
  • Sonic Series
  • Touhou Project Series

File Type: rom/mega-drive

File Size: 3.34 MB

Neo Team Kyukyoku @ 2022-09-17 04:57:02

The ending art is from Sylvester and Tweety in Cagey Capers.

Just a few extra notes:

We are aware that the SHC build has a bug where collecting a bubble doesn't reset your air, if you want a ROM with the big fixed, then please click on the link in the reply.

Also, to clarify, there is a section where you use the pogo-spring. If you want to take it off (other than getting hit), you must simultaneously hit up and A, B or C.

Last modified by Neo Team Kyukyoku @ 2022-10-10 09:50:41

Neo Team Kyukyoku @ 2022-09-17 07:17:05

Link to the build with the fixed bug:

Neo Team Kyukyoku @ 2022-10-10 06:51:04

Also credits to panoramhusky and Leanie for the Tails' sprites too.

Proletant Team @ 2022-10-10 07:19:28

The best hack, definitely! I have nothing more to say

talkwalker @ 2022-10-10 12:04:03

i like sonic

glacesu @ 2022-10-10 17:48:26

this is fantastic and you should play it.

thats all.

Gufighter @ 2022-10-11 00:02:45

exceeded all expectations!!!

Dima Cool @ 2022-10-11 05:29:29

It is excellent! Looking forward to seeing you next year with new content!

dilworks @ 2022-10-11 18:19:16

This is it. If you absolutely MUST play a hack this year, do this one!

Too bad I can't eat it because it looks absolutely tasty~!

Also, anything that has Touhou music on it is an instafavorite for me (why noone has made a Touhou-themed Sonic ROM hack? Come on...)

m43l_z3r0 @ 2022-10-13 14:22:46

wordless! I've been waiting for hacks of this level for a while!!

BlazerPlaythrough @ 2022-10-14 08:28:55

This hack is amazing. Definitely one of the best

Revolution @ 2022-10-15 22:35:37

Comment deleted by Revolution @ 2022-10-15 22:35:47

Silasthebest @ 2022-10-16 05:41:08

One of the best ever. Im claiming this is 1st place for the entire thing

Uiric391 @ 2022-10-25 09:00:31

Very amazing romhack.

I've been replaying it a few times today.

It's really good.

SONIC gaming @ 2023-01-11 13:08:50

The grafics really good and you make ristar back

SonicFan300 @ 2023-02-01 17:48:30

I played the hack with all three characters and checked everything out, and so far it's doing good. Can't wait for the next edition!

RoboTheRandomGuy @ 2023-03-04 06:24:31

This feels like a Fangame in the form of a ROM Hack and I'm here for it.